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Amidst all grandeur celebrations and bags full of happiness, one of the most auspicious and memorable days is one’s marriage anniversary. Every anniversary reminds the couples of their effortless and selfless love for each other. It reminds them of their oneness and togetherness. No other celebration can be as important as one’s wedding anniversary !

There are so many celebrations like birthdays and others. But it’s just the anniversary which says that this couple’s bond has grown one year younger. The excitement and craze for the anniversary are very obvious owing to such reasons.

So, what are your plans for your anniversary this year? The most important part of all your plans is the surprise gift. Decorations and other arrangements are just to lighten up the aura, but a gift goes directly to your partner. So, make sure it’s a special one. Are you not able to decide what to gift?

Well, Ellementry is right  here for you. To kick out all your woes of anniversary gifts, Ellementry has these perfect sets of anniversary gifts for her as well as anniversary gifts for him. Whether you guys are engaged or dating or happily married, these gifts go for all. And to further ease your selection, the blog has gift ideas as per the age of your anniversary.

  • Golden Jubilee anniversary celebration- This segment includes the luckiest

couples. Celebrating 50 years of marriage is not in everyone’s fate. You guys have to be extremely lucky for this. So, if you are planning your 50th wedding anniversary then surely the gifts for either of the spouses need to be very special. At this age, something soothing goes the best.

At this very age, a couple mostly spend time together. So, buying a conversation coffee mug set of 2 from Ellementry is the best choice for either of the spouse. Just sit together, have a cup of coffee and talk about life with each other!

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If you want to sound like a pro in your 60s, then plan an anniversary gift for her that goes with her taste. If she loves lamps, go for-

The grey metal pendant lamp round from Ellementry  is all that will lighten up your wife’s mood. The warm light will let her sleep tight every night.

With age, needs also change. And it’s obvious for teeth to get addicted to a toothpick. But are you exhausted by your husband’s habit of always keeping toothpicks here and there? This anniversary, give him this useful and peculiar gift. The black masala wooden toothpick holder from Ellementry is a perfect anniversary gift for him. He will love to show it off and use it after every meal!

Apart from these, you can give mythological books, gifts related to one’s beliefs, tour tickets to their favourite place and so on. Just make sure it brings a smile on your partner’s face.

  • 25 years of togetherness! – Celebrating 25 years of togetherness is yet another achievement in your account. It feels amazing to see each other with the same zeal even after 25 years of being together. Not everyone is lucky enough. So, you must not leave any stone unturned to make it a grand one. But are you confused over what anniversary gift choice to make? Well, Ellementry is here with amazing ideas.

If your husband likes drinking occasionally, the blush brass wine glass set of 2 from Ellementry will make one of the finest anniversary gifts for him. It is a combination of royalty and love.

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Another idea of an anniversary gift for him is the cane craft side table with removal tray from Ellementry. At this age, men generally spend me-time as well as reading time. So, this side table will make a great gift as he can just sit beside and use the table to keep his belongings with a cup of coffee or tea. You can find cup sets on Ellementry.

Now, coming to the anniversary gifts for her. Well, a woman at this stage becomes a pro in house making. So, gifting something relevant will surely bring a wide smile on her face.

You must have noticed your wife using normal dishware to soak pulses and sprouts. So, why not make it easier for her? The terracotta sprouter with wooden lid from Ellementry is very easy to use and looks very classy. It also comes under easily maintained items.

What other useful can a gift be than a perfect classic cotton table cover from Ellementry? If your wife loves arranging home, this is a perfect choice. It looks amazing and will look beautiful when placed on the table. She will be glad when friends and relatives will ask about it!

Other than these, you can also book a foreign trip to his/her favourite place. A beautiful pendant or set of a suit will make spouse smile out of love.

  • The first decade of togetherness- if this is your 10 years of celebrations, this is just the mid-life of you guys as a couple. So, celebrate this decade of love and togetherness flawlessly. No one else can understand the ways to make your partner smile. But Ellementry can help you by suggesting anniversary gifts for him and anniversary gifts for her.

Do you often hear your wife saying “I want to own a bakery?” That simply means that she is a cake lover. So, what about gifting her something relevant?

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This masai gold cake server set from Ellementry is extremely sober and looks beautiful. Its golden colour adds extra beauty to its looks. A cake lover will find it very useful and special. The akoda candle stand small from Ellementry is yet another good idea for an anniversary gift for her. Lit a candle and place it over this stand. The whole room shines and she will definitely love it.

Now, as a wife what should you choose as an anniversary gift for him? Let Ellementry help you out with this.

If he does not like complete darkness while sleeping, include the grey terracotta table lamp in your list this year. It does not emanate too much light. Hence, it is best for night time. He will surely adore it a lot.

The copper metal cocktail shaker from Ellementry is a perfect gift choice for your man! It looks amazing and it will ease his task of cocktail preparations when planning to spend cocktail quality time with you.


  • The first celebration of love- it is an amazing feeling to celebrate one year of blissful life filled with love and joy. The first celebration of your love life is the most special among all other coming anniversary celebrations. So, to make it even more special, Ellementry is here with gift ideas for him and her.

The glossy silver metal wine cooler with handle is going to make all your upcoming celebrations a bit worthier. So, why not count upon it as an anniversary gift for him? It is easy to handle and looks amazing.

Twine wooden bench with rack from Ellementry is such a useful gift. Your man can keep his shoes on the rack while using the bench to keep anything of his choice. It will go for years.

Tea amore gift box, two brass teabag rests and one brass spoon is a superb gift item for your tea lover wife. If you are searching for a unique anniversary gift for her, this is a perfect choice. It comes in 3 different colours.

Hibiscus glow assorted wax candles set of five is an excellent gift for your love. The accent of the candles will freshen up her completely. Do not miss out on this on your first anniversary.

Apart from aforementioned, you can also go on trips and vacations. Shoes and clothing also never go out of fashion. Buy for your spouse something they have been wishing for long. Also, handmade gifts hold loads of emotions and touch the heart. So, you can also add it in your gift bag. Choose the best one for your partner and rock your celebrations!

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