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Holi, the festival of colours is here. The festival officially brings the curtain down on winters as well as on the evil. It epitomises the triumph of good over evil. The entire day is dedicated to lively colours, unstoppable fun and mouth-watering home-prepared sweets. Now, you can keep them fresh and crispy for long in beautiful ceramic jars by Ellementry.

The arrival and departure of guests continue all day long during festivals. As a good host, it is your job to serve them well. You cannot present those snacks and beverages in ordinary serveware.

Special people deserve special treatment. And you don’t want to compromise with your hospitality standards as well. Irrespective of their size, little things don’t go unnoticed. These are the things that matter the most and could make or break your home’s look. 


Maze ceramic jar with wooden lid

 A beautiful kitchen shelf deserves decor from the best kitchenware items. Handcrafted and sustainable ceramic jars by Ellementry adorn the entire kitchen look. These pieces of art are perfect for knick-knacks, nuts and all kinds of powdery items. You can never go wrong with Ellementry when it comes to picking jars, glasses or cutlery for your kitchen. 

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Ellementry is the one-stop solution for all the confusion you might experience while deciding what will go best with your kitchen and home. 

It’s all flowery in here

Fiore ceramic jars: Fiore, a flower in Italian, is perfectly represented on these ceramic jars by Ellementry. These handcrafted, 100% sustainable jars would embellish your kitchen like no one else. 

They are perfect for any food item as they are thoroughly safe. These ceramic jars come with a lid that keeps the item fresh inside and away from moisture. Your food remains fit to eat for a longer period. You can pair it with other pieces of the collection to complete the look. 

Ceramic Snack storage jars

Their adorable size makes it convenient for you to handle. You can even keep these jars in your car or at your work station. They will only add beauty to the surrounding. 

Maze of beauty & elegance

Maze ceramic jar: These jars are a beautiful conglomeration of wood and ceramic. It is love at first sight with maze ceramic jars by Ellementry. These jars are handcrafted by true artists. Maze ceramic jars are a blend of modern and traditional style. 

The wood revives our value, tradition and culture while the ceramic is about going modern with décor. The extra-ordinary design and shape of jars add to your kitchen’s look. The jars are perfect to store cookies, nuts or powdery items like sugar and coffee. Jars come with a wooden lid which gives a classy look to your kitchen and pantry. 

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Before using them, clean them with mild warm water. Give a gentle cloth wipe and it is good to go. 

Real beauty lies in Unusual

Hemisphere ceramic jar with lid: Life is too short for boring and ordinarily shaped jars. Hemisphere ceramic jars by Ellementry make you go a step ahead of others when it comes to the presentable table setting. Keep them on your dining table and fill them with anise and stone candy. 

Put them on your coffee table with roasted peanuts or fox nuts in it. Their look and shape is something you can’t resist. They are perfect to store any kind of food item as it comes with a lid which keeps everything crispy and fresh as ever. 

Holi is the festival of colours. But dedicating just one day to colours is not fair. Every day must be the same as Holi. Add colours to your home and kitchen with handcrafted and exquisite ceramic jars. 

Decorate your kitchen shelves with pieces that are only designed and created for you. Ellementry, an exclusive brand for kitchenware items, creates captivating items for your home. Each of its items brightens up your home and gives it a distinguished look. 

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