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The incredible thing about DIY lies in the name itself- Do it Yourself! Your project cannot be handled better by anyone else except for you. The joy of learning a new skill can only be obtained through various DIY projects and its amazing perks. Not to mention, a massive amount of money is saved this way. To sum it up, DIY projects are beneficial for you as they won’t burn a hole in your pockets!

Speaking of DIY projects, handcrafted dinnerware is getting popular these days. Not only are they naturally beautiful, but these are also safe for serving food because no harmful chemicals have been used in the making of DIY dinnerware. Let’s look at some of the DIY ideas put together by Ellementry. Beautifully made DIY egg cups at the dinner table!

Instead of using the same old egg cups with traditional designs or solid colours, unleash your artistic ideas on these items and make the dinners count with the cute self-made egg cups. Now you don’t even need to spend a lot of money on store-bought customized products. Ceramic paint pens are handy for this purpose. If you want to keep it simple, use permanent markers for writing in beautiful calligraphic font. Interestingly, you can also make your egg cups from various materials such as wooden logs, cardboard, coloured paper (origami), concrete, and so on. You can find all this stuff easily at Ellementry. The ideas are quick and straightforward, considering an egg cup doesn’t require much work. You can also make seasonal egg cups to bring out the festive feeling. For instance, during Christmas, the dinner table can have red coloured egg cups with little snowflakes.

Stir up the salt and pepper shakers with funky designs!

Why buy fancy salt and pepper shakers from stores when you can make them at home? Terracotta salt and pepper shakers are quite popular because of the easy availability of the material and its safety. You can make any shapes such as animals, birds, flower vases etc that would go with the entire dinnerware. You can easily get them online at Ellementry. Apart from that, painting on blank surfaces of store-bought salt and pepper shakers or designing on them with glitter, play dough or marble paper is also an excellent idea. 

Attractive ideas for a DIY Toaster rack

Nothing would look better on your dinner table than a cute little vintage toaster rack. The most common thing that can be used for this purpose is a cardholder. Small cardboard or wooden boxes that can be decorated with glitter or dough or can be polished and coloured are perfect for toaster racks as well. Usually, the store-bought steel or plastic items have also plenty of room for implementing creative DIY ideas upon them. The rods of a disposed of the grill can also be bent and moulded with a solid base to form a toast rack. These out-of-the-box DIY ideas will undoubtedly add a new look to your dinnerware. 

DIY bowls- perfect for your colourful dinner set

There are so many brilliant DIY ideas for your dinner table bowl that you would run out of time to experiment with each one of them. As we are escalating towards bigger utensils (in size and purpose), the horizon of ideas tends to widen. From old buttons to leftover confetti, anything can be used to make a great bowl. One has to make sure that the material used for making the bowl is safe for being in contact with the food. If you want to go for easier DIY options, colour coordination is a brilliant option. This is an ideal way to bring some creativity and colour in an otherwise dull dinner set. Porcelain paint is perfect for this purpose. Poster colour painting on ceramic bowls is also a nice idea for your dinnerware. 

Make your ceramic butter dish for a fantastic DIY dinner set

The aim is not only to make attractive looking items but also make sure that they are perfectly safe for food. Ceramic is the most suitable material for a butter dish because it helps to maintain an optimum temperature for the butter so that it does not melt. You can give the clay any shape or size by rolling and cutting it in accordance with a template. After it dries and gives out a glaze, you can decorate it with poster colours. Needless to say, the handles or lids can be of any type you want. This way, you can create a perfect butter dish for an elegant dinner set. 

Fabulous ideas for DIY plates as a perfect conclusion to your fine dinner set

Plates and dishes are the most important components for your dinnerware. They can be decorated in every way possible because of the huge surface area. Usually, plain white store-bought plates are the perfect items for unleashing the greatest DIY ideas of all time. Stencils can be used for transforming these white plates into attractive holiday-themed ones. Ceramic plates are great if you want to do something with acrylic paint. For an even more aesthetic appeal, use water-based porcelain paints. Note that some of these techniques even stand the test in a dishwasher while others can be temporary. For the latter, it will be easy for you to have a seasonal dinnerware by creating designs that go with the noted festivals of each month. In case you are making your entire DIY dinner set from scratch, try buying the cheapest white plates from your nearest thrift store to work on them. 

Making a DIY dinner set is not only fun, but it will also give you a new outlook towards all the other things at your place. With DIY ideas, you don’t need to buy customized products from the store. Instead, you can just make them at home, which will also complement the décor of your place. All the above-mentioned techniques are for the important components within a dinner set. These ideas are simple and not costly at all. They will also help to unleash your creative spirit that will be reflected in the funky condiment set, the beautifully painted porcelain plates, the vintage toaster racks and the colourful egg cups. 

Someone who loves cooking would love to own a dinner set that reflects their artistic skills and aesthetic choices. The above few DIY tips for your dinnerware are very simple and efficient alongside being creative. Serving food will become so much fun, especially when guests arrive and notice your amazing artwork on the plates and cups. Often, leaves of trees are used to make plates and cups. However, they can be used only once. Another benefit of DIY dinnerware is that the things used to make these plates and cups are recyclable materials. With these fun DIY tricks, you will be able to own a pair of unique and seasonal cutlery. To gather some more ideas, visit

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