There was a time when our lifestyle used to revolve around all things natural. From the roof on our heads to the food that we eat, everything around us came straight from nature. The urge to spend life comfortable led humankind to discover science.

He started innovating and eventually introduced the world with some unprecedented technology. This enthusiasm soon took the shape of lifestyle, and the man eventually became obsessed with machines and gadgets.

The passion to innovate and challenge nature took a down road. The man soon understood that nothing stands against nature. No such things exist that hold as much power and resources as Mother Earth.

It took a little longer, but human registered the importance of nature. When he realized his action, it was too late to save some exotic species of floras and faunas. Resources were irresponsibly consumed and exploited. Here he is, trying to get nature back on his track like the good old times.

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The concept of a green lifestyle and sustainability is not new. It has been there for ages. It is only now that we have realized its importance. Going green is not the need of the hour anymore. It is the prerequisite to a healthy and years-long future.

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Humans have cut down trees recklessly to construct the manhattans. The development of premium resorts that promised to provide tranquillity amid nature is ironically destroying the ecosystem around. The purchase of non-biodegradable products is higher than ever. Our gluttonous consumption has wreaked havoc on the Earth.

Now it is your responsibility to give this beautiful nature back what it truly deserves. Consider the situation like ‘Now or Never.’ It is high time that each resident of this planet steers his/ her actions towards the betterment of nature.

 It doesn’t ask for massive changes. Your tiny steps will make a huge difference. Start from your home. Begin this change from the kitchen.

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Bring home some sustainable, good looking kitchenware items and fancy interior decor articles from Ellementry. Along with decorating your house with elegance, these products will embellish with the eco-friendly tag as well.

Have a look at some of Ellementry’s product:

Terracotta baking dish

Quit using cookware that is polished with harmful chemicals and equip your cookhouse with these terracotta baking dishes. The dishes are oven friendly and will fit perfectly into your bakeware collection. It is ideal for long cooking on low heat as it distributes the heat evenly all over the surface.

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Teak wood spatula

Considering our lifestyle, it has become crucial to switch to eating high fibre and protein rich food like salad. Instead of buying from the market, make it fresh at home. Use this tea wood spatula to mix all the vegetables, seasoning and sauce well.

White marble mortar & pestle-small

It is understandable if you prefer modern electrical gadgets over traditional items. They save time and energy but what they don’t save is the environment. These machines consume a lot of energy.

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Switch to this white marble mortar & pestle to crush and blend herbs, spices and roots easily. Your food will taste better than usual as a mortar and pestle release the organic flavours of the spices that remain intact in their cells.

Midnight terracotta vase (tall)

Decorating the home with antique, one-of-a-kind decor items are always in vogue. But what if you find something as beautiful as the pretty and expensive decor products? This terracotta vase by Ellementry is 100% sustainable and will uplift your décor game effortlessly. Its unique design is what will make you fall in love with it.

In time notice board with clock & shelf

If you like to keep your place look well-paced with time and trend, then this wooden board is what will help you embody your vision. You can hang it either in your kitchen or your living room.

The clock will help you to keep a track of time while doing usual chores. One can write to-do jobs on the board. Hang your aprons or hand towels on the knobs on the bottom. It comes with magnets. You can stick all your important receipt and bills with their help on the board.

The environment today needs you and your responsible actions more than anything. Own this responsibility and let nature breathe fresh once again like before.

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