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There was a time when earthen cookware used to be a constant part of Indian kitchens. However, soon the scenario changed as modern kitchenware products become popular. Fancy and expensive cooking utensils got associated with higher status, so people started following suit. 

The easy availability of such items made them even more popular among the masses. The result was Indians lost touch with their traditional roots. They moved on to fancier things in life that only added to the look of their home. But it is the earthen cookware that contributes to one’s health as well. 

Health is vital, but homemakers don’t wish to compromise on the looks either. This is why most people are not too keen on adding earthen cookware to their kitchen. With Ellementry, you can achieve both attractive cookware and health in one shot. 

Earthen Cookware

The maker is devoted to offering people stunning cookware pieces that also do wonders for health. The stunning design, simplicity and attractiveness will make you eager to add cookware made from terracotta to your kitchen.

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What you must know is the fact that the food cooked in earthenware is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and sulphur that is highly important for your body. The slow cooking process involves less amount of oil use. This greatly helps in retaining the food’s natural oil and moisture. Luckily, the advantages of earthenware on our health and body are a lot more. 

Toxic-Free Cooking

Physical fitness can be gained when the food is not only cooked via the right method but also in the right utensil. So when you are looking for different types of baking dishes, make sure you choose terracotta over others. 

Terracotta Baking Dish

Ellementry’s terracotta baking dish is perfect for your kitchen as it is made from clay. Terracotta contains about 40% of natural water and minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, and Calcium. The non-toxicity of this material helps you ensure that you are consuming a healthy and nutrition-rich diet every time. 

Perfectly Porous

Another great property of clay is that it is porous. This greatly enhances the cooking process. When the food is cooked in the sienna terracotta baking dish, the heat and moisture will circulate evenly throughout the food. 

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The food will cook slowly which avoids the chances of burning. You can look after other household chores while your delicious dish is cooking. The result will be highly satisfying and a treat for your taste palette. You can buy this cookware online as well. 

Less Oil

Many health-conscious people try their level best to use the minimum amount of oil in their food. But they fail most of the times. The reason behind this is simple! The utensil that you are using to cook food is demanding more oil. However, the moment you switch to earthen cookware, you will notice the difference. 

The material is such that it ensures lower usage of oil for cooking. The fat content in your meals decreases significantly. The minerals of clay also get added to the food. So, overall you are consuming a healthier diet. 

Alkaline Nature

Apart from being porous, earthenware is also alkaline that interacts with the acidity in the food. When the meal and items like curd get prepared in knurl terracotta curd setter (small), the pH neutralizes, making the food healthier and a lot tastier. 

Furthermore, it adds required minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and sulphur to the food, which benefit our health. 

The Bottom Line

Using earthen cookware is a holistic approach towards a healthier body and a sustainable lifestyle. Ellementry further makes the use of terracotta trendier with its stylish products. 

There is no need to compromise on your style as you can select gorgeous terracotta cookware, serveware and more from The handcrafted products will only enhance the beauty of your kitchen. 

You would love to use the baking pans and pots regularly. Getting earthenware in its purest form is difficult. But when shopped from the right place, getting the best terracotta items online will become highly convenient. 

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