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Toothpicks, in general, are an underrated product and the holder for the toothpicks even more so than the toothpick itself. Most people have just a generic transparent plastic tub of toothpicks on their tables which is horrible as they are missing out on a great way to express their personality in their homes with minimal cost. 

Those plastic tubs of toothpicks make space seem like a sterile hospital environment rather than a lived-in home. Getting yourself some unusual toothpick holders can be an excellent yet inexpensive way to express your inner quirkiness and add some personal touches to the table without creating too much of an impact. 

These holders are also a perfect way for people who want personal quirkiness in the house but are afraid to do it on a larger scale like furniture, wall paint, etc. so this would be a small step to achieving the cosy space that they desired. 

So here are some unique toothpick holders to buy to add some pizazz to the place:  

  • Spiky animal figurine 

Sticking in toothpicks on animal figurines like porcupine or hedgehog is a great, eccentric way to display toothpicks. It's also a fun way to start a conversation when hosting a dinner party or a small gathering of close friends who appreciate pun intended jokes. 

This holder is a great way to add some cute and functional elements to the table to enhance the homely atmosphere. It's also entirely appropriate to use in front of the kids if they are above 5 or 6 years old. 

  • Thorn plant 

Using a thorn plant as the container for storing toothpicks is an excellent play on words. Thorny plants like cactus, agave, succulents(aloe vera), the crown of thorns, etc. are incredible examples for unusual toothpick holders

The exterior of the plant where the spines would naturally be present is a great way to store the toothpicks. If not, then the insider of the thorn plant figure could be hollow to store some toothpicks. 

  • Spice shaped container

This spice-like type of container is perfect for foodies who appreciate food and all the effort that goes into making it. There are many different spices like cloves, star anise, fennel, etc. that are available in the form of toothpick holders. You can get a clove shaped toothpick holder from Ellementry. 

  • Voodoo doll

Using a voodoo doll dish is a twisted way to express dark humour and is an unconventional way to display the toothpicks. A bunch of toothpicks poking out of a human toy body is a perfect, freaky practical joke to gift to any close friends too. 

This toothpick display would also be suitable for situations where there aren't any kids involved or nearby as it could be too much for them to handle. 

  • Film roll container

Film canisters are a cute and unique way to store toothpicks in a way that it is not boring like the transparent plastic box it comes in and it also almost is like a secret hiding location for the toothpicks. No one would suspect that the film canisters of all the things hold toothpicks inside.

  • Fishbone stand

The fish skeleton has toothpick like bones attached to the frame so it would be an excellent choice to display some toothpicks at the table if you want to come across as a creative, eccentric person. It also gives a shout out as a pun to the well-known dialogue “I have a bone to pick with you”.

  • Shot glass

Shot glasses are a classy way to display some toothpicks on settings like a sophisticated bar or dinner party etc. There are also several figurines available of people like trinkets holding the shot glasses that make it even more fascinating. 

The clear shot glasses are excellent for displaying any toothpicks with patterns or embellishments too. Unlike the cheap transparent plastic containers that toothpicks usually come in, this glass material provides a sense of wealth and luxury with its classy sheen.

  • Bird toothpick dispenser 

An automated machine of a bird picking up with its beak the toothpick from a hidden compartment to hand it to people. The bird also looks like it's feeding its children, but instead of worms, it's holding a toothpick. 

This dispenser will be a fun feature at the dining table if kids are involved as it is a terrific strategy to keep them entertained. And it also prevents them from getting bored with the adults and throwing tantrums. This bird dispenser has to be an automated system though otherwise, it would be useless. 

  • Skull head

If you want to relate with Phoebe from the popular tv show “friends” then this is the best way to start. Store your toothpicks in a fake skull like she stored her candy. By doing this, you get to just as weird and quirky as Phoebe and also appreciate that you just had food and are using toothpicks to clean your teeth.

  • Meditating guru on a bed of “nails.”

Everyone at some point in their life has seen those people who can sit on a bed of sharp, pointy nails and not sink in and injure themselves. If you appreciate that level of witchcraft and wizardry, then this toothpick holder where a guru toy is meditating on a bed of toothpicks is perfect for you. 

This holder is also one of the most unique toothpick holders to buy for a friend who is into yoga or any meditation. You must visit Ellementry today to buy some of the coolest and quirkiest items for your house. They not only come in great quality for you to use but enhance the house decor.

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