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Water bottles on the desk are only a good option if they are reusable. In case you are bored with any of them and looking for something new, we can suggest something elegant, eco-friendly, portable and, holds enough water for a get-together. It’s a glass water dispenser!

Bygone are those days when people used to use the opaque, plastic and heavy water dispensers. These days we have a wide range of stylish glass water dispensers that are way better than water bottles. 

A Glass Water Dispenser Will Add Spark To Your Dinner Party.

The glass water dispenser looks very stylish. Whether you keep it on your desk, dining table or in your bar area. They are not only used for storing water but also storing various kinds of drinks including mocktails and cocktails. They are the latest version of storing any kind of drink. They come in a variety of styles - some come with a wooden stand, some with metal stand, wooden lids, etc. They look like a graceful centrepiece on the centre table. If you are tempted to buy one, please check out our Ellementry website. 

Perfect For Daily Usage.

Even if there is no party, you can use it for daily purposes and can store infused water in it. Add fresh lemon or mint to it and you are all set for the summer. You can buy a glass water dispenser or you can also buy one made up of clay. The water dispensers made up of clay can bring you many health benefits, other than just keeping the water cool naturally.  

It Holds More Capacity.

A water dispenser holds much more capacity than water bottles. Whether its a party or you want to use it for daily consumption of water, it’s perfect. No frequent refills are required. 

Environmentally friendly Option.   

Most of the water dispensers for the desk are not made of plastic, unlike the plastic water bottles. They are made up of glass, ceramic or clay.  So it’s reusable and environmentally friendly. It’s not harmful as plastic which affects our health as well as the environment. By adopting the use of water dispensers instead of plastic bottles, one can also avoid landfills and other activities associated with the use of plastic which is harming our planet.  

It’s Portable.

This is extremely handy and caters to a lot of people in your workplace or your home. Such water dispensers do not need a connection of electricity or gas to maintain the water temperature. That way it works as a water bottle.  

Saves Your Money.   

A water dispenser can help you save money. When you have enough water in your dispenser at your desk, you will not waste money on buying plastic water bottles again and again. Plus, water dispensers are quite affordable and since they are reusable, they help us save some money. 

 Reduces Wastage.

We do have water dispensers in the office which run on electricity and provide us with cold and hot water both. We keep using plastic disposable cups to get water from it. When we have a personal water dispenser at our desk, it minimizes such wastages and it also makes convenient for us to grab a glass of water. 

Safe Drinking Water.

If you are grabbing a glass of water from a glass water dispenser at your desk, you are drinking safe water for sure. We store filtered water in the water dispenser by ourselves. As per a recent study, 25000 chemicals are found in bottled drinking water. Hence, drinking from your own dispenser is a much safer option. 

Maintaining is easy too. 

Water dispensers are easy to clean and hence, easy to maintain. If you have opted for the glass water dispenser, then always keep in mind that a glass glows when washed with soapy water. But if you are using the clay water dispenser, then use only water or damp cloth to clean the dispenser. Avoid using soap as it tends to get absorbed by clay and can make our water adulterated. 

Saves Your Space. 

You will save a lot of space if you are using a glass water dispenser at your desk.  If you are using plastic water bottles, you must be storing them in the fridge or cupboard or near your desk. It requires a lot of space to store water bottles. Opting for a water dispenser helps to get rid of such a problem.       

Helps You In Your Sugar-Free Diet. 

Fizzy drinks, juices, and other sweet beverage cravings create a problem in following a sugar-free diet. It has been observed that a lack of water intake increases the cravings for these drinks. But with the help of a water dispenser at the desk, we can control our sugar intake by restricting ourselves to the water available at the desk. 

Helps To Develop A Habit Of Drinking Water.

As the doctors recommend, we should drink 8 glasses of water in a day. But how many of us actually take care of our daily water intake requirements? Very few of us. A water dispenser rather than a water bottle on the desk will definitely take care of this. We can set goals for ourselves such as finishing half of the water from the dispenser in a day. We can set targets depending upon the size of the dispenser.   

So are you ready to buy a water dispenser? Go and grab a pocket-friendly one as it has various advantages as compared to the water bottles. You can easily place an order for one from our Ellementry website. Have a refreshing day!

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