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Are you planning a dinner date? Have you invited your friends over dinner? The first thing that will come to your mind is, how you are going to organize your tableware! It is very important that you have each and everything settled and decorated in such a way that it not only makes your occasion a lot more special but also makes your guests feel welcomed. While getting your table decorated, there are many who are confused when it comes to using tumblers or bottles for water

Bottles are certainly one of the important parts of the tableware but, is it good to use during your special occasions? It is important that you take your decor standards to a notch higher and consider going for tumblers. Yes, it has been seen that the use of tumblers enhances the charm of the occasion because it not only looks classy but matches the surroundings as well.

If you are still confused about why you must go for tumbler than a water bottle then, we are here to help you with it. Ellementry has all in store for you to make sure that your tableware is perfectly set to help you have an excellent evening. From bottles to tumblers, you can have it all according to your needs and give your occasion something sensational to adore. But, why going for tumbler will be a wise move, take a look:

A Touch Of Elegance

With the help of water tumblers, you will certainly be adding a lot more elegance to your dining table compared with a water bottle. The unique and different look carried by tumblers can certainly win a lot of attention over water bottles. Yes, there is a wide range of tumblers available on Ellementry that can certainly make a lot of difference. With water bottles, you will not get that elegance but, tumblers will never fail to disappoint you and make sure that you have a great dining night. Plastic bottles or glass bottles don't come in a lot of variety. Tumblers look fancy and stylish. It will perfectly go with the decor and its unique design will certainly give you a sense of calmness.

Wide Range Of Variety For You

Bottles do not add much to your tableware but, with the help of tumbler, you will be able to do that. Yes, there are a lot of varieties for you to choose from if you go for tumblers for your dinner party. You can choose according to the color of the cutlery or table or surroundings. You can also consider using it according to the specific material in the form of plastic or glass, which can look perfectly matching with your entire decor. You will have a lot of options for your decor needs if you check in with the Ellementry store.  You can select from glass tumblers to plastic tumblers and also stainless steel tumblers as per the occasion and decor of your table. In fact, these days modern crystal tumblers are a huge hit while getting the dining table decorated.

Customized Options

When it comes to water bottles, there is not much for you to choose from shape and size. But, with tumblers, you can choose it according to your customized needs. Yes, you can go for simple glasses with a basic design to different patterns tumblers as well that will certainly add something really new to your decor. So, according to the rest of the cutlery, you can select the shape and the size of your tumbler and use it at your dinner party. It will look a lot more exciting than going for the bottles that look dull and boring these days to be involved in a dinner party.

A Lot More Convenient 

This can be quite tricky because not many think tumblers are convenient but, choosing plastic tumbler can certainly help you have a convenient option as well. Yes, you can use it according to the specific design of your dinnerware. Not only this, the respective tumblers are very easy to carry and if by mistake it falls then, it will certainly not break or be the reason behind some serious accidents. You can always consider hopping onto Ellementry and select according to your specific needs that will certainly add a lot more neatness to your dinner date.


If you are thinking about storing any drink in water bottles, the chances of it being damaged will certainly get a lot more. But, in the case of glass tumblers, you will never have to worry about it at all. Yes, whether it is a coffee or chilled drink, you can store it for hours and it will give you the same exact taste without any kind of problems at all. Yes, it is perfectly secure for you to use while preparing your dinner and serving your drinks.

Wrapping Up

So, this shows how tumblers are a lot better option when compared to going for bottles. Yes, it has a lot of points in favor of itself and most importantly the variety it brings into play. Ellementry gives you a lot more opportunity to select the right tumbler that can give you a great drinking experience. So, whether you are travelling or having a dinner date, getting yourself a tumbler over bottle will certainly be the way to go. But, it is important that you choose the right one that perfectly matches the occasion and gives you the confidence of having a great time. With Ellementry you will certainly get complete value for money! Visit today.

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