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Some things never go out of style. Indian households wonderfully embody this statement. People are returning to age-old cooking practices, cookwares and serveswares for the umpteen benefits they offer. Brass is one such metal, favoured as a kitchenware since ancient times.

At ellementry, we are taking the philosophy of cultural revival to the next level by introducing our new brass cookware and serveware collection. This exquisite collection has a variety of products that reignite fond memories of traditional households.

Our brass cookware collection is handcrafted by gifted artisans to bring elements of Indian tradition to your kitchen with a contemporary look. A quintessential ware for your kitchen, the brass cookware range draws inspiration from the days of yore.

Arra brass pan with wooden handle

[caption id="attachment_5770" align="aligncenter" width="540"]brass pan arra brass tea pan with wooden handle[/caption]

It's winter time, and nothing beats the comfort of a hot cuppa chai. Welcome ellementry's Arra brass tea pan to brew the nostalgic cup of tea filled with a distinct mood and experience. This pan is used to brew tea the traditional way. When pouring the hot beverage into a teapot, note that extra care has been taken as the pan comes with a wooden handle to ensure that you have a solid grasp.

Arra frying pan

[caption id="attachment_5814" align="aligncenter" width="540"] Arra brass fry pan[/caption]

Versatile as one can call it, the Arra frying pan works great for Indian cooking and also conveniently accommodates pastas, risottos, and other Italian dishes. It makes cooking aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful.

Arra brass tadka pan

Indian winter cuisine's classic flavours will be enhanced with the Arra brass tadka pan. Don’t just make it a flavourful meal but a heritage themed one as well.

Our brass serveware collection includes the Oro brass coffee range. A perfect example of fusing traditional aesthetics with a contemporary touch. It’s the ideal ensemble that one would need for an authentic coffee drinking session. The base of all the Oro products is slightly narrow with a black finish, while the elevated upper part carries the traditional gold look. The fine play of black & gold gives this collection a unique finish. Whether it is the filter coffee maker, coffee mug, coffee set, milk & sugar pot, or dessert bowl with a spoon, every product from this collection is a piece of functional art.

Oro brass coffee filter

The stimulating aroma of the classic filter coffee is what brings warmth to cold winter days. An authentic coffee roast is a prerequisite to a stimulating cuppa, and the steps are simple. Brew, add milk, froth and enjoy!

Oro brass coffee cup and tumbler

South Indian filter coffee is also unique in the way it is served, i.e., in the brass coffee cup and tumbler. Enhance the taste and experience of coffee time with this brass coffee cup and tumbler.

Oro brass dessert bowl with a spoon

Whether you are hosting a festive party or want to make any day a special occasion, give your sweet winter delicacies like sitaphal phirni, gajjar ka halwa, a royal flair with this brass dessert bowl, which comes with a spoon. This handmade masterpiece is sure to accentuate sweet experiences.

Oro brass milk & sugar pot

With these matt gold finish brass milk and sugar pots, your impeccable hosting style can receive a touch of royalty. The black finish at the bottom and the contemporary design will create an irreplaceable experience for the brew enthusiast!

ellementry brass cookware and serveware are truly timeless, and with proper care, they can last generations.

  1. Before using your brass cookware for the first time, place it on the flame for a few minutes. Once the brassware has cooled off, wash it with normal water. Follow it up with cooking the desired recipe.
  2. After cooking, transfer the cooked food immediately into a serveware. Brass being acidic in nature, it is not recommended for storage purposes.
  3. Wash the utensil after cooking, and dry it with kitchen linen.

Tips to maintain the metallic luster

Though the ageing process for any metal is natural and a sign of its purity, we can prolong the metal's luster with regular care.

  1. To delay the ageing and tarnishing process, gently rub the brass wares with a thin coat of any cooking oil.
  2. The beauty of this ancient metal gleams through when polished regularly with tamarind and coarse salt, acting as abrasive cleansers.

If you are enthusiastic about setting your kitchen with equal parts of heritage, not leaving behind aesthetics, this season of change, why not add elements of brassware to your space? Visit ellementry stores or click here to explore the collection on the website. Create new memories with this collection of modern heirloom.



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