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While walking through a store on any regular day, what has never disappointed me was the dinnerware type section. With so many colours, designs, patterns, and materials to choose from, we are often taken to the different scenarios in our mind being the proud owners of that dinnerware set.

One such scenario would be a meal with the people we know and love to spend time with, which is always special and no less than an occasion for any of us. And the cherry on the cake becomes the delicious food that was served on the table with the great choice of dishes on the menu and indeed the beautiful dinnerware.

But how to decide which dinnerware type is the best for the upcoming meal? For a question that seems equally tough as choosing the dish for dinner, the ultimate guide to choosing suitable dinnerware type on Ellementry as per the selected menu is now available.


Dinnerware type as per the dish

There are tons of designs and patterns available for dinnerware types on Ellementry, and it is definitely a challenging task to buy one which is just perfect. So, how to choose the perfect one? Well, hop on to the next section to know which kind goes best with what kind of dishes and occasions as well.

Dinnerware type for dishes at a formal dinner

For a formal meal happening at your place, the colours savoured in the food prepared is best served with a plain white set of dinnerware. If you manage to get an elegant print on them, then accept the fact that it is the best one.

Talking about a typical dinnerware type, it includes 16 pieces including dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and cups, fitting perfectly for a headcount of 4. However, when hosting a formal dinner invitation, there’s got to be enough room for a dinnerware type for as many as 12 people.

Apart from the mandatory pieces mentioned above, a formal meal dinner set would also include pieces like saucers, dessert plates and platters as well. So, if the menu contains any of these then be mindful of buying a dinnerware type which comprises of all of these.

Now that quantity is well discussed, let’s find out the quality to look forward to dishes to be served at a formal gathering. Yes, you got one right: bone china and porcelain are the best choices for the venue.

Bone china dinnerware type

Yes, it is one of the most commonly known dinnerware types, but there are reasons for such popularity and still never being out of fashion. The sets made out of this material are undoubtedly strong and elegant. The credit for this strength goes to the exposure of high temperatures while they are in the making.

Another factor that makes this type unbeatable is that they are thin and even then offer high strength. They are durable, safe for all kinds of dishwashers and the semi-translucent look in white is one of the most attractive ones out of the many varieties available for bone china based dinnerware type.

Porcelain dinnerware type

If the choice is to go for some extra durable, elegantly designed with patterns and affordable as well, then all these can be provided with the porcelain dinnerware type on Ellementry. They are prepared with heavy construction with exposure to high temperatures and then given the beautiful patterns for all kinds of dishes one is planning to serve.

With all these sorts and easy handling in microwaves makes them another good to go dinnerware type for dishes prepared for a formal meal.

Dinnerware type for dishware at a casual dinner

While the formal meals ask for a plain and elegance served at the table with casual get together, the options widen. Now, the bold colours, variant asymmetric yet gorgeous dinnerware type gets to sit on the table along with you and your guests.

So, the delicious lasagnas and sundaes for a casual gathering are best served in either stoneware, melamine or earthenware dinnerware types.

Stoneware dinnerware type

If the choice for a casual dinnerware type is towards the stylish dishes which are painted or printed with details and subtle colours, then this might be a perfect choice.

They come with hundreds of designs and patterns meeting the speciality of being chip-resistant, being elegant for casual dinner parties and coming with strength as well.

Additionally, they are heavier than other kinds of dinnerware types available.


Earthenware dinnerware type

As the name suggests, this kind of dinnerware type is born from porous earth with added benefits from nature. It is one of the most attractive and affordable dinnerware types out in the market. However, it falls under the category of ceramic dinnerware type.

It is one of the most porous dinner sets and also framed in given shape and size with fire at high temperatures. Just before it is ready to use, they are fired with waterproof glaze and sealed with it.

The designs that are available in the stores make it one of a kind and ensure the host has a unique taste in the dinnerware type as well as the dishes served.

Melamine dinnerware type

This classic and forever loved dinnerware type also falls in the category of ceramic sets which are perfect for casual gatherings.

They are extremely beautiful, with almost the entire set and space painted with authentic designs and colours. It is one of the most versatile dinnerware types made out of durable resin.

They are watertight against shattering and end up being suitable for any kind of dish served.

Kind of dishes for a dinner

Now, that enough understanding has been established for and a perfect dinnerware type has been chosen as well, how about giving a dish to be served in the dinnerware a thought.

Though the list of food items can be never-ending a formal dinner yet it typically comprises of a three-course meal.

The menu is supposed to be simple with variety and the most important factor being perfect in taste. To make sure the menu is perfect, one is free to add an exotic dish in each course of the meal like an improvised curry of paneer for an Indian main course menu, steak or seafood for non-veg one and ice-cream sundaes or ras malai in the last course.

Coming to a casual dinner, the count of rounds or courses is not much of a consideration. All that matters that the freshly prepared delicious food is served for all the loved and invited members.


Attention for your beloved dinnerware type

Given that your treasured dinnerware type is bought after putting in a lot of thought and effort, it is best if it stays with you for a lifetime. And for that to happen there are certain things to keep in mind as maintaining these dinnerware types.

This means taking time to go through the washing instructions if they have been infused with metal to provide durability and design which makes them a secondary choice for being used in the microwave and then comes the stacking.

To make sure the dinnerware type lasts longer, be careful of its storage depending on the count of pieces, the space available and the material type of it. If you still face any difficulties or confusion, visit for some great options.

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