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There are many occasions that involve the art of cake cutting. Now, cake cutting across the globe is done with the purpose of celebrating auspicious occasions. So, if you have an occasion in mind that involves a lot of cake cutting, we bet you are excited.

However, did you know that you can amplify the cake cutting experience with even more with a cake stand and cake server?

That's right! If you ever go to visit the flamboyant bakeries and cafes and order a lot of cake. You will see that the service includes a cake with a stand and a server. Now, why do you think all the extra effort is put in?

Well, cutting a cake with the help of a server aids in maintaining the cake aesthetics and offers a cleanly cut cake worthy of any event.

On that note, today we are going to discuss about 5 occasions that need the assistance of a cake stand, along with a cake server.

Are you Ready?

Here Goes!


  • Office and Graduation Events


It has become quite fashionable to cut cake for the purpose of office parties. An old colleague or two gets promoted, it is the foundation day of the company; there are accomplished new deals and more; cakes and sweets have become the go to celebration goodies.

Anyway, imagine this, when you ‘re offering cakes in office, it crucial that you serve the dessert cleanly. Thus, to avoid the accidental mess, you can use the cake server. Simply, slice the cake pieces as per to the number of guests in the office. Suppose your company has 60 individuals. Then, cut the slices into 60 separate pieces and use the cake server, to get these out cleanly. This way, there will be lighter mess, and guests can enjoy evenly cut cakes pieces. when it comes to graduation parties, the scenarios are quite the same. You might have passed with flying colours, so you are throwing a final senior year graduation bash. Here, along with cocktails, music and food, there has to be the celebratory cake.

Moving on, as you may know, cakes can be messy and all over the place. Additionally, with college students present, there can *mess*. Therefore, to prevent the fiasco, it is best that you use cake servers to serve the dessert.

Now, it is best that you get a cake server, which comes with the serving knife. This knife is blunt yet can effectively slice a cake easily. Therefore, regardless how big or tiered  the cake is, you can use this cake serving kit to cleanly slice the cake portion and offer it to the guests.

With the evenly made cuts, this cake won’t fall or look bad. Further, you will save a lot of money and mess.


  • Birthdays


Birthdays are one of the most special days for all humans. It is the only day most of us pick to celebrate our birthdays with the help of cakes. These cakes are a sign of joy, maturity and prosperity. The sweet delicious flavours ease our minds and we begin to feel excited and relaxed when we are cutting cakes. 

on that now, you might have planned to blow the birthday candles as you cut the cake. But are you going to simply cut and serve uneven cakes to your guests? We think not; all that was so *teenerageish*

So, to prevent uneven cake pieces from ruining your cake aesthetics, we recommend you use cake servers. This cake server will help you actively cut the cake without making it look very messy. Moreover, you can also cut out pies and other desserts with the help of cake servers too!


  • Anniversary


Having cakes on an anniversary is a tradition that never went out of fashion. Therefore, it is vital that you use the cake stand and server for your anniversary cake. For instance, suppose you’re celebrating a sweet and short anniversary with your kin. In case you are, your cake server and stand can help to cleanly slice and offer cakes.

Your close ones can thus eat cake, and additionally, slice the portions and serve cake as per their needs. Further, owing to the cake server, your celebratory cake won’t spoil or look very messy.

So, if you’re looking for a cake server, choose to ensure to pick one made of wood. The wooden cake servers do not have safety issues, are children friendly. What's more they also come with crafted designs that makes the items very classy. You can find this type of cake server, from any trusted online store. 

However, if you are after handcrafted ones, we have a solution, you can choose stores like Ellementry.


  • NYE Party


The New Year Eve party is undoubtedly the most happening party of the decade. This one includes class, music, booze and cakes. The one time where people lose their inhibitions and start looking towards a better year.

Now, as cakes are signs of happiness and prosperity, chances are you want to welcome the new year with gratitude and happiness. Thus, cutting a cake is the best deal.  now for a clean cut, it is advised that you invest in the best cake server out there. 

This cake server will help you cut the cake with easy and prevent unnecessary mess. What's more? This cake server will help you understand the amount of cake to cut for satisfying all your guests.  

  1. Weddings 

Almost all receptions, parties and weddings today use cake stands and servers. Well, nothing can be done as cake stands are prerequisite when weddings have many tiered cakes. Now, getting to place the whole cake on the table can cause unfortunate accidents sometimes. Therefore, cake stands are of absolute necessity.

However, it is not the cake stand, the cake servers are also very important. These cake server aid in cleanly cutting out cake portions from the cake’s body. Thus, this prevents your artsy cake from looking ugly. 

Additionally, when you are moving the cake to cut it, the server prevents the cake from breaking or dropping. Thus, the cake aesthetics is not tampered with. Further, with the help of the cake server kit, you can cut the cake into as many pieces as you want without any problem.

Well, there you go! These 5 occasions are places, where you absolutely need the cake servers. So, now that you are aware of the types of cake serves you need, why don’t you go invest in one. You can find an authentic and good-looking cake server in many online stores. For instance, if you want a stainless-steel cake server kit or a designer wooden one, you can check out stores like Ellementry!

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