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Most of you must have used a chip and dip once in your life. After all, many of you go to restaurants and order dips. Some of you even make homemade dips but when you serve these, you don’t feel the kick or the aesthetics?


Well, that is mainly because most of you do not use these chip and dips. These items are extremely unique and designed to make basic chip and dip look like an ala-carte- meal. This is why, if you haven’t invested in a chip and dip, yet, you might want to reconsider and buy one now.

Chip and Dip Serving Platter


In fact, if you serve your delicacies in a chip and dip, it can make eating the item so much fun. Not to mention, owning a fancy chip and dip is a bonus, if you are a food blogger. You can easily use your chip and dip for a stylish food blog picture.


On that note, today we are going to countdown 5 occasions where a classic chip and dip can make you a real winner.


Want to Find out?


Here Goes:



    1. Evening Soirees


Evening soirees are one of the best places to put your chip and dip to good use. For example, suppose your friends suddenly informed you that they are planning a get together and your house seemed perfect.


Well, not to be rude, you might have agreed; but with an hour’s time for preparation, you are kind of hyperventilating.


 Well, not to worry, you can easily prepare some dips and serve these along some munchies in your chip and dip. For example, you can make some goat cheese spread. All you need to do is mix some thyme, herbs, salt pepper and chives and you have yourself a delectable goat cheese spread.


Apart from this, you can also include some sauces, condiments, pickle and cheese dips. As a result, you will have tons of delicious and delectable snacks present to glam up your soiree. 


Now, as part of the snacks, add some nachos, chips, fries and fritters, which will be perfect to compliment the dips. Lastly, do not forget to add some desserts for your soiree and you are good to go.



    • Desserts in Chip and Dips


Everyone mostly has the notion, that a classic chip and dip is just for serving savouries. But that is just a stereotype. 


You can easily use a chip and dip for the purpose for serving desserts. For example, let’s say you are making a homemade hummus chocolate dip. You can serve it with some crackers, ice cream, brownies and waffles.


This dessert is extremely filling and satiating. You can serve this in your classic chip and dip. For instance, you can serve this chocolate hummus and sweet dish in a carbon ceramic chip and dip


This chip and dip showcase unique texture and beauty with beautiful patterns, which automatically makes a chip and dip look glamorous. On that note, you can find this particular type of chip and dip on any good online stores. 


However, if you’re looking to ship within India, you can check out websites like Ellementry.


Additionally, you can also serve chocolate dips, caramel dips, and honey and maple syrup in your chip and dip. For example, honey and chocolate dip is an ideal combination, if you are making a pancake for breakfast.



    • Sudden Home Dates


If you are stuck in quarantine with the rest of us, chances are home dates with the husband is the only way to build some romance. Now, if you’re lucky enough to have Netflix, then home dates are nothing short of fancy.


Now, if the restaurants outside are closed, don’t let that put a damper in your home date. You can improvise and make some chip and dip recipe for making your movie night extra special. For example, you can make a spinach artichoke dip or a cheesy minty spread for your dip.


Additionally, add some chips, nuggets, nachos, for the sides and you can enjoy a succulent home date with your loved one. On that note, ensure to have a few good movies picked out along with some gripping shows.


You can also decorate the setting with some cushions, pillows, snacks, soft drinks and lights to glam up the ambience. This will make the setting look Instagram friendly too.



    • Home Bar Days


Are you planning to drink with your office buddies this weekend? If you are, you might have thought of decorating and revamping your home bar. Now, thankfully you have the drinks stocked up, but only offering drinks does not make a party complete. You need some quintessential snacks to compliment the booze.


What’s more? If you are an Indian by nationality, you might like your booze with the necessary ‘chakna’. Thankfully, this ‘chakna’ can be in the form of snacks you present in your classic Chip and dip. You can serve chips, munchies, nuts, and other eatables in your chip and dips.


What's more? You can also make your own dips like cheesy avocado dip, creamy hummus dip and more. Just ensure to use the dips and snacks that are most likely to complement the kind of booze you are serving at the home bar party.


some other things to include for your chip and dip occasion is fried pakodas, crunchy fried chicken, cottage cheese fires, etc.


These are ideal for any kind of bar nights and will ideally fit whichever liquor you are consuming. Additionally, if you are offering soju, then order some fried chicken with spicy dips.


Fried chicken and soju are a South Korean delicacy, which falls under their street foods. You can try all this out with your chip and dip now! 



    1. Girls Sleepover


Your little girl just invited the neighbour's daughter for a sleepover, and you want to make it extra special for the little one. Now, one of the best ways to win over the girls is to cook them nice snacks for the sleepover.


You can thus make items like homey butter chicken fries, cottage cheese dips, mushroom and vet toasties and baby corn. 


You can also let your daughter pick her favourite dips; for example, you can include mayo, cheese and herb dip, and others as per your daughter’s likings. Additionally, once all is ready, you can click pictures with your girls and post it on your feed too. This will improve your social media image, while your chip and dip, will easily compliment the snacks you made.


Well, there you go! These 5 items sum up the best uses for your chip and dip. So, ensure to find the ideal chip and dip for everyday situations. You can go for any kind of chip and dip, however, for stylish designer ones, pick websites like Ellementry.

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