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Milk pot refers to those small pitchers or jugs that contain milk and is used to pour into the tea in case of milk tea. Milk is one of the most critical elements while having a drink as it sobers down the bitter taste created by the tea leaves. Especially in countries like India, masala chai, or milk tea concoction is a favourite amongst people. Such milk jugs are also called creamers and come in a variety of different sizes.

But not all people like the masala tea concoction. There are many who likes to pour in the tea along with the milk when serving. There is a saying which people believe in cases of milk tea. That belief is, “if the quality of the tea is in doubt, then pouring the milk first is a very acceptable way of killing all the bacteria in it. As the scalding hot tea gets poured after it, it ends up killing any impurity in the milk’.

Milk pot provides the option for people to opt for milk if they want.

Why is milk pot so essential in a tea set?

Even though it doesn’t come as a set term but not all use milk ports while serving tea. But experts say that it’s an essential requirement etiquette wise and convenient wise. This article will focus on the importance of milk pot in your tea set.

  • It acts as a great accessory along with the tea set that contains milk
  • It’s a win-win for both sides- one who wants milk and the one who doesn’t wish to as well.
  • Milk pots are perfect for storing milk in portion-controlled environments such as restaurants and cafes.
  • Milk pots allow freedom to the tea maker to make a tea strong or weak accordingly.

History of milk jugs

Milk jugs are in existence ever since the British as they preferred to have their tea in a very particular way. Moany Britishers like their tea black, but there were a few who enjoyed a little blast of creamer or milk into the bitter tea so that a sweet over bitter taste could be enjoyed. Therefore, a separate pitcher with milk or cream was provided in a small jug so suit the tastes of all. Thus, it started the trend of accompanying tea all over along with the cream or milk jug.

This trend took off mainly during the Victorian era when tea and milk were more of a ‘sumptuous appear’ affair, and the concept of high tea came into being. During this time, the cream was more preferred than tea as it used to give a creamy sweetness to the whole bitter taste. This was often accompanied by scones, biscuits, etc. Once this trend took off, the whole idea of storing milk in the jugs became a norm.

A typical tea set contains few essential components like:

  • A teapot
  • Creamer or milk
  • A sugar
  • A pitcher of hot water
  • A plate of lemon slices
  • Scones (if required)

How to choose the right kind of milk jug?

  • An ideal milk jug is usually made out of steel to keep the milk fresh over a longer period.
  • A good milk jug has a slightly conical shape to allow easy flow of the milk
  • A good milk jug is designed in a way that it can retain heat after the milk is poured out for the remaining milk to be hot. A good structure also allows proper absorption of air, avoiding the formation of air bubbles in the milk.
  • A good milk jug should be broadened out or evenly broadened in the middle, as usual, milk is filled only till half off their capacity rather than till the brim.
  • A good milk jug never retains the remnants or stains of the milk that is already used and evenly cleans out the area where the milk is no longer present so that it can be washed later without much trouble.
  • Many first-time users also use spout shape milk jugs so as not to spill any milk and pour out the milk evenly
  • Milk jugs or milk pots should always have measuring marks inside for proper measurement
  • The most widely used use of milk jugs can be seen in cafeterias or coffee shops where milk pots are used to create a variety of designs by using different consistencies of milk

Type of Milk Jugs

There are many different types of milk jugs available that are used extensively, depending on the convenience.

  • Steel milk jugs: jugs are made of high- quality steel and are very much preferred as they maintain a consistent temperature for the milk. You can buy steel milk jugs on Ellementry.

  • Teflon coated jugs:

It acts as an accessory to the tea set as well as convenient to pour as it can be held easily as compared to steel jugs

  • Milk jugs with handles:

Milk jugs come with a handle to hold and are usually found in the ceramic milk jugs. They also have a stout that allows smooth pour of milk

  • Cow creamers:

Milk or creamer jugs have a lid on its back for easy filling and usually are in the shape of a cow.

  • Espresso brew Pitcher:

These pitchers have a broad neck that allows easy frothing of the milk that will enable it to be added to create lattes with different designs. Such espresso brew pitchers are styled in a way that it provides various styles to be formed on the latte.

Even though there are many places where you can buy a variety of beautiful jugs, online the one place that offers a plethora of elegant teaware is Ellementry. We are proud to provide you with a broad range of classy and classic milk pots and milk jugs that not only allows easy serving but also gives a very dominant and elegant look to the whole setting. Some examples offered in Ellementry, like a silver milk jug or ceramic milk pot, provide a defining line for the whole affair of tea serving.

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