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If your friends and relatives' birthday is around the corner and you are wondering what to gift them, then you are on the right page. We have plenty of ideas for your coffee or tea addict friend/relative. It is because of the wide range of options available in the market that has made picking up a gift easy these days but at the same time we end up getting confused also. Selecting that perfect gift would become easier if you have an idea of what to look for in the market. Let's start with a rough view of all the available options for our tea or coffee addict friend/relative. The must be on the list includes mugs, teapots, sugar pots, tea or coffee bags and sets.

These are easily available in the market and will definitely make a great gift. And let's be honest we are all done with useless gifts occupying corners of our houses. You don't want your gift to be lying around in someone's house. So, while you are aware of your friend/relatives' addiction to tea or coffee, make full use of it and pack up a useful gift. We at Ellementry are here to save your time, that you would spend in different shops looking for a gift, and offer a wide range of mugs, teapots, tea strainers, kettle sets and a lot more that can make a beautiful and useful gift. Check out Ellementry to avoid strolling around the market street to find that perfect gift in one place.

Things to buy :

Now while you are wondering what difference a buy from Ellementry would make? Or still confused about what exactly to pick from the market as a gift for your tea or coffee addict friend/relative. Worry not because we have your back. We have listed down different options that you can consider along with their perks. So, relax and just gives these pointers a read

Coffee mugs- How can we start with anything else but coffee mugs? Coffee mugs are bliss for tea or coffee addict people and no number of mugs is ever enough. While they are said to be a no brainer gift one can't deny the pros they have. New mugs always add life to beverages. You can avoid making a big hole in your pocket and still end up gifting a great piece. There is plenty of variety for your friends/relatives. You can pick one that suits the home table or one that is travel friendly. Here is what Ellementry has to offer when it comes to mugs.

This indigo lush ceramic coffee mug is everything pretty. It is its delicacy and calming color that makes the mug appealing and a great gift idea. The mug goes well with quality me-time. Mugs do leave a memory of the one who gifted it and what else to ask for? You can also check other varieties suiting your needs from

You get a lot of varieties of mugs here on Ellementry, like-

The carbon-ceramic mug has the texture of classic marble. It will surely lighten up your morning mood.

The glossy copper mug is yet another peculiar piece of gift idea for your coffee or tea addict friend/relative.

Tea/coffee Pots- Tea and coffee pots remain classic and serve the purpose of a utility gift. They add beauty to the table and also give the impression of organized behaviour. This might not come to our mind that tea and coffee pots can be used as a gift for friends/relatives. Not to mention pot is a unique gift option. Get your hands on them before the classic teapot turns into a cliché gift idea. Now, you don't need to rush right away to market. We have something really nice to offer here at Ellementry.

Check this beautiful Blanca rustic ceramic tea and coffee pot. The subtleness of white colour has its charm and goes perfectly with different sets of mugs and cups. This pot would suit any of your friend/relatives’ kitchen and it would be easy for them to place it on a table with different cups and mugs. You can pick other varieties of tea and coffee pots from

Tea set- If the above ideas felt a bit incomplete for you and you are looking for a more organized and well put together gift then a tea set is your thing. Tea set makes a great deal for tea or coffee addict friends/relatives. Having an evening beverage poured in a beautiful set is a different level feeling altogether. Now, Wouldn't you want to be the one giving someone their perfect evenings? Also, let's not forget how having a beverage in this set reminds your friends/relatives of you. If your friend/relative is someone whose taste lies in subtlety, then we have something for you at Ellementry. Check

The tea set comes with a teapot, a cup, and an accompanying sugar pot. The grey metal texture makes it work on different occasions. Your friend/relative can use it by themselves and also for formal meetups.

Sugar Pot- Yet another wonderful gift idea for your tea or coffee addict friend/relative is the sugar pot. This is an item which adds sparkles to the overall presentation of a tea tray. In a way, it completes the tea set. Serving sugar in a pot also looks very hygienic and impressive. We make sure that your friend will love this gift. Don’t you worry about where to buy it? Ellementry is here to solve all your woes. Grab the best sugar pot deal on our website.

This silver sugar pot looks very antique. Not just this, it is very strong and goes in your tea set for years. It is handcrafted and easy to maintain.

Alternative options

Coasters- In case you are thinking about adding on to your gift then a good coaster is your thing. Costers are not just useful but give out organized vibes. It serves the purpose of hygiene. Go pick a good set of coasters from your nearby store and wrap it up with beautiful papers.

Tea and coffee bags- If you want to add a little more effort in packing up a perfect gift for your tea or coffee addict friend/relative then worry not because we have you here. A good sip of goto beverage is bliss but we all love to explore a new variety of tastes. Visit your nearby caffeine store and pick up some limited edition tea leaves or strong coffee beans. A bag of nicely wrapped such leaves and beans are very aesthetic and useful in nature. You can also buy herbal tea or coffee kits as they come in pretty boxes with a really good product.

Bag holders- Now this might not strike your mind at first but a tea bag holder or box is a great add on for your gift. You can wrap up a box of well-collected tea leaf or coffee beans and place them in a pretty box like this one from Ellementry.

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