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There was a time when terracotta or earthenware used to be a part of every Indian household. Right from cooking food to storing it, food found its place in utensils made from terracotta. But as we advanced, our utensils changed significantly. 

The fancy-looking products started making their way into our home with terracotta taking a back seat. We forgot how beneficial earthenware was for us. It had a significant impact on our health that we didn’t think much while letting it go. 

People were more focused on having utensils that were stylish and added to their status. However, time is changing again. We are starting to value our rich ancient traditions. Using terracotta isn’t old school anymore. A company like Ellementry is the forerunner in bringing back the ancient traditions with a modern twist. 

Terracotta Products to Buy in Summers

Using earthenware or terracotta has become more trend-setting than ever. Ellementry has bought form and function together along with sustainable methods to make kitchenware more exciting. Whether you wish to cook, bake, serve or store, you can do it all in stylish terracotta products offered by 

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Terracotta Curd Setter With Wooden Lid- Natural

As summer is almost here, it is time to beat the heat with some homemade curd. You can leave the milk to turn into curd in any utensil, but it is the terracotta curd setter pot that works magic. 

Terracotta is alkaline, porous and natural. So, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for good bacteria to make the curd. As a result, the curd sets better with enhanced taste. Excess water gets soaked and you get thick and delicious curd out of it. 

Knurl Terracotta Tumbler With Wooden Lid

Terracotta Tumbler

Do you wish to substitute your plastic tumbler with some other material? Do you wish to enjoy cool beverages even when the tumbler is not in the refrigerator? Do you want to benefit your health in the wake? Then a knurl terracotta tumbler with a wooden lid is what you need. 

The natural clay retains cooling and keeps your beverage fresh even in hot summers. It is a great way to beat the heat if you are out in the open. What’s even more exciting is the fact that the product is 100% nature-born and sustainable. It is also food safe and handcrafted. People will not be able to overlook this tumbler in your hand. 

Sienna Terracotta Bottle Cooler

If you are organizing a party, whether indoors or outdoors, a bottle cooler is a must in the hot summer days. So why not take the traditional route and impress the guests? The sienna terracotta wine cooler bottle will be a perfect addition to your next soiree.

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Its subtle yet stylish look will add more shine to your party. As this is an earthen product, the bottle will stay cooler for more hours when compared to traditional bottle cooling buckets. You can boast about its sustainability in front of your guests. The product is also handcrafted and a perfect example of form and function.


knurl terracotta tumbler with wooden lid

Another amazing thing that could be added to your kitchen and any party is a knurl terracotta tumbler with wooden lid. It will be great fun serving delicious cold beverages in this tumbler.



It will eliminate the worries of beverage getting warm in the heat. Any drink inside will remain naturally cool. This way, you can beat the heat in a much more stylish way. The wooden lid makes the carafe easy to carry around. 


Teravak Embossed Planter

Terracotta Planter

When the hot summer sun starts shining bright, it is time to add some indoor plants. Planters help in lowering the temperature inside the home. They also add to the beauty of the interiors.


You can take it a notch up with a teravak embossed planter. Add the plant of your choice and place the planter in the living room, bedroom or dining area. The earthen scents and views will fill your heart with utmost peace and joy.


Terracotta can become your best friend in the summers. So don’t wait and add all these amazing products to your beautiful home today. Buying them online from is utterly easy and super convenient.


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