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A coaster, as we all know, is a shallow plate or mat that is used to protect the surface underneath it. However, they additionally also act as decor when displayed on the tables. 

When thinking about which coasters to buy, you should note that there are a lot of different options in the market, and whatever matches your style and personality is the perfect choice at the end of the day.

Coasters can come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes. They could also be made up of different materials like wood, glass, plastic, jute, ceramic, resin, etc. So pick and choose a set of coasters for your table that best suits your needs. Check Ellementry to buy a variety of coasters.

Here are some coasters that are both fashionable and aesthetic and functional: 

  • Raw wood finish coasters

These wooden coasters are great as they don't conduct heat, so they are incredibly versatile for both hot and cold drinks. The bonus is that it brings a hint of natural elements into the house. Wood is also a cheap material, so it's a good piece of decor for a very economical budget. 

However, if you are not a fan of cutting down trees, then the coasters made from recycled wood and resin from Ellementry is the perfect choice for you, and it also has a beautiful shibori design on it. These wooden coasters are fantastic for Scandinavian or biophilia based design styles. 

  • Ceramic coasters

Ceramic is a brittle and hard material that's made by firing clay in high temperatures and glazing it. This material is very versatile and can be made into a lot of different things like plates, pots, coasters, etc. 

Although ceramic coasters usually have traditional designs on them, there are some like the ones on Ellementry that have classic as well as modern patterns on the ceramic coasters. These are one of the perfect coasters for your table as they are available in any shape or size, and you can find one that suits the design of the house. These ceramic coasters are ideal for homes with traditional or boho design styles.

  • Marble coasters

Marble comes in various color combinations and veining that have a luxurious look to it. Although real marble would have been an excellent choice, it would be costly for something as humble as a bunch of coasters, but if you have a budget for it, then it's a perfect choice. 

However, if getting real ones is not an option, then faux marble is the way to go as it looks deceptively similar and provides the same in terms of function and style. This would be great for containers that don't have extremely hot or cold stuff inside them. These marble coasters are excellent for glam or even contemporary design styles.

  • Terracotta coasters

Terracotta is a clay-based unglazed ceramic that usually has an orange or orangish brown tone to it. It's a beautiful natural material that can be used as a coaster to hold cups with a cold or hot beverage to prevent it from ruining the surface underneath. This clay material is best suited for houses with wabi-sabi, minimalistic, or Japanese interior design styles. You can check out these coasters on Ellementry.

  • Plate coasters

Plate coasters are just saucers which are thicker than the average dish so that it can be used as a coaster. Plates as coasters are terrific because they come in a variety of colors, patterns, shapes, designs, etc. that it becomes effortless to find the precise plate that ties in with the room.

They can be made of ceramic or clay or stone; it doesn't matter; it would always look good under a cup of coffee. A plate is ideal for flat surfaces like tables, etc. as they have a slight depression in them to keep the containers standing, but this could be a problem when used on soft surfaces like the bed or the couch as they can easily tip-off. Plates can be used for any design style; make sure to pick the right one for the space that matches the interior of the room. 

  • Cork coasters

Cork is a natural, lightweight material that is obtained from the barks of the cork oak trees. They are known for their water repellent and buoyant qualities along with its ability to resist conducting heat that makes it a perfect material for a coaster. 

Cork provides a rustic and natural look as a decor piece to the table. It protects the table from any scratches and damage from water or heat. This cork coaster is perfect for Scandinavian, contemporary, minimalist, coastal design styles. 

  • Glass coasters

Glass is one of the most luxurious materials available on the market as it is shiny and transparent, which gives it an impressive luxurious look. Since glass can be moulded into anything, it's incredibly suitable as a coaster as there are several possible glass coasters out there. 

The coaster can be just a plain glass plate or have a lot of details and engraving on the coaster. Glass in itself is a fragile material so it can be used for any fancy occasion like a dinner party instead of using it for everyday use. These glass coasters are perfect for modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian and glam interior design styles. 

  • Metal coasters 

Metal as a coaster can only protect the surface underneath from condensation and not from the heat or the cold of the container on top, so it's not incredibly functional. However, they are exceedingly aesthetic and provide a calm, serene vibe to the room. 

These can be used to hold lukewarm or even slightly cold cups of beverages. Metal coasters can also be used to house the wine bottle that's in use for the night. Metal, as we all know, is incredibly versatile and can be shaped into anything; all it takes is some creativity to get the desired coaster. These types of coasters are most commonly used in Japanese households during tea time and even in temples.

Hopefully, these gave you an idea of which coasters to buy for your space and what are all the available options that are practical as well as trendy. The aforementioned coasters will enhance the beauty of your house. Visit Ellementry today to buy stylish coasters.

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