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Unique Coasters available in the market

The unique design of coasters can add up some real value to your interiors. Whenever you will call your guests they will get impressed instantly if they see some nice looking coasters on the table and will praise you because of your idea of decorating your house with minimal elements. There are a lot of coasters available in the market and here we have given a small list of 25 ideas of unique coasters. You can visit Ellementry to buy some of the coolest coasters for your coffee tables.

  1. Vintage-style brown and gold coaster

If you have decorated your interior with some vintage design then brown and gold coloured coasters will look good with your vintage design. This will add some classic look to your dining table as well. You can also go for classy looking barnyard ceramic coasters from Ellementry. These are different from other coasters in the market.

  1. Slate material

Sometimes we want to create nostalgia so if you add some slate coasters in your dining hall then it will remind you of your earlier days in school. Those were the golden days for all of us and putting a small element in the house that can remind us of that time, is indeed a great idea. 

  1. Sandstone coasters

Sandstone made coasters are really unique because of its yellow colour like sand. This material will prove your great taste regarding your interior decor ideas. If you want some unique yet organic coasters then sandstone made coasters are really good for you. 

  1. Round Marble coasters

Sometimes we want to decorate our home with minimalistic designs and in that case, simple marble coasters will add some extra edge to your interior design. And if you choose the round shape of it then it will look classy.

  1. Wood Coasters

Some wooden or fiber coasters are also really nice to handle and the texture will give a natural feeling to your decor. If you want nice looking coasters to buy then you can log on to Ellementry website and choose the shibori fiber coaster for sure.

  1. Concrete coasters

Yes, the coasters can also be made of concrete. If you like the brick and concrete design for your home then concrete made coasters will be a very good idea for your interior.

  1. Metal coasters

There are so many metal coasters available in the market and there is a lot of variety of it like copper, bronze and iron. According to your taste, you can choose any one of them to add some quirk to your dining hall. 

  1. Radioactive glowing coasters

If you are a person who is a bit geeky then you can choose radioactive glowing unique coasters for your dining hall. It has an obvious advantage in it i.e. you can find it even in the dark. 

  1. Leaf-shaped coasters

If you are searching for some simple coasters to buy then leaf-shaped coasters are nice looking. In ancient India, people used to eat in the leaf plates and these types of coasters will take you through that time and make you revisit the real flavor of India. 

  1. Fruit slice coasters

If you are a person who is health-conscious and has a taste in a different type of decoration then fruit slice coasters are a good choice for you. You can choose any fruit like watermelon, lemon or orange as your coaster shape or you can also choose a combination of all of them. 

  1. Cute animal coasters

In case you have some function in your home for your child then some cute animal-shaped coasters will be good at their dining table. It will give a bit of addition to the children's theme. Also, you can keep this type of animal-shaped coasters in your child's room.

  1. Glass painted coasters

Glass painting is a very unique art altogether and if you want to add a bit of artistic look to your dining space then some glass painted coasters will be really good for you. You can also buy a simple glass coaster and paint it all by yourself to showcase your artistic talent.

  1. Woolen knot coasters

Some unique woolen knots are available that work as coasters. These work the best at the time of winter when you are having your Christmas party or New Year eve at your home.

  1. Monogram coasters

You can make your monogram to personalize your coaster. If you keep your monogram in the coasters then your home decoration will also have the essence of your presence there.

  1. Series themed coasters

What about some web series or movie-themed coasters? It will be a great idea to have house emblems of the Harry Potter series or a Game of Thrones on your everyday coaster. If you are a book lover then this type of unique coasters are the best for your home decor. 

  1. Quotes on coasters

Need some motivation on your breakfast table? Then you can personalize your coasters with some motivational quotes that will give you some encouragement to start your day with a lot of positivity. 

  1. Cartoon character on coasters

If you want to buy coasters for your children's room then some cartoon character engraved coasters are a good option for you. Also, there are superhero-themed coasters available in the market which will put a smile on your child's face instantly. 

  1. Jigsaw puzzle coasters

What about some games on the dining table? Yes, it is also possible. There are unique coasters in the market with the whole Jigsaw puzzle set which will make a full picture when kept together and you can also use it as different pieces whenever you need. It will add a bit of a quirky look at your dining hall. 

  1. Emoji shaped coasters

Emojis' items are really into fashion right now and if you have some emoji shaped coasters in your house then it will refresh your mood almost instantly. But remember not to put the crying emojis if you want to lift your mood after a long busy day in the office. 

  1. Food shaped coasters

If you need coasters for solely your kitchen then food shaped coasters are a good choice. For example, a coaster of loaf-shaped or looking like an omelet. It will increase your appetite even more. 

  1. CD or Record shaped coasters

For a retro look to your home decor, old music record shaped coasters can be kept on the table. It will make your house look like a vintage home. And it can be made modern just by swapping the music record with the latest CD covers. 

  1. Bamboo coasters

If you are searching for some unique coasters for your home then you can choose the bamboo coasters too. These are some thin bamboo sticks together to make a square-shaped coaster. It looks cool in case you want some nature-oriented decoration to your house. 

  1. 3D Illusion coasters

The 3D illusion is really into the market right now and you can get some coasters like that too. These are a bit oblique in shape and you will get fooled by the shape of it as some 3D object change when looked from a certain distance. 

  1. Mandala Art coasters

If you are an artist yourself then you can choose mandala art on your coasters. These coasters look a bit different than any other coasters in the market. And it can add some artistic touch to your home. If you like the floral design on your coaster then you can choose a ceramic coaster from Ellementry online shop.

  1. Leather coasters

Leather coasters are also in the market and they are a bit different from any other solid coasters. The people who want to decorate their home with leather pieces can opt for this type of coasters. Leather coasters are quite durable and also you can wash them very easily from time to time. It can also soak the excessive heat of your favourite tea or coffee and save your favourite table from the heat.

These were a few cool and quirky coaster ideas for you. You must visit Ellementry for some stylish and chic coasters.

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