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You know how when you go to the restaurants, and a piece of meat gets lodged in between your tooth, giving you a hard time to dislodge it? The embarrassment and the task to reach the place inside your teeth make it a difficult process. That is why toothpicks were invented. Toothpicks are so old that it predates the start of modernization of men, and its frail and tiny nature allows it to be stored together in toothpick holders. These toothpick holders come in various shapes, and with a little bit of innovation, quirky toothpick holders have become quite common. There are many toothpicks holders to buy on Ellementry. You must visit today. You can also gift these to your friends at their housewarming parties.


A toothpick is referred to as a small, thin, and stick-like pointed piece of wood or plastic that is used to remove small bits and shreds of food lodged between our teeth.  

History of Toothpick:

Toothpicks were made popular by Charles Foster, a marketing genius in 1869 who started exporting toothpicks to South America, seeing its popularity with the Brazilians.

  •         The discovery of archaeological facts confirmed the use of toothpicks like tools in the early days of evolution. The early Neanderthals discoveries have shown clear signs of using toothpick like a tool to clean their teeth.
  •         During the early periods, the toothpicks were made of natural materials like wood, bone, ivory, shells, bird claws, etc.
  •         During the metal age, slim bronze toothpicks were mass-produced and used freely by everyone, including the high-profile citizens of the Roman Empire.  They used to build their own customized metallic toothpicks that were not only fancy but excellent to pick your teeth
  •         Currently, every year billions of toothpicks are used by the people around the world, with more than 200 billion annually just in China, where the use of toothpicks represents an important social and table etiquette. There using a toothpick is considered an important after-meal ritual.

Toothpick dispensers are one of the under-rated and under-valued kitchen accessories which are always used but rarely looked at. But nowadays, the demand for quirky toothpick holders is growing with people putting a lot of attention to its looks. It enhances the aesthetic value of your house, especially the dining table.

We at Ellementary offers rare and variety of such collection of utilities, including a very competitive price range (which comes with good deals many times) and style.  For example, one of the most sought-after and quirky toothpick holders with us is the sustainable mango wood, ‘Black Masala wooden toothpick holders’ that is a quirky yet sophisticated option at the same time. This toothpicks holder in the form of a clove which has an opening at the clove flower on top to insert the toothpicks. This collectable is on popular demand because of its classic finish and convenient use. 

This article will discuss the various other quirky toothpick holders that can be bought to spice up the kitchenette so if you are looking for toothpick holders to buy, don't worry. We got your back.

  1.   Cactus Toothpick Holder: This unconventional toothpick holders are a craze and can be a fun addition to any theme-based kitchen or dining room. It has a fabricated green plastic body with a lid on top with the whole piece resembling a cacti plant. Because of its wide shape, the toothpicks are easily replaceable and adds as a quirky collection to your house. 
  2.   Lotus Toothpick Holder: This is shaped like a lotus flower combined with a smooth white base for it to rest. The white base-like structure at the bottom allows this piece to fit into any aesthetics, giving your house an elegant look. The wide hole in between the petals allows the toothpicks to rest comfortably.  This toothpick holder design is artsy and beautiful and will put a dominion effect in your dining table or kitchen. The popularity of this is because of its aesthetic design.
  3.   Kipik the Hedgehog: This is one of the most sought-after quirky toothpick holders that has an attractive hedgehog with the toothpicks representing its quills. The only problem is fitting the quills with toothpicks, which is time-consuming but worth the effort compared to the beauty and punk that this artistic toothpick holder represents.
  4.   Elephant Toothpick Holder: This holder offers a quaint sophistication to the house. It’s a wooden carved elephant and is a timeless collectable. The elephant toothpick holder has a separate basket attached next to its body to place the toothpicks. This subtle wooden piece offers a very classic finish to your setting.

The market today is filled with quirky toothpick holders, that you will be surprised, about when did the world develop so much? But this useful commodity definitely has created its own space and is non-replaceable. If you are looking for toothpick holders to buy, there are a variety of options for you. These items not only serve the purpose but enhance your table decor.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy them, then Ellementry might be one option you would want to explore. The products offered by our website are guaranteed with easy return and refund policies.

Go ahead and take a look.

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