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Who thought a couple of years ago that a water dispenser can be stylish too? But the water dispensers are not just to store water anymore. They have become the party show stoppers. Almost in every house, you will find a water dispenser which should not be confused with regular water coolers. Today we will share with you about beautiful water dispensers for your house,  and also, how to use water dispensers? 

Water dispenser for everyday use 

Water dispensers for your house are perfect for everyday use for storing water. Fill it up and place it in your kitchen to quench your everyday thirst. Water bottles do not have enough capacity to store water for your daily consumption. They are more useful during summers when water consumption is high but you need to move around a lot. Bottles can be carried around in such a situation. For offices and kitchens or dining halls, water dispensers are a wise choice. Add some lemon pieces and some mint leaves to it to have a better taste. This will also help you increase water consumption as the flavor of water changes. Flavored water is better than normal water. If you are looking for a stylish water dispenser for everyday use, Ellementry website can help you buy one. 

By using this water dispenser, you will get to know that serving water can also be quite stylish and trendy. It is easy to maintain too as you need to use warm soapy water and sponge to clean it. Glass shines well with soapy water. 

Water Dispenser for a cocktail party

We all keep having small get-togethers at home which we call a house party where we may not want to open our whole bar for the guests but want to serve a cocktail and some beers. Here, this water dispenser for your house party can be an ideal showstopper with some cocktail in it. Give your cocktail a stylish touch with this water dispenser. Use this multipurpose water dispenser for the drinks you want to serve at your party and wow your guests. 

Water dispenser for a kids party

Parents these days are working hard to protect their children from the influence of junk food and sugary drinks. Well, with such water dispensers, you can promote fresh fruit juice at your kid’s birthday celebration party. Its transparency can help you promote such a drink. For example, fresh orange juice can be very attractive to children giving them hints of their favorite sugary drink. This way you promote a healthy lifestyle among children. In addition, it adds a unique touch to the party. Just make sure it is easily approachable to the kids and placed in a way that kids don't drag it down.

Water Dispenser to make and store summer drinks

The drinks that require fermentation can be made and stored in this water dispenser. We have a variety of Indian drinks that demand fermentation. For example, kanji (a traditional fermented Punjabi drink). It is usually made with dark purple carrots or beetroot. After preparing it, there is a need to keep it under the sun for better fermentation. This water dispenser for your home will help you to hold this drink and you can keep it in your balcony or garden. For your convenience, you can buy a wooden stand for the water dispenser. You can easily buy this stand from Ellementry website. This handcrafted wooden stand will help you place your water dispenser outside under the sun, comfortably. It will also give an extra lift to your water dispenser from the ground. This is a multipurpose stand that can be used to place other items too when you are not using your water dispenser. 

Water dispenser for your home office

The best quality of this water dispenser is that it is portable in nature and can be carried anywhere and everywhere you like. If you or someone from your family is working from home, you can make it very convenient for them by placing this water dispenser in your home office. Make them feel like home and keep the water very handy for them. A water bottle may get finished in a while but this water dispenser full of water will last longer. 

Water dispenser for a pool party at home

Are you planning a pool party at home or a party in your garden? Then this water dispenser for your home will work for you perfectly. Fill this water dispenser with a drink of your choice or just water and you can be tension free for the whole day thirst. It carries enough water for your whole day and will cater to your guests too. Think about a freshly brewed beer in this water dispenser or lemon ice tea. You can enjoy almost any drink! 

Gone are those days when old plastic water dispensers were used in houses for daily water consumption. These glass water dispensers are stylish and are perfect for your house. Do make one a part of your kitchen and see how many ways you can use it. It will also help you increase your daily water consumption due to its accessibility and stylish looks. It has not only the capacity to hold a large amount of water but also has the capacity to attract people towards it. Incorporate it into your lives and see the difference! Also, do not forget to visit Ellementry website to buy one.

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