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Scrolling Instagram feeds on a lazy Sunday morning, and you are bound to stumble upon the delicious platter of sushi, or a loaded cheeseburger with an enormous amount of potato wedges. Proof of last night’s fun idea of a foodie has left you both hungry and mesmerized. As the craving intensifies, a hero of food photography is forgotten yet again. Bringing back the #instadinnerware doesn’t sound too bad when it can keep the hearts coming in and brings back the background magician back to business.

Almost all the chefs would swear by the need for right ingredients, cooking tools and a good set of dinnerware. Growing up in an Indian household means recognizing the importance and occasion of specific dinnerware to be brought out. For the regular just-family days, we have our old steel ones but as the event changes, so does the dinnerware. The copper and silver hands-down dinnerware set passed on through generations are a rare sight whereas ceramic and glass are materials to be brought out of their resting place in the event of a guest’s welcoming to the house. Modern times, however, needs much more than that because it is not about just the food anymore. 

We at Ellementry understand that the opulence and grandeur dinnerware can give to food knows no bound. Clicking an Instagram-worthy food photograph is a tasking job when it lacks the right plate or bowl. There are a lot of tutorials and lists of do’s and don’ts when it comes to food photography, and everyone abides by a good plating which is done after a painstakingly long time of creative thought. 

In a rapidly digitalizing world, Instagrammers are frequently puzzled by the art of food photography. A crowning blend for an Instagram-worthy food platter demands right colours, patterns, concept and design. 


Choosing the right colour to accompany the food to the plate is the easiest part with the right dinnerware. While colours come easy with glass and plastic, the authenticity and classic vibe of terracotta, ceramic and traditional metal dinnerware cannot be ignored for an Instagram-worthy photograph. The brilliance of good photograph needs fresh, delicious food along with perfect colours to chaperon the masterpiece, be it an earthy red of terracotta, mild toned colours of ceramic or shining surfaces of metal by Ellementry on the table. Bright-coloured food goes well with mildly toned dinnerware, thus bringing the attention back to the food while making up for a good photogenic background. Anything less than bright and it can be hyped up by the dashing deep colours of dinnerware. Ellementry provides a wide range of colours starting from fiery red to mild off-white to dark grey dessert plates. 

Pattern and shape

Dinnerware comes with an infinite number of patterns. It could range from borderline minimal to intricate floral design to enhance the beauty of the culinary work-of-art. A vital point is never over to decorate anything. Dinnerware with no or minimal patterns generally gives more creative space to the creator for creating an Instagram-worthy photograph. Make dot or trail of sauce or herbs, spread some of that delicious chocolate shavings for dessert- the possibilities are inexhaustible. While when it comes to designer dinnerware, prospects of getting creative with where to place the food on the side-lines of design is necessary. It is a simple technique- Simple food on intricate design and intricate food on a simple design.

Ellementry provides varied options of dinnerware to choose from for the perfect Insta-click. Starting from Indigo stamp, Amber loves to geometric, close-to-nature, circle and polka patters for dinnerware to adorn any meal of the day- Ellementry has it all.

Size and Depth

The size of dinnerware is equally essential as it gives depth and volume to the food. Plating small portions on an enormous plate or bowl will not make it Instagram-worthy and end up depleting the essence of food. It is always better to start with small sizes as they are easy to handle and plate. Dinnerware comes in a variety of sizes and depths, and it is advised to choose the ones with neutral sizes for small portions and bigger sizes for enormous amounts of food to be served depending on the occasion. After all, you will not be the only ones clicking photographs of food created and designed by you. 

Ellementry helps you with creating the depth of food which could be savoured with eyes. Ceramic bowls meant for particular dishes from breakfast to dinner in all sizes, and just the accurate depth are available at all sizes.

Concept and Scene

What makes people drool over their Instagram feed at any moment of the day? The food is an obvious answer, but it is not devoid of concept. The concept of food is important as it gives a sense of importance and intricacy to the food. The food could be farm-to-plate, homely, gourmet, classic, traditional depending on the goal you have set for your followers. 

While scenes are unmistakably a great way to make your food photography Instagram-worthy, props and cutlery help to enhance the photograph for conveying an indirect message of the mood and vibes of the place and food, Dinnerware such as condiment set, eccentric or heavy spoons could help the followers judge the mood of the food. Good dinnerware makes best props as they increase the substance of the food elements present on the table.

Ellementry works with its concept and brings the best of both worlds. Its sustainable and handcrafted dinnerware also works best for an Instagram click for someone who loves to cook and tell the world. Condiment sets best accompany the culinary masterpieces created in the kitchens of Indian households. Ellementry provides a series of such sets to set the scene and vibe for the Instagram photograph. Materials ranging from ceramic, terracotta, marble to metal, it is close to nature and beautiful to look at. They are also available in various colours and patterns to suit the meal and mood of the table as per the wish of the host.


Serving toast for breakfast on plates sounds boring and is not Instagram friendly. Ellementry brings the best of class silver brass toast racks which makes the simple toast on your table a smashing photo opportunity.

Ellementry also provides a sweeping number of options for eggs on the table to give it an artistic look. You could choose from its simple brass options for a classic look to several designs in ceramic material to serve the eggs. Ellementry ensures that the breakfast table looks Insta-ready with its butter dishes (available in silver brass, clear glass and ceramic) and trendy nut Katori.

Creation of an Instagram-worthy food photograph doesn’t take as much as it is hyped about. The visual aesthetics are equally important as the concept of the food which has been cooked attracts drools and hearts, which comes with a cost of careful thought and passion. Dinnerware plays a vital role in devising the vibe of the scene which the follower might be looking for. 

Dinnerware with varied components becomes a perfect assistant to the food elements you want to focus on most. The plates, bowls, condiment set, bottles or glasses are all part of a beautiful dining table which gives it the aesthetic value par to the food kept on it. Ellementry is not just about serving; it believes in serving with finesse and giving food its rightful place as art. Visit for more awesome ideas.

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