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'Someone has said truly, 'Friends and wine… The older, the better.'

Wine has often been compared to the nectar that has the magical properties to quench the soul-quenching thirst. Indeed, if you look out to the world today, the quality and creation process has become so graceful that the end result is often quite gratifying for many.

But when the wine is opened for its first whiff, that whiff should only be strong with every gulp engulfing the person to enjoy throughout. This is made possible by allowing the wine to breathe. 

This is where the ‘Carafe and Decanter' came into the play to elevate the experience of drinking wine to another level. Carafe and decanter are serving ware for wines that allow the wine to reach its full potential by aerating and oxygenizing the wine. However, it doesn't mean that you can't store other drinks in these vessels. You can indeed store water in them to add a unique touch. You can check out stylish carafe on Ellementry.

What is a carafe and a decanter?

Carafes are long-necked, glassware that is used to store and serve wine and other drinks. It's said to be originated from the Arabic Kharraf and is used to serve different drinks like juice, water, sometimes coffee too, and of course, wine. They are very popular because they take up a very small space.

Decanters or Wine decanters are more single used to store wine only and are elongated flask with a wide round bottom, which allows the wine to sit properly while its elements ferment more on getting mixed with the air. 

Majorly, the difference between Carafe and Decanter can be made out by the structure, girth, mold, and style of the glassware. Let's take a look below at some of the differences which makes them set apart like salt and sea.

  • Usually, Decanters have a long curvaceous, elongated neck and a very wide bottom as compared to the slender neck, but carafes come with a less comparable structure as the bottom is designed to hold as much liquid as possible but to occupy a very small area.
  • Carafes are served liquids not limited to wine but extending to serving tea, coffee, storing milk, water, etc. but Decanters are specifically sued and preserved for serving wine on special occasions that call for a celebration. Only the real vintage ones are specifically stored in Decanters.
  • Carafe’s usually do not come with a lid, but decanters come with a lid to allow the aroma to mix well with the wine and to oxygenate the process. 

It's actually surprising for many, how little details add up to such much when it comes to wine tasting. The difference in the design of a decanter and carafe is so different, even though both can be used to serve wines. But it is the structure of the decanter that helps to filter the age-old wines of its accumulated sediments, subtly removing the bitter essence of the wine, keeping only the filtered liquid above for a real satisfying wine- tasting experience.  

If you are looking for the carafe to buy, there are many online places that offer great deals, but when it comes to the array of selection, Ellementry seems like a sensible option. We understand the essentiality of aesthetic living - quality nowadays. We offer a huge selection of contemporary yet traditional carafes, including even the hand- made ones. Our rare selection of glass and kitchenware is something to marvel at, along with competitive pricing. 

Let’s take a look at what kind of carafes are available, and for anyone looking at carafe to buy, you will have a spoiler for selections!!

Long neck Glass carafe:

These carafes are crafted to perfection and contain one long mouth hole and no other extension. Its elegant design makes it easy to carry and requires a very small space. One amazing piece which Ellementry has on the 'carafe collection' is the Aqua deep glass carafe, whose brilliant blue tint creates a surreal effect on the liquid inside. Do check out the selection, because it's rare and beautiful.

The tea making Carafe:

These kinds of Carafes are majorly used in Arab, Turkey, and Greece to serve tea and coffee. The structure of the Carafe allows the aroma of the tea leaves & coffee to settle down well, allowing the taste to develop slowly.

The wine carafe:

In France, Carafes are usually sued to serve tap water in cafes and are very popular. They are also used to store milk and is widely used in household and cafe purposes. But the wine carafe which is used is a little different than the one that serves water. This Carafe usually has a wider bottom to accommodate the wine to sit perfectly as it's the flavor of the wine that does the trick. The wider bottom and the slim neck allow less aroma to escape and maximum to mix evenly in the wine. Many times, it can be mistaken for a decanter, except, carafes don’t come with lids or corks. It’s usually without any lid.

Carafes are made by constituting silica and boron oxide, which makes them thermal shockproof and saves them from any kind of material erosion. Make sure that along with other choices, you also check out Ellementry’s carafe collection as we offer sustainable, handcrafted, food-safe, functional yet essential addition to our kitchen spaces. Our various tinted carafes like the amber glass carafe or emerald glass carafe with the tumbler, offer elegance and practicality in the same piece.  

With a change in lifestyle, several additions that were thought to be of luxury before are actually very necessary essentials in daily life. The market now is humongous expansive when it comes to choices for kitchenettes or homes with products as basic as these, priced heavily. But with the right knowledge and trending styles, such selections become easy as pie.

We elevate the aesthetic value and are convenient to add anywhere and are also considered traditional, and with information like this, we are sure you will start having a great eye towards the eye-catchy home and kitchen inclusions. Visit Ellementry today to check out carafe.

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