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How often have you seen your mother knead some dough in a bread board? She used to use it for chopping, prepping meat and mixing ingredients and so much more.


But, as a fashion and food blogger, you might already know that the bread board can double up as a serving plate too.


This unique wooden board has many uses, but sadly people do not seem to know about them. However, as you’re a social media blogger, you can change the way, people perceive items like Bread boards. Today, we are going to discuss some unique platters you can serve in your bread boards.


Once you know these, you can use these items for your social media post. This way, you will get lots of recognition, and the bread board will be known for its multi-purpose use.


Are you ready?


Bread Board Platter for the Social Media Blogger!

Bread Board Platter



    1. Apple and Cheddar Stuffed Pork Chops  


Almost every fancy Christian occasion include a good pork chop. These chops are delectable, delicious and oh very succulent. The item for the first number is apple cheddar stuffed pork chops. To make this wonderfully juicy delicacy, you need sliced apple, breadcrumbs, raisins, pork chops, cheddar cheese, and apple juice. 


The texture and flavouring is savoury, delectable and very sweet. The process involves mixing all the ingredients and baking the pork chops to get a juicy filling for the chops. once done with the baking, spread the pork chops bellies and place the filling inside. After that bake for 45 minutes till the pork chop fluffs up. 


Once done, the sweet-smelling aroma of the luscious stuffed pork will make you hungrier. You can now place these on the bread board and add a touch of dips for the right social media image. Once you have a good picture, go and gorge!



    1. Cheddar, Ham and Pasta Bake


The cheddar cheese pasta is a very delicious recipe, that is often featured in ‘Mukbang videos’, this one is creamy, easy to make and is an all-time comfort food. So, if you are stuck at home, during this quarantine, you can make some scrumptious Cheddar cheese pasta and ham for killing time and using it productively.


To make this dish you need beer-based cheese sauce, cheddar cheese, ham, butter, pasta, flour, mushrooms, and breadcrumbs. Use all these ingredients and mix these to make a dough. Now, bake the dough for 45 minutes and soon you will have a fluffy pasta bake ideal for an Instagram food picture. On that note,  


Serve this dish carefully on the bread platter. The reason being the dish is very cheesy, creamy, and succulent. Once done, click some grand images and become especially popular on social media. 



    1. Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich


Another one of the platter wonders for those who like to get handsy with their cooking is the fried chicken waffle grilled sandwich. This one features soft succulent chicken bits filled with creamy cheese on the inside.


Packing a buttery and spicy undertone, this one is a winner due to its creamy texture and cheese encrusted borders. What's more? Due to its artsy look, it is ideal for stirring the hearts of social media gastronomes.


To make this dish you need cheese, frozen waffles, chicken nuggets, bread and others. Once you have the items, look up the recipe online. In most cases, this involves baking, so make sure you have a microwave.


Once done, you can cut this waffle into small-sized pieces and decorate it artfully in your bread board. For this purpose, you can use a mango wooden breadboard as its aesthetics will beautifully compliment your dish.


What's more? The mango wooden bread board is ideal for food photography too. Therefore, if you click the dish in this item, your social media feed will look glamorous. You can find this type of bread board from any reputed online store, for instance, Ellementry.





    • Beefy Baked Nachos




Baked beefy nachos are another good dish to flaunt on your social media feed. What's more? These are crispy, crunchy and ideal for a delectable snack or light dinner. You can serve this with some nachos, and veggie toppings for maximum flavouring.


To make this dish you need, veggies like potatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions etc. Additionally, you require baked beef and some crispy nachos.


Further, you also require some beef sauce, cheddar cheese, refined beans, tortilla chips, salt and pepper for the optimal garnish.  


This whole dish takes around 20 minutes to make once you have arranged all the ingredients in place. You need to mix all the condiments and then bake the mixture to let the cheese melt on top. Once done, the sauce and the beef will saturate, and your dish will be ready to serve.


Now, decorate this as you like on your bread board. You can add some herbs and cherry tomatoes for extra garnish. Now, ensure to invest in some good-looking bread boards for getting that ideal food blogging pick. You can check out websites like Ellemetry for better suggestions.



    1. Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich


Are you in the mood to cook something less maintenance yet glamorous enough to make your social media feed look good? Well, we have the perfect suggestion! You can make the turkey cranberry brie sandwich.


To make this recipe you need some cranberry sauce and brie cheese. Start the dish by using a large baguette and stuff the inside of it with cooked turkey/chicken meat and cranberry sauce. Once done, follow an easy online recipe and bake the dish as required to give it a soft yet crunchy feel. Next, cut the baguette and place it over your bread board as you wish.


Add some cranberry sauce in the side and serve fresh. This one will look very pretty for your social media and you can get good amount of likes for this.


You can also add some veggie dips and flowers to the setup to give it a rustic yet aesthetic feel





    • White Sauce Pasta




The creamy white sauce pasta is an all-time favourite dish that no one can resist. Extremely customizable and easy to make, almost everyone loves this regardless of age.


To make this one boil the pasta and set it aside. Then in a frying pan stir fry some mushroom, bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes. Take these out and add some butter and 2 tbs of flour and stir lightly. Once consistent, add some cheese and milk and stir the sauce till it gets creamy.


After this, add the veggies and the pasta and stir till the dish becomes quite creamy. Serve this warm on a bowl. You can now place this bowl on your bread board and serve it for more style.


Well, now that you are aware of the best bread board recipes, it's time to wrap up this blog! Just ensure to buy a good quality bread board to try these out. You can find these online, in websites like Ellementry.

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