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As time is progressing, so are we. With passing time, we can see a lot of trends making a comeback and for good. One of these essential but tiny elements is the usage of table coasters, also known as drink coasters, that has become increasingly popular to use not only in hotels but in almost every household. So much the popularity has risen that now, this industry is worth millions with demands for rare coasters made of stoned or silk.

Drink coasters are objects which are laid on the dining table and are used to rest your drinks upon. Coasters perform the important function of protecting the table surface from any damages. Coasters are not only placed on the bottom but also can be placed on top of a drink to cover its mouth from attracting dirt and germs. This is also used to show an unfinished drink. Coasters also protect the surfaces from a burn if the material like aluminum is too hot to damage the surface. It can also stop hot drinks from burning the table surface.

What we are going to see in this article are DIY coasters or Do it yourself coasters where smart ideas are discussed to make an elegant item such as a coaster at the comfort of your home. 

The best part; You can experiment with any design with 1/4th of the price. 

How to make your own DIY coasters:

To make DIY coasters very basic, materials are required, and if given some effort, they can be as good as any professional coaster.

  • Coasters can be carved out of any material, preferably a tile, or wood as the base.
  • Various colors, stones, and prints are used to make homemade coasters look beautiful.
  • The most exotic beverage coasters come on heavy metal or tiles to show the heavy density of the coaster.
  • Embroidered silk covering the coaster is a hit in the middle east.

Let’s take a look at one of the most in-demand and popular choices for DIY coasters that have taken the retailers and market by rage is the Agate coasters or Agate kitchenette collection.

Agate is a semi-precious stone that is available in multi- colors of purple, green, pink, white, brown, black, teal, and blue making it a perfect choice for any kind of setting.


To make it a little juicier, Agate coasters come at $125 for a set of 4 with the retailers, but you can make a set of four for as low as $25. This is the case with all. Homemade coasters can be experimented according to your mood and setting at less than market price.

How to make DIY coasters- An example

  • Take the Agate slices, which should be larger than the bottom of your glass and prepare it using paints and vinyl paints etc.
  • Paint the gold leaf glue using a smooth paintbrush, around the edge of the agate slices. Less expensive options such as gold- leaf paint or marker can also be used. 
  • Apply the gold leaf to the edges of the coasters after Wait 20 to 30 minutes of applying adhesive.
  • To avoid the gold rush from falling apart over time, gold leaf sealer should be applied.

These DIY coasters are easy to make and can be replaced regularly and as per choice.

Now let’s take a look at the different types of coasters available in the market.  While making DIY coasters, it should be kept in mind that coaters are made of materials that protect the table from heat and scratches. Hence various coasters with different materials are made keeping the welfare of the surfaces concerned, and hence while making DIY coasters, the surface should be kept in mind and should be made accordingly. 

  • Glass coasters:

These beverage coasters are made strong and have four glass "feet" to protect tables and other surfaces of your house.


  • Stainless Steel Coaster


This drink coaster made of stainless steel is unbreakable and works as a perfect gift for corporates. 


  • Bonded leather coasters


This elegant product is made of black leather and has a very chic appearance that is perfect to be given to the higher corporates. 


  • Wooden coasters


This type of product is very much in demand because it is cost-effective, most absorbent, and less destructible. Moreover, it comes with customizable options. 


  • Liquid filled coaster


This coaster is one of a kind and is much loved by all. It provides a unique perception and is available in a wide range of different colors. This involves screen printing technology that will reflect the colors of the coaster into the water giving it a very surreal appearance.


  • Marble coasters


Marble coasters can be customized beautifully and shaped into elegant beverage coasters that will not only make the entire setting classy but will also protect your table from any stain. Also, they can be used for a very long term unless broken and hence are quite favoured by all.

Coaster factor: things to check if you are looking to buy coasters:

If you are looking to buy coasters, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind to receive maximum gratification out of the buy.

  • Always remember the setting of your house before choosing to buy coasters.
  • The size matters- If your table is 4-seater, then huge coasters fit to hold decanters won't look good in that. Rather a smaller coaster will look better.
  • Usage intention should be taken care of as everyday use coasters require long-lasting material. So maybe, a steel coaster will work better. Similarly, for infrequent usage, elegant coasters like the glass coasters and the tile coasters can be used for maximum appeal. 

If you are looking to buy coasters, there are many varieties online that have a great collection, but if you're up for the rarest of coasters made to perfection with love and professionalism the Ellementry, is a very good option to look out for. The team at Ellementry gives focus on elegant and classy products needed for a decent living at a package cost no more than the other good ones. The products sold at this site come with a guarantee and a good return policy.

Their rare selection of glass and kitchenware is what makes this site appealing to so many. 

Let's take a look at what kind of coasters that are available and anyone looking to buy coasters will have a splendid array of variety to choose from.


  • Fibre Coasters: 


The most desirable and in-demand product is the Fibre coaster that is made from recycled wood and resin and is perfect and ideal for keeping beverages, hot or cold.

  • Ceramic Coasters:

The second type is the one that is classy and elegant and provides a different picture of your setting after it is added. This is the ceramic coaster that is hand-painted and very delicate to look at but otherwise provides solid protection to your surface.  

Thus, this article proves that the dining etiquette has definitely improved since the last decade, with people demanding even the smallest of items to the highest quality produced. Coasters are small variants that can be made at home too for variation, and if added mindfully, it has the ability to transform your home aesthetically. If you want to know more about this teensy- weeny thing, browse through the website of Ellementry for an eye-opening experience.

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