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Look around your room. See the painted walls and the silence they echo around the room. The exanimate walls long for a feeling of completeness that comes with accessories. Just as your appearance requires dressing up at best to make a good impression, the walls need the latest additions to amplify the fun vibes in your room.


One good way to breathe life into your room is by adding hook arts on your walls. Instead of a plain and blank wall, imagine putting up a hook on the wall that augments its beauty quotient and adds a refined vibe to the ambience of your room. Not only does it possess utilitarian qualities, but if you invest some time in searching for the right products, you can also find an aesthetically appealing piece of art. The wall hook arts by Ellementry that we are talking about here will raise the fun quotient of your walls.

wall hook art



What is hook art?


Hooks have been in use for ages for hanging coats, clothes, or napkins at many houses globally. With the surge in demand for modern home interiors with the latest aesthetics, the need for having a hook that increases the charm of the walls piqued. It was during this time that hook arts started gaining momentum in the industry. Manufacturers motivated the craftsmen to display their creativity on the designing of hooks, and the use of such hook arts improved the lifestyle of many houses.

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Types of hook art and their utility


You can place hook arts in almost any and every room in your house. They are neutral and come in many shapes and colours to complement your wall paint colour or camouflage itself over it. Let's look at the utility and the accurate placement of wall hooks on the walls of your rooms.




    • Living room

      Paintings enhance the beauty of the living room, but you can shoot two targets at once by placing something as useful and beautiful as a creative wall hook art on the wall in your living room. Place it near your door to act as a coat hanger. If you live alone in your flat, use the single hook wall art that has the potential to hold one coat. For larger families, the multi-hook wall art does the job.


    • Bedroom

      The hooks in the bedroom could hold the clothes that you plan on wearing the next day. By doing this, you'll be saving the morning's time of searching for the right clothes. You could also hang your accessories like a scarf, belt, purse, wallet, or necklace over the hooks.


    • Kitchen

      Have aprons and napkins lain around in the kitchen? Add a hook art to your kitchen wall that would hold those pieces and make your kitchen look put together.


    • Bathroom

      The hook arts in a bathroom are used to hang towels and clothes. You may choose the one that complements your bathroom wall's tiling as it would look more appealing that way.



Ideas for experimenting with hook art


Ellementry specializes in creative and study wall hook arts that add fun to your rooms' walls. Depending on the number of people in your house and the interior of your room, choose the right hook art by Ellementry that guarantees convenience and allure with every product.




    • Brick Red Wooden Hook



The brick-red wooden hook comes with a burnished natural appearance that epitomizes raw beauty. Made with mango wood, this sturdy wall hook will look perfect with just one wipe of clean cloth. The best place to stick this staunch wall hook art is behind the door of your bedroom or the kitchen.




  • Gold Metal Butterfly Wall Hook


Who wouldn't be impressed with this adorable butterfly hook art? It comes in three shapes and sizes. You can use it in your kitchen, or in your bathroom to hang napkins, towels, aprons, or clothes. Based on the colours of your interior, choose from the black, silver, and gold options. Also, keep your requirements in mind while choosing from the one, two, or three hooked designs.



  • Silver Metal Wall Hooks


The silver metal wall hook art comes in black and gold colour options too. It's durable and visually appealing, which makes it a perfect coat hanger for the living room. If your house sees many guests usually, select the 3 hooked designs. On the contrary, one hook wall art is enough to amp up the fun quotient of your wall if you stay alone.




  • Intersections Black Wooden Wall Hook


Perfect for bathrooms, the Intersections Black Wooden Wall hook is made of natural mango wood. As you can see, the polished appearance of the burnished wooden hook comes in natural wood colour to display authenticity. The silver lines on the hook portray the handmade strokes of a creative craftsman. If you observe a minimalist lifestyle, you can also place this hook art on the walls of your kitchen to hang mitts or aprons.



  • Lines Black Wooden Wall Hook


The skilled craftsmanship of the artists at Ellementry is reflected in this black wooden wall hook. As original as it could be, the true colour of the wood is kept intact while adding a dash of creativity to the piece. Without any visible hook extended from its outer surface, this wall hook art truly gels with the wall of your room.



  • Beige Ceramic Wall Hook


The neutral tones of beige make this wall hook universally acceptable. You can place it in any room, regardless of the interior, decor, or colour of the walls in the room. The detailed patterns on the wall hook are precisely designed by the hands of skilled artists. Whether you choose to hang your coat over this or an apron, it'll always carry the weight without losing its quality.



  • Red Ceramic Wall Hook


Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, this Red ceramic wall hook sticks to the wall and blends with it to create a fun addition to the lifeless walls of the room.


Hopefully, this article has helped you in choosing the right wall hook art for your rooms. Amplifying the good vibes in your room had never been as easy it is with Ellementry!

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