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Organizing a kitchen is a task, especially serving platters. But don’t you worry! Today, we will help you organize your serving platters. Our ideas will not only help you save the space in your kitchen but will also make your kitchen look well organized.

Buy Appropriate Platters 

Buying the right kind of platters is very important. We should avoid buying single platters. If you are looking for platters to buy, it is always better to go for a set of platters. Such platters have appropriate sizes. For example, in a set of platters, all platters are arranged in a way that each one is placed in one another. This can be arranged similarly in the kitchen which doesn’t occupy much space. We can help you with beautiful platters to buy which will be convenient to store and also will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Check out our Ellementry website for the same. 

Embrace the vertical space with pieces of plywood 

Stacking may look a good option but may bot be the perfect option to organize your kitchen. Use a few pieces of plywood and a creative eye. You can make some vertical dividers in any cupboard of your kitchen. Then store the platters vertically. This method will help you make good use of cupboard space and also makes moving around more manageable. Your platters will be easy to get to and easy to put away. 

Use tension rods

When we pull out one platter from the bottom of a pile, it leads to the whole stack tumbling. The solution to this problem is that you need to make friends with vertical storage using tension rods in a cabinet. Use this to organize your serving platters in a file like a system. In this way, you can pull out what you need and the tension rods will hold everything else in place. 

Add some wooden slabs to your kitchen

We all have an empty wall in the kitchen that can be utilized for storage if needed. All you need to do is get some wooden slabs attached to it by a carpenter. The more slabs you incorporate, the more convenient it becomes to store. These days we have very beautiful serving platters that can enhance the beauty of our kitchen. If you can looking for such platters to buy, you can visit Ellementry website. Our wide range of serving platters are so pretty that they will act as a showpiece when not in use. So you can easily stack them on these wooden shelves rather than hiding it in your cupboards.

Buy a rack 

Racks are a must-buy for the kitchen. Racks in the shape of a basket are perfect for storage. Organize your serving platters in these racks for hassle-free usage. They not only work as one of the best organizers but also best for drying the hand-washed utensils as the excess water drips down. Just add a water-absorbing placemat below it and you are good to go. Such organizers look beautiful too and keep your things in place.  

Put extra heavy stuff in the bottom cabinet

There is a real struggle if the platters are stored on the topmost shelves especially if you have ceramic platters. They are heavy and it takes a lot of effort to pull them down. There are also chances of breakage of countertops or platters itself while getting them down.  It is recommended to put extra heavy stuff in the bottom cabinet. 

Hang your platters

Hanging is another way to innovatively organize your platters. These days the beautiful designer platters come with artistic handles. We can use these handles for hanging the platters. Organize your serving platters with a curtain rod and some hooks. Just hang a curtain rod across your window and add some hooks to it. This will not only make a better arrangement of the platters but also make your platters easily accessible. Next time when you are looking for some platters to buy, buy some with handles from our Ellementry website. 

Add hooks to the bottom of your shelf

If you already have a shelf then you may not need a proper setup for a rod to hang your platters. All you need to do is to add some hooks to the bottom of the self in order to organize your platters. 

Use shower caps to protect your platters

Pantry and kitchen cupboards tend to get dusty in some time. There are always some platters in the kitchen which we don’t use often which may get dusty over time. Here the shower caps which you kept collecting from hotels can come to your rescue. Cover your platters with these shower caps to avoid dust sticking on them before you actually put them in your cupboard.   

Keep your fancy platters scratch-free 

Organizing the platters in the kitchen may invite scratches to your platters if not done properly. Hence, It’s always better to give extra padding while you organize your platters. Add a sheet of foam or a layer of disposable paper plates so that platters don’t come in contact with each other directly. Any kind of thick layering can be used for the protection of platters. 

Turn your organizing into the decoration

Big size cane baskets can also be used as platter’s organizer for your kitchen. They are spacious and look very beautiful. Since they are huge in size, the platters don’t pop out from the above. Plus, They look like a decorative piece lying inside or near the kitchen. You can use these baskets to store the platters which you don’t use often. It serves as a great moving organizer. You can easily place it in the place you like.   

Install a pegboard

Peg Boards are in vogue these days. If you have an empty wall, just add a pegboard to it. You can use it to store pots, pans and anything you like. It is one of the interesting ways to organize your platters. 

Do try these ideas to organize your serving platters. They will make organizing easy for you. Also, do not forget to visit Ellementry website to buy a unique range of platters. After all, we offer the best platters to buy.  Visit today.

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