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when you host a dinner, the appetising quotient of food is directly proportional to what you serve it in. Dinnerware is a window to the hosts’ creative streak, representing how nuanced their tastes in picking out the dinnerware is. Also, picking out dinnerware is no more restricted to just serving dinner. It finds its application in photography, marketing, food blogging and much more. 

2019 has seen some unique ideas literally take shape in dinnerware and the results are stupendous. 2020 will see a notch higher, but the palette of dinnerware trends seems to be expanding ever so often. In this article, let’s take a look at what are the upcoming trends in dinnerware in the year 2019-2020. Ellementry has curated some of the best ideas for your dinnerware. The ideas below can help you create the perfect dinner setting you’ve been dreaming about. 

Colours: Neutrals, Matte, Blue, Mauve, White, Blue-white with patterns, Black-white with patterns.

Materials: Wood, Ceramic, Earthenware, Brass, Copper

Flatware: Skinny handles, brass copper flatware, sleek designs

Styling: Monochromatic, Mixing materials, Layering


White: Even in 2019, white is still forever classic. White dinnerware perhaps will never go out of style, and will always be the default choice in picking out dinnerware. While it’s easy to go wrong with coloured crockery, one can rarely go wrong with white. From a photography point of view, it looks clean, simple, and classic. Opting for unique shapes and dimensions at Ellementry might be a good strategy, but white can elevate the look of a food setting since most food items can blend well on white crockery. 

Blue:  An intense trending colour in royal blue, or blended with white and alternatively in a matte hue, is becoming a preferred choice for dinnerware options at Ellementry. 2019 is all about the blended pattern with geometrical shapes, making a splashing comeback in dinnerware, and the choices are worth lusting for. The patterns available now, are incredibly signature style and can elevate the dining experience. 

Grey: An understated colour but one that makes the most impact when selected in matte finish or with a mixed texture alongside black or blue. Dinnerware that includes grey exudes a more laid back charm and gives a beautiful texture to the pottery. It can also be used in combinations with pink, white, and sky blue. 

Black: Another slightly offbeat choice, but black can also be used in combination with other colours and patterns. Dark coloured hues available at Ellementry work great for intimate settings. Also, they photograph really well for food blogging and presentation. Black used in textures and in combinations can create a classy set of dinnerware.


Dinnerware Bowls and Plates


A lot of conventional materials have made a comeback on the dinner table, and with intricate craftsmanship, some of the latest dinnerware trends have been extremely magnificent. 

Stoneware: Elegant, modern, and unique, glazed stoneware can really create a fine-looking dinnerware that also packs in the goodness of stone. Durable and yet delicate in looks, stoneware is trending at Ellementry, all thanks to its long-lasting quality even at high temperatures. They are safe to use both in the microwave and the dishwasher. Stoneware bowls, mugs, pinch pots, platters can really make the dinner setting look resplendent and elegant. 

Copperware: Known widely for its health benefits, copper has made a stylish reentry into the dining world. A host of unique designs are available that make copper truly unconventional and definitely lust-worthy.  Combinations with ceramic, sleek designs are also reinventing the old traditional dinnerware can bring in an old-school charm to the dinner setting. Water cans, coffee mugs, sleek serving ware in copper can really add the much-needed charm to dinnerware. 

Ceramicware: An old classic ceramic has been reinvented every few years, owing to its innate qualities. Textured patterns, bold and warm colours, quirky designs, and combinations make ceramic the legend in dinnerware. The new palette of colours and combinations are steal-worthy and ceramic will never go out of style even in 2020. 2019 has seen a whole trend of monochromatic tones in ceramic ware mixed and matched with wood, brass, and copper. Unique designs and bold colours can be the onward trend to watch out for.


A dinner set generally comes in 16 pieces or 24 pieces but the past few years have seen some unconventional designs. Platter dishes, sleek serving ware, designs in squares, and deep bottoms make a significant impact. While also being minimalist, dinnerware in unique designs is quite functional. Small mugs, pinch pots, ramen bowls, or small mixing bowls can be very useful for an intimate gourmet setting. 

Asymmetrical shapes are also becoming a handy trend at Ellementry in 2019. While round plates will still be the most favoured design, asymmetrical shapes and unique dimensions will really create a huge impact in dinnerware.

Take away

Consumers these days are no longer satisfied with just one feature over another. They definitely seek more than what meets the eye.  We at Ellementry, have realised that if a dinnerware satisfies all the requirements of the good looking checklist, it should also satisfy all the quality checklists too. Durable, functional, long service life, etc are of equal and utmost importance in dinnerware. Chip and break resistant dinnerware, heat resistant, safe to use in dishwashers and microwaves, are some of the important features that this year has focused on. 2020 will see this rising only exponentially. 

Heritage patterns and designs are also making a major comeback in dinnerware. Dark colour palette with intricate designs has been hugely favoured. Too, Layering has seen high demand in china and dinnerware that has monochromatic colour schemes. 

Earthy colours with bright accents is another trend that has taken off popularly in this year. Matte textured plates and bowls, with quirky prints or unique colour combinations in blue and grey or pink, can really bring an interesting twist to the dinner game.

Use of recycled materials, keeping in line with the current trends and also to increase sustainability, dinnerware made from recycled material has seen an upward demand. To brighten up these earth-toned plates, you’ll find accents of colour in bright orange and vivid turquoise.

Particularly in making up a dinner setting, there are no rules. The only state perhaps is to ensure that the dinnerware truly represents your personality, vibe and echoes the ambience of your setup. You can achieve this by using all the palettes in this realm and create a unique set. Layering adds dimensions, giving your tabletop a lavish setting. But if you’re confused, stick to monochromatic colours and in some quirk using patterned flatware or vintage napkins. It’s essential that the dinnerware also does not take too much centre stage keeping the appetising quotient of the food behind. So, while it should have all the qualities that one desires, it should also elevate the visual appeal of the food and make your guests want to visit you often. 

The sky's the limit when it comes to assimilating various dinnerware trends using textures, unique designs, and interesting colour combinations to get you closer to your dream dinner party. Visit to get greater clarity on what to choose.

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