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Ever wondered what makes a person an outstanding chef? Is it their culinary skill or their working style in the kitchen? It is both. The perfect balance between the two brings out the best in them. 

Now, gourmet expertise is understandable but how is their functional approach that important? It is most important. A good cook always keeps his station clean and organised. 

He\She knows that every element in the kitchen has its unique place and it is supposed to be placed at the same place every time they are not in use. Some intellectually designed kitchenwares are meant to help in keeping the cookhouse tidy and well-maintained. 

Skill for a Better Chef

What are those necessary qualities that will make you the favourite of all? 

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Possession of the right tools

It will come to your surprise as to how your understanding of the right equipment will cut down the time wasted in looking for them. Knowledge of what is right for what makes the process easier. 

Consider this: Suppose you have to chop the onion. You cannot afford to do it with a blunt knife It will take years and also will hurt your eyes even more. You have to have a sharp and pointed knife to get the finely diced pieces. 

Or you cannot make chapatti in a saucepan. There is a perfect flat pan made for it. You cannot use any kind of spatula to mix the ingredients. . An individual should have a suitable cookware set. One must have proficiency in this domain of cooking. 

Here are some products which will ease your struggle to the least 

    • In teak wooden chakla belan with stand: Quit using your countertop for rolling the dough. Use this traditional rolling pin and the board with a stand instead. Serve your guests think, soft and perfectly round rotis and make your mother smile with pride. 

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    • Blue wood cutlery stand: Don’t you just hate the moment when you have to look for a spatula to turn over your pancake, and it’s too late to find it because it is already burnt? Give your ladders a perfect home in this beautifully handcrafted stand and save your time and pancake.  

Mastery of Ingredients

This is the most important one. It is what makes and breaks a dish. The quantity and mixing of the component are crucial or, the whole recipe becomes a disaster. Along with the names and flavours, it is vital to know how they will behave when subjected to different processes, such as steaming, boiling, roasting, grilling and baking. 

It is good to experiment but you must have good command over them. Indian cuisine is all about spices and herbs. The secret is in the home prepared “Garam Masala”. The magic lies in its mixing. 

How to do it? Below is a beautiful solution, 

    • White marble mortar & pestle: Put all the spices and herbs in the mortar and crush them with the pestle until you get a fine powder. Its natural essence will give a traditional vibe to your place.
White Marble Mortar and Pestle


Concept clarification

You cannot just go and start preparing a whole meal. The culinary finesse takes time and strategical execution. Begin from the bottom. Learn the routine first or, else lack of comprehension will jeopardise your chances to produce a masterpiece. Commence with chopping. 

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To help you with that, here is a gift for you. 

Wooden chopping board: Put the vegetable on the cutting board and cut the fine piece with a knife. It could sometimes be a mundane job but, with this item, it will be safe, hygienic, and fun as well. 


There is always so much to explore in this field. Every day there is a new technique, appliances introduced in the market. Believe it or not but even the size and shape of the tableware decides the quantity and garnishing technique. 

It is believable that you are eager to try your hands on everything, but working near the gas and heat could be pretty dangerous and risky. Patience is the key. Only with apt steps, you can reach heights in no time. 

There would be times when you will not be happy with something, but take it as a lesson and move forward. Hold on to your vision and confidence. Be alert all the time. Do not be afraid to experiment. Who knows you could be the new master of this field? 

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