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Water dispenser- A meaning:

A water dispenser, or a water cooler that dispenses in case of cooler- cools the water. Certain dispensers also have a filter built within that to perform a two-step filtration process. It has a technique of attaching a draw line from the water cooler into the sewer system and is usually placed next to the restroom for convenience. It can also be placed in the kitchen of course.

Types of Water dispenser:

There are majorly four types of water dispensers that can be used to obtain clean water. And usually, people like to store water in the dispenser so that it can be used safely for the next couple of days. 

  1. Top Load Bottle: Dispensers that hold the bottle from the top so that the entire contents of the bottle will go inside the dispenser, making it safe from the contamination outside. This is one of the most preferred ones. 
  2. Wall Mounted dispenser:  This kind of wall dispenser is connected to the pipeline through which water is filtered inside the dispenser, guaranteeing purity. This dispenser is completely dependable on the availability of a pipeline to provide clean water.
  3. Counter Top Water Dispenser: This is the same as any other modern dispenser, but it uses less space as its structure and size allow it to be placed on top of the table or countertop space and is usually connected with the water line for clean water. 
  4. Bottle-less Water Dispenser: This usually has found a place in schools, offices, or industries. This water dispenser is connected to a pipeline to allow the water to be filtered, ensuring a good supply of clean water. Look wise, it is the same as the wall-mounted water dispenser, but bottle-less water dispenser can serve many people at the same time.

Let us take a look at the parts of a typical water dispenser that actually makes it possible to store water in a dispenser and how storing water in a dispenser is a good idea for you.

The parts of a water dispenser that supports to store water in dispenser:

  1. An insulated body to keep the water fresh.
  2. A tank that can store the water responsible for heating or cooling prior to dispensing.
  3. The inclusion of a heater or cooler to do the respective job
  4. A tap or spigot that helps in releasing the water
  5. A button or knob enabling users to release or dispense the water
  6. A collar that supports the water bottle in a downward position allowing the water to seep into the tank

Water dispensers have evolved over time with many changes in the different styles of dispensers allowing a very good experience for its customers. Therefore, to stay healthy and escape for water-borne diseases that are so common, buying a good water dispenser for your house is extremely important. 

Some of the benefits of storing water in a dispenser:

  • Easy to maintain: Water dispensers are very easy to maintain as they do not require any plumbing. 
  • Cost-effective: Even though the modern water dispensers are priced on the higher side, but you can start off with a beginner’s dispenser at a very effective costing.
  • Size- They usually come in standard sizes that allow easily to store water in dispenser along with potability.


  • Long-lasting: The water dispensers are usually long-lasting with the simple ones running anywhere between 2-5 years. The modern ones need to be cleaned with a professional, but basic dispenser can be cleaned at home. As long as moulds and other impurities are cleaned regularly, the dispenser is good to go. 

  • Convenience: Water dispensers are made, keeping one thing in mind. To provide any type of water as long as it is filtered and clean. Therefore, the convenience of having hot or cold clean water in one snap is a huge benefit. 

  • Goodbye to diseases: With a water dispenser, you have continuous clean water at your disposal, and you can say goodbye to water-borne diseases giving you and your loved ones a healthy life. 

  • Saves money: To store water in a dispenser means saving on a lot of money which otherwise would be gone in buying clean mineral water. Thus, having clean water to drink and not even buying for it is a good deal.

Now, there are a lot of places that you can go to buy water filters, or you can go online and check out the different kinds of water dispensers that are available. One of the best places where you can buy a rare collection of tableware and kitchenware is Ellementry that proudly is an online collector and seller of amazing household items. Our dispensers are lead-free, sustainable glass with brass taps adorning the dispenser. These are not only essentials of a household, but the style of the whole ensemble will improve the look of your darling home by aesthetically by many folds. To check out more, take a chance with browsing through the Ellementary website. Maybe, it could be what you have been looking for. 

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