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Thinking about giving your house a new and ravishing look? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Decorating your house can be fun and exciting if you know the proper décor rules, and we assure you, it’s hassle-free. All you need to do is to follow some cool and classy décor rules, and you’re good to go. Just a few simple, but elegant guidelines can change your house into something you have always desired. Let’s get down to the 10 classy décor rules to follow while you’re getting that new classy look for your home. For items to buy for your décor, you’ll always have Ellementry at your doorstep. And a thing to note- these rules are set by our experts! 

  1. The Empty Room

The first rule of decorating a house is, to begin with, an empty room as it is exactly where you can explore your creativity on a different level. The first step is to start with the wall paints, decorating the windows, and where you would like the lightings to shine. The second step would be to place your furniture and other stuff that you need in that particular room. Ellementry helps you in finding the exact décor item you need for your perfect interior, starting by filling up an empty room. Items such as wall art or wall hook from Ellementry can enhance the beauty of your walls. When you are done with the room, look around and admire the beauty of it.

  1. Your Perfect Blend Of Texture

Do you ever feel something is missing at someplace in your house? If yes, you can try different textures and decorate it according to your style. Start trying some rugs, flower vases, artificial plants, throws, or cushions. These textures not only fill the space but also give your house an elegant look. Ellementry is where you can find the perfect textured items for your house. Be it kitchenware or tableware; every blend of texture is available here. According to the experts, you should always use a blend of different objects and texture like wood mixed with metal, original fabrics with polished furniture, and more.

  1. Perfect Lightings

Lightings are an integral part of home décor. Perfect lighting lifts the ambience of the room. While decorating your house, you must make sure that your room has at least two to three lights. Some rooms have only two-dimensional lights, while some rooms do not have much lighting, to begin with. In such a case, you can fill out the darkness in the room by placing different sources of light, such as chandeliers, lamps, recessed light, etc. It doesn’t only bring out the desired brightness but also sets the right temperature. The perfect lighting adds three stars to the room. For table lamps, charm lights, wall lights, head out to Ellementry for their beautiful collections. You can also use scented candles in some of your rooms for the touch of dim lights. Ellementry has scented wax jars and bowls that you can use for a unique addition in your decor. 

  1. The Space

Let’s admit; overcrowding is a mess, and we don’t want to do it. Let’s say if you have a limited amount of space in your room and you want to buy your favourite bed, ensure you have measured the space in your room. You don’t want to overcrowd your room by filling it with just a bed. The best way to resolve this issue is by measuring the bed and the room at least twice. If you have large furniture in a room, ensure you put small furniture in the same room. Of course, only if it is required. It is better to get an idea before you purchase items like beds, sofas, cupboards, etc. It is not necessary to fill out every space in your house. Leave some for the imagination of minds; however, you can still fill out spaces by decorating them with vases, flower pots, bookshelves, etc. 

  1. Accessories

Decorating your house is not a cup of tea. We have to take risks too and to set the right accessories to beautify your room is worth taking the risk. You can try putting a beautiful bone china vase with artificial flowers or a bookshelf in the corner. If you wish to bring some modifications, you should do it. Even a little change in your room is enough to bring some classy and everlasting look. Home décor takes time. You have to get your desired accessories in your budget. This is why you should never hurry in purchasing items to décor your room. At Ellementry, you can get such beautiful accessories for your house that doesn’t even count the risk.

  1. Simplicity

Too much glistening ruins everything, and we don’t want that. To perfectly decorate a house, the first thing to keep in mind is to keep everything simple and sober. If you have a brick or marble wall, but it doesn’t match with the colour scheme you have chosen for the walls, then you can simply paint the brick wall to match with the colour scheme. Also, when you think about simplicity, you go for whites. You can paint the wall white or any colour of your choice that matches better. All in all, your base must be strong and simple for everything else to set up ideally. Everything looks classy and elegant if the base is plain and moderate.

  1. Never Abstain From a Utility

Let’s say you’re buying beautiful furniture that is giving you a desired on the spot visual impact. But you can do much better by utilizing every space in your house. Buy only those items that show your creativity and are worth putting there. Every piece you put in your living room or your bedroom must be worth a while. At Ellementry, you can buy decorative pieces for your home and surf for more. You can use every corner of your house in several ways and showcase things to give an elegant look to the interior of your house. In the case of walls, you can always get portraits, antique wall hangings, and clocks, paintings, etc. As for the adjacent walls, get some chandeliers. 

  1. Let The Furniture Talk

Believe it or not, your furniture talks, and you talk along with it. The arrangement of your sofa set must be made in a manner that invites conversations. You can get a U-shaped sofa set with a square-shaped coffee table in between. This type of décor makes your room look larger than it really is. However, you must avoid pushing your furniture to the walls. It’s a common mistake that people do thinking it makes the room look bigger, but it does not. You can always put your furniture in a classy chic style that still leaves some space for your décor. Remember, when you’re designing your living room, you must always take care of what shape your sofa set is. You can decorate your living room according to the colour pallets of the walls.

  1. Vibrancy In The House

Adding different colour pallets to at least one of the rooms in your house will unleash a ray of magic that you’d surely love. You can add colourful cushions, rugs, flower vases, lamps, curtains, and wallpapers for an effective vibrancy. For wall painting, you can use different colour combinations on the walls and colourful wallpapers too. Neutral colours are a big no when it comes to interior décor as they are highly non-expressive. If you want something expressive, start with light colours. You can surf at Ellementry for colourful accessories like pillows, sheets, rugs, table covers and lamps, wallpapers, etc.

  1. Get The Item You Love

When it comes to home décor, nothing else matters but your opinion as you’re the one living in the house. According to the experts, when you’re decorating your house, you should always buy things that you love. Going to the latest trend is easy, but you may not like it eventually. This is the first rule of home décor - go for the things you love, not for the things they show in the magazines. Let’s say you wish to buy a table lamp. Consider a few things in order- if you really need it and you want to buy it. If your answer is affirmative, you can find a place or two for that item in your house. If you want to buy some table lamps, Ellementry has got some really great collections.

So these are a few simple decor rules that you must keep in mind before starting to decorate your house. We hope these will add the much-needed charm in your house

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