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Baking is a stress buster for some people. It is an art not everyone can triumph. Baking bread, cakes, and pastries are more than just mixing the right amounts. It involves the right time, flavour, texture, visual appeal and most importantly, the dish to cook. 

The kind of vessel you use for baking your delicacies decides its overall look. If not cooked properly, the food loses everything; taste, colour, and visual appeal. Choosing an ideal dish is like giving life to your food. Ellementry provides some beautifully handcrafted solution to this baking problem. 

According to world-famous chefs, pots and dishes made from terracotta are considered perfect for baking purposes. Its clay is ideal for slow cooking over low heat. Terracotta pots are suitable for simmering, slow cooking, roasting, frying and baking. 

Terracotta Baking Dish

Its surface allows heats to distribute evenly all over. This principle gives your favourite pizza a super crispy crust. Porous terracotta draws in moisture from the dough which produces a perfect crust. 

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Why only baking, terracotta is best to store water as well. It retains its natural coolness just like a traditional earthen pot. You can have a look at all kinds of kitchenware products that are available in terracotta on 

Sienna terracotta baking dish

The heart wants what it wants. When it wants pasta, it wants it to be creamy, juicy and certainly not half-cooked. The undercooked dish kills the whole mood. You would not want to serve your guests with half-cooked food and be embarrassed. Sienna terracotta baking dish ensures you never encounter such a situation. 

Its flat surface made of terracotta allows the heat to cook the food evenly from all the corners. The dish is oven friendly. It is a multi-purpose baking dish. You can both cook as well as serve in it. These are handcrafted and are 100% nature-friendly. 

Terracotta sprouter with wooden lid

For all health enthusiasts, terracotta sprouter gives the best sprouts. Sometimes, even after soaking for hours, your seeds cannot be perfect for your consumption. The problem lies in the inadequate atmosphere and water required for the process to happen. 

Terracotta Sprouting Dish

Pulses and sprouts in terracotta sprouter serve the best for this purpose. It provides the seeds with an adequate amount of water and absorbs the rest. Its moist surface doesn’t let the soaked seeds dry. It comes with a lid that stops the light from entering. The product is eco-friendly and is designed and crafted by hands by artists. 

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Sienna terracotta carafe with lid

Terracotta is not only perfect for cooking and baking purposes, but it is also suitable for storing water. This beautiful sienna carafe by Ellementry is no less than an earthen pot. The natural process of evaporative cooling keeps the water naturally cool. 

You can place it on your dining table or take it with you to your workplace. It suits every situation. The carafe is also a perfect gift item for your friends, siblings at a festival or anytime. In fact, there isn’t a need for an occasion to gift this beautiful piece to someone. 

Terracotta curd setter with wooden lid-natural 

Making the curd at home is a tricky business. It requires the right technique. A little mistake fails the entire effort. It requires the right temperature and certainly the right container. 

Terracotta Curd Setter

They say great curd is born in a great container. And a great container must be porous, alkaline and natural. Ellementry’s Terracotta curd settler is a perfect breeding ground for all those bacteria necessary to make curd. The product is environmentally friendly and is handmade by true artists. The terracotta absorbs all the extra water and gives it thick and pure curd. 

Terracotta is perfect for all the cooking, baking, frying and storing water purpose but one must know how to use them as well. All its products must be soaked in water before their usage. Avoid using soap as they block its pores and affects the taste of the food cooked in them. While baking, always put a terracotta dish in a cool oven or it could crack or even break in two.  

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