Have you recently set up your home bar? If you have, chances are you’re done with the interior and the mini fridge and the little décor that made your home bar stand out from the rest! But what about glassware?

To really compliment your home bar, it is necessary that you have the right kind of glassware in hand. However, this can be a daunting task! There are so many glasses present in the market, so how would you understand the right kind of glassware to buy?

Well, don’t you worry, because we have you covered! Today, we are going to countdown top 10 glassware trends of 2020, that will help you buy the correct glassware for your home bar!

Are you ready?

Let’s Begin:

  • Highball and Tom Collins Glasses

Generally speaking, people assume that highball and Tom Collins glasses are the same thing. However, there is noticeable difference between the two. As per words of famous bar expert, Piacentini, “Highball is a tall, skinny glass. A Collins is just a taller glass,”  

Now, these glasses are both quite popular with the bartenders as these stocks up several ounces of liquor. Therefore, depending on how much you prefer to drink, you can use either a Tom Collins or a Highball. Both these glasses are somewhat shaped like a Chimney and ae used to drink liquors like whiskey and gingers, club sodas, in-and-tonics. 

You can also use these glasses for drinking crushed ice and sodas.

  1. Single Rock Glasses

Another popular trend with glassware is to use single malt rock glasses for liquor parties. These do not possess a rim and therefore, are ideal for those who like to drink their liquors on the rocks. 

One classic example of a single rock glass drink here is Negroni. You can make this with sweet vermouth, Campari and Negroni. What’s more? You can also use the single rock glass for brandy sniffing and enjoying the aroma of the booze. 

However, when you are selecting a single rock glass, ensure to pick one that can hold up to “eight and ten ounces.” this one only requires you to put some ice on the rock glass to enjoy the liquor best.

  1. Beer Mugs

One of the best glassware trends that never went out of style is beer mugs; these are burly, strong and tall glasses of robust size, which can contain a lot of beverages. Further, these beer mugs are generally cylindrical in shape. 

These also possess a single handle on their sides, which make it very easy to hold these while drinking. Further, the beer mugs are trendy owning to their thick glass, which ensures the beverage stays cooler for a long period of time. 

You can check out these fashionable beer mugs from any reputed online store. However, for best results, you can check out stores like Ellementry.

  1. Coupe Glasses

For those who do not like the unsteady martini glasses, we present the popular coupe glasses! Couple glasses have been growing in trend owing to their ease of use and unique style. 

These are mostly smaller and can store up to 6-ounces of booze in them and thus, are perfect for summer martinis. These have a rim and are designed in a v shaped container.

This rim aids prevents unnecessary spillage and thus, is best for those cocktail drinks. The correct way to utilize the coupe glasses is by mixing drinks in a cocktail shaker and straining these into the coupe glasses. 

  1. Martini Glasses

Today the coupe glasses are mostly the more popular choice, when you are considering a beverage glass. However, there are still people who cannot ignore the charm and aura of the martini glasses, these are large with a conical bottom and hence, are very stylish to look at.

What’s more? If you are planning to drink screwdrivers and cosmos in a fancy way, the martini glass is the one to pick. These also have stems to add some style and panache to drinking, so according to your needs pick the best suited one for your purpose.

  1. Irish Coffee

Drinking does not always have to be about booze! If you’re a lover of warm beverages like hot chocolate and coffee, we have got you covered. The Irish coffee mug is a sure shot winner when it comes to warm beverages.

This one is a smaller petal shaped coffee mug with heat resistant handles, that work very well to flaunt frothy warm beverages. So, the next time you want to drink your morning hot chocolate, you can use this type of glassware for it. Additionally, you can also drink items like rum and other things in this Irish Coffee mug.

  1. Wine Goblets

If you’re looking for a glassware trend that is artsy and old-school, you should consider brass wine goblets. These are classic, and authentic and even pack tons of benefits. You see, brass an alloy of copper has tons of anti-occidental, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing ions, which are very useful for saturating a beverage. Thus, drinking wine from a glass goblet has tons of benefits.

you can enjoy optimal heart health and clean your body of free radicals if you consider drinking wine from brass goblets.

  • Margherita Glasses

Another popular barware trend for glasses is using margherita glasses. These are generally used to serve margaritas, and these come in a plethora of sizes. These are shaped in various forms; from curvy, to zigzag, to straight, these pack a variety of styles and have stems to match the rest of the glasses. You can pick ones that suit your needs best. 

  • Hurricane Glasses 

This one is a very popular glass that is shaped like a hurricane and is very popular back in the states. This one can serve cocktails, margaritas and tons of fancy beverages, and are ideal for any kind of fancy drinks.

  • Brandy Snifter Glasses 

For those classic military men that love their brandy, these brandy snifter glasses are real winners. This one amplifies the drinking experience as the shape and texture of the glasses, lets one sniff the brandy and enjoy its texture and flavour best. 

This one further, has a conical shape for amplifying the drinking experience.

On that note, now that you are aware of the 10 types of classic barware trends of 2020, why don’t you pick the glasses that suit your home bar best? You can check out these types of glasses from any trusted local store in your vicinity. However, if you are looking to invest in some of the best styles and hand-crafted designs, we recommend you try out local stores like Ellementry.

So, don’t wait around! Buy the right kind of glassware and compliment your home bar the best!

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