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Condiment & condiment sets


People who love food, enjoy cooking and want to experience every nibble with satisfaction; condiment is a favourite word for them. So, let's take a look into the world of condiments. While some experts say condiment means a set of spices and herbs, along with pepper and salt, another set says that condiment is a compound food ingredient that is added while serving cooked food, like, ketchup, sauce. Salsa, in Mexico and Central America, is considered as one of the favourite condiments, while vinegar, fried garlic, Takhrai are used in Thai, Chinese, and many other cuisines. There are various types of condiments available in the market to help you to make your dining experience more enjoyable. Condiment sets are a matching set of jars to store spices, herbs, sauces, flavored oils, along with tray or racks.



Advantages of condiment sets



    • Decorative: Condiment set is useful for quick seasoning and taste enhancement and also a wonderful decorative item for your kitchen and dining experience. In the market, one can get numerous varieties, from European vintage with silver work to Japanese ceramic vintage sets. One can opt for a classy French collection or for earthen pots. Before, one chooses a set, decides the requirement, budget, and style which could complement the rest of the accessories. One may find condiments set along with racks, trays and revolving trays in a pair or odd-even numbers. Shapes and sizes also vary, so does the materials.


    • Handy and useful: Many times while eating we needed extra seasoning, salt or some herbs, sauces. To appease the need, you may not rush through your kitchen cabinets if you have a handy condiment set. It is so convenient, useful and makes your eating experience a pleasant one. Even the size and shapes are handy, therefore no worries about spices spilling while handling. Generally, we tend to store a good amount of spices and herbs, sauces, in standard jars. But these jars are big and one cannot accommodate them on a dining table. Therefore, the condiment set is a solution. They keep your condiments in small amounts and fresh. Due to their size, a large number of jars can be placed on the table.


    • Health factor: Condiment sets come in handy sizes, therefore whatever you may use, comes in small amounts. Thus, the chances of excessive use become less. Keeping basil, dried oregano, parsley and using them as condiments make your food healthy and tasty at the same time. One can make homemade tahini or some fusion dips along with herbs and store them in the condiment set, making it attractive and appealing for users.


Condiment set and jars


Types of condiment set and their advantages


When there are so many varieties of condiments and seasonings all over the world, there is also a wide range of condiment sets in the market. People from different parts of the world combine the ingredients as per their taste. They need different types of containers to complete the set. The design of the container evolves according to the character of condiments. Let's go through the different kind of sets:




    • Jar- Jar provides more storage options for your kitchen and keeps ingredients fresh and visible. They don’t just add visual appeal to your kitchen or dining table but also prevent the cross-contamination of food for a long period.


    • Shaker- Salt and pepper shaker came from western culture. You can refer to them as salt cellar also. Place shakers at your dining table for salt, pepper, different spices, sugar. They are usually cylindrical and hold a perforated top. These containers allow you to use a limited number of spices as per taste.


    • Pourer- Choose pourer when you serve liquid or semi-liquid condiments like honey, sauce, syrups It comes with a cylindrical body with a pouring spout. It allows controlling over-usage. It has a lid, so you can close them when not in use.


    • Syrup dispenser- Dispensers are also for liquid condiment items. This cylindrical pot has a handle and a spout that dispenses syrup slowly.


    • Covered bowl- A covered bowl is apt for serving sugar with coffee or tea. They are used for serving a variety of pickles, sauce. A closed bowl is used to store items overnight. They are very easy to handle, easy to refill and wash.


    • Mill- Nowadays no modern kitchen is complete without a condiment mill. These sets are very interesting and helpful as they allow you to get fresh and course grounded herbs, salt and pepper. The mill contains a cylindrical container and a user-friendly twisted grinder at the top.



Most common and healthy material options



    • Clay: Environment-friendly and recyclable clay pots are needed in today's society. These hand-made natural clay products are good at maintaining the freshness and food-value of ingredients.


    • Wood: Wooden sets are classy and trendy. They are environment-friendly but difficult to clean. They are good for dry ingredients.


    • Bamboo: Bamboo condiment sets are budget-friendly, light in weight, water-resistant, stain and heat proof. Try to keep them in a dry place. They are scratch-prone but not dishwasher friendly.


    • Porcelain: When you need an elegant look, just go for porcelain sets. They are easily available in the market. These are budget-friendly but break easily.


    • Glass: Glass sets are all-time classy and elegant. Due to its transparency, it provides a clear view of the item stored. They are fragile and break easily. So, use it carefully.


    • Ceramic: Ceramic sets are useful because ceramic is leak-proof and also odour and stain proof. They provide an earthy look to your space. They are also compatible with both the cold and hot items.


Kitchen storage jars


Guideline for purchasing a Condiment Container


Now, let's quickly check when to buy a condiment set for your space-




    • First, identify the condiments you want to keep. Depending on the form and density of ingredients, choose the right type of container.


    • Then decide the material accordingly. It is important. Because you need fresh and healthy condiments with the right amount of food-value.


    • The size of the container varies according to storage or serving. Logically, if you want them for only serving a purpose, it will be small and handy, otherwise as per the amount of product.


    • Confirm where you want to put them, whether in a kitchen or a dining table or above the counter.





Condiment sets are a group of matching containers with a tray or rack and sometimes with a handle. They serve salt, pepper, essential herbs, sauces, pickles, butter at the dining table. An elaborate condiment set at your dining table allows easy access to the ingredients while having your food. You can always make your food tasty and healthy. But the most crucial part is to choose the right type of set for your desired condiment list. Don't go for just any other random jar or container. An improper pot will ruin your purpose and make your space messy. Also, the material of the product is important. Furnish your kitchen and dining with high-quality condiment sets from Ellementry and amp up your kitchen!

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