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You just came back from culinary school, and suddenly you feel like a new person. You feel like you know so much about regular items of use. Who would have thought you would look at platters, cheeseboards and barware in a different way.

It's like once you have seen the ways these works and now you cannot *unsee* it! So, basically, you have all the knowledge about food utensils and this includes fruit picks.

There are potentially so many uses to fruit picks. Rather, you can use these fruit picks in so many occasions to prevent spillage too. Now, you might be aware of some of these; but for those of you who do not know why fruit picks are needful, today, we bring to you, 

5 Occasions Where a Fruit Pick is Handy


  • Thanksgiving Breakfast


The thanksgiving breakfast is sure to be a messy one. There are so many people coming from across the cities. From friends, families, young kids, neighbours and more. Therefore, you have so much in your plate already.

You have to cook tons of dishes for Thanksgiving Day, and honestly, the thought of doing all those dishes are scary and intimidating. But you do not have to do all that, if you simply follow a few tips.

Ensure to cook more platter dishes, offer fresh fruits with your fruit pick and use, paper plates. For fresh fruits, you can use oranges, apples, pineapples, kiwis, strawberry, raspberry and even blueberries.

These fruits are moreover, ideal for your fruit picks. As all these fruits are messy and tend to create a lot of mess, the fruit pick can save you by preventing the mess. For example, suppose your guests want to have strawberries, you can serve these delectable with your fruit pick. Now, when he uses the fruit pick to eat the strawberries, it will prevent juice from messing up the beautiful thanksgiving table.

On that note, when you are buying fruit picks, it is best you do it from a good home décor website. These websites provide hand crafted fruit picks made from pure teak wood. What's more? These are priced under Rs 900. 


  • Anniversary Dinner


You might have seen many diners and restaurants offering strawberries, whipped cream, fruit picks and a champagne bottle to couples on romantic occasions. Now, why do you think they put so much effort into presentation with a fruit pick?

Well, because it's to avoid a mess of course! Strawberries and whipped cream while being a sensual combination, can create a lot of mess. Now, that kind of mess is not right for the dinner table, so using the fruit pick you can pick the fruit and dip it in the whipped cream to avoid a mess.

What's more? This mess will prevent you from facing wardrobe accidents, which can damage your new anniversary clothes.

Therefore, if you are even conducting a romantic anniversary dinner at home. You can use your fruit pick to serve with sweet nothings. Additionally, you can also use your fruit pick for eating savoury items like kebabs and chops.


  • Sweet vs Savoury 


If you are investing in a beautiful teak wooden fruit pick, you need to know that you can use your toothpick for eating savoury dishes too. The reason being, if you invest in pure wooden teakwood, your money will be put to good use.

This wooden teakwood is sturdy, durable and less prone to damage. Thus, you can easily use these fruit picks for picking up savoury dishes like kebabs, chops and nuggets. For example, suppose you are served with burning hot chicken kebabs, but you cannot touch these.

You can then take your fruit pick and pierce the skin of the kebab and cut it. Once you do, blow some air on it and enjoy the soft delicious kebabs without dirtying your hands.

You can also use your fruit pick to cut your salmon fillets. Suppose you have baked fish for dinner, and you cannot find your cutting knife. At that time, instead of being grumpy, use your fruit pick, to cut the salmon carefully and eat it with the help of this useful tool!


  • It is So Fancy


 If you belong to an old school family, chances are you have excellent table manners. Now, table manners can be a chore sometimes. It is not just about the kind of cutlery you use. You need to be prim, poised and not messy to reflect real table manners.

However, this is where your fancy fruit pick can come in handy. These fruit picks are usually made of wood and are gorgeous to look at. What's more? These prevent the issue of spillage and lets you eat starter dishes with ease.

For example, suppose you are eating lunch with your business partner and you are wearing a crisp white shirt. Then you can use your fruit pick to carefully select sweet and savouries from your serving bowl and eat it without letting anything drip on your white shirt.

What’s more? You will look existentially cool while using the fruit pick to eat your portion. As a result, thanks to your grace and poise, you will undoubtedly create a positive impact on your guests.


  • Good for Decoration!


Let's assume you already have a fruit pick set, which is very old. Now, it would be a sad deal if you have to throw these artful fruit picks away. Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Instead of throwing away your fruit picks, why don’t you use these for decoration?

That's right! You can use your wooden fruit pick set on your study table, beside a lamp to give it an artistic edge. You can also use this fruit pick on a cake stand and place it on top of the cake stand to add some style to your table.

For example, suppose you have a two-tier cake stand, you can then place your daily spices in the first podium, and keep the fruit pick along with some condiments on the second podium. This will make your dining table look fabulous, and you can easily charm your guests with your creativity.

On that footnote, now that you are aware of the five occasions, your fruit pick stand can come in handy, why don’t you go buy yourself one of these! You can find good fruit picks in loads of local shops, but we suggest you buy it from a trusted online source.

Certain websites like Ellementry, offer handcrafted fruit picks, which can be used for multipurpose events!

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