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Going green doesn’t mean going green only with food. It means adopting a nature-friendly approach for everything you do. Everything in your home must be 100% sustainable. E.g. a kitchen can’t be eco-friendly only with organic vegetable and no meat. It doesn’t end there. 

It also includes energy-efficient food preparation, types of equipment made from environmentally sound material and dodging toxic chemicals. Fortunately, with Ellementry going green for your kitchen is friendly for both your pocket and nature. 

Implementation of easy and affordable changes is required for your green kitchen. Beginning from the cookware: Always chose cookware and utensils that stand your food safety check, are built to last and made from eco-friendly material like terracotta, glass, ceramic as they are the best choice from an efficiency standpoint. 

Terracotta and Glass Items

For your dining table, replace paper napkin with table napkins. Serve in brass and stainless cutlery. There are some tableware items made from wood also available in the market. All of these products enhance your kitchen’s overall character and promote your healthy and nature-friendly living. 

Switching to sustainability doesn’t require much effort but intelligent thinking. A person must know what goes in favour of nature and what does not. At Ellementry, you wouldn’t need to put on any extra thinking as each product is handcrafted and 100% friendly for nature. It has a collection of beautiful kitchenware, tableware, and decor items that will light up your house without affecting nature.

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Some of the products which will illuminate your kitchen with the light of sustainability: 

Aksa blue 100% cotton napkin set 

When the dining room’s beauty is because of your beautiful dinner table, then spills are a big No-No! They vandalise the whole vibe and also make it look untidy and so not your style. But when you have kids and their favourite meal on the table, it is going to be messy.. 

Table Napkin Set

Take control of the situation with Ellementry’s  100% cotton, beautifully handmade Aksa blue napkin set. These are pure cotton; hence, they absorb all kinds of spills quickly, and they are easy to clean. With every wash, they get better and stiffer than before. These come in a set of 6 to complement your cutlery and tableware collection. 

Akoda grey eco-mix cutlery stand 

The moment when we have to get up and look for a spoon as the meal gets served gets on our nerve. Doesn’t it? Then the thought of buying a cutlery stand knocks on our mind’s door. 

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Ellementry’s Akoda grey eco-mix cutlery stand gives your cutlery an elegant and beautiful looking nest. It gets its colour with the ikat dyeing technique and is made from sustainable materials. This eco-friendly cutlery stand is multifunctional too, the best gift for your family and even friends as the stand can also be a pen or pencil stand. 

Quoise glass tumbler set of 2 

It gives a feeling of royalty to drink from glass drinkware. These beautiful set of 2 quoise glass tumbler are hand -blown by the artists. They are the true meaning of indulgence and refinement. Quoise glasses are perfect for special occasions as well as everyday use. 

Sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid

Remodel and replace your ordinary storage cans with these beautiful handmade and eco-friendly terracotta jars. Its traditional look gives your storage a cultural boost. The jar comes with a wooden lid which keeps the food items inside safe and fresh for a longer time. You can store anything from cookies to pulses in them. 

Sienna Terracotta Jar

The list can go on and on. While selecting kitchenware and tableware for your kitchen and dining table, make sure it goes and complement your vision of home. The artists at Ellementry have designed and made each of its products keeping in mind our culture and tradition. Each product will revive your value and will also add elegance to your place. 

When it comes to the kitchen, switching to sustainability is not a very difficult decision. Some replacement and, you will be good to go. Little changes and Violla! Your kitchen will be green in no time. 

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