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There is no denying that the most comforting serveware has to be the bowl. They remind you of the wholesome food that you used to have back home, and the warmth makes the whole experience heavenly. Bowls are the perfect example of form over function as they enhance the beauty of your preparations without having to worry about spillages. They can also be seen as a reflection of the host’s personality, and easy ice-breaker for awkward dinners. 

Not only that, but eating from a bowl also has health benefits as it can trick your brain into thinking the meal as more filling, and consequently make you eat less. 

The right kind of bowl can complement and elevate any dish. Bowls are available in different shapes, styles and sizes and choosing them can be as tiresome as finding the right wine for the food. Since they can be used to both cook and serve the food, each bowl adds a unique flavour to the food they are meant for. And thus, it becomes all the more important to know what dish is to be served in what kind of bowl. 

A bowl can complement your dish in various ways, and thus you can use three parameters to find the perfect set of bowls for your home. These are the size and shape of your bowl, the material it is made out of, and the pattern that it displays. 

Delve deeper into depth

The depth of the bowl can easily help you understand what type of dish will make it gorgeous. 

Soup bowls are the bowls which are deep and thus keep the food warm for a longer time. As much as they can fit on the table, they can also fit in your palms for an evening snack on a rainy day. Soup bowls also come in different styles, such as a lug soup bowl or a cream soup bowl that you can choose according to the type of soup you are serving. Not only soup, but such bowls can be used to serve other foods such as porridge or quinoa, which are your best partners on a sick day. 

Pasta bowls are shallow but have a greater radius. This allows the pasta to be served in a big heap and garnished, saving you the extra effort of plating. Pasta can also be tricky to serve, so a bowl will avoid any mishaps while individual plating. Using a pasta bowl also has the benefit of portion control, as it looks more filling and satisfactory than on a plate; now you can enjoy your guilty pleasure without any guilt. 

Salad bowls are designed such that all the ingredients can be mixed easily. You can easily toss the salad to ensure that the flavours mingle, giving you the desired taste. Salad bowls can be of any material but using a wooden bowl will help absorb the flavour easily and retain them. 

Rice bowls are traditionally used for Asian cuisine but have slowly moved towards tables around the globe. They are unique in shape and allow the food to be easily eaten using chopsticks. Even if you are not familiar with the Asian cuisine, rice bowls will give your serveware a much needed ethnic touch. 

Nut and dip bowls are smaller in size than other serving bowls and are used for specific functions as their name suggests. Nut bowls can also be used for storage purposes and are a great addition to your living room tables. Dip bowls are deeper in the middle to make snack dipping easy. They usually have handles on the edges, so that your delicious dip is easy to pass around. 

Ramekins are very small circular bowls that are used for dishes such as souffle, ice-cream, mac and cheese, or lasagna. Each person can have their individual serving, according to their preferences in their own bowl. 

Cereal Bowl can make even your everyday cereal feel fancy. Depending upon their shape, you can also use them for different purposes such as serving and mixing. 

Material matters

The material of the bowl can help you understand what food they are best paired with. It also changes the aesthetic of your table settings, so you should know how to mix-and-match to get the vibe just right. 

The bowls can be classified according to the material as: 

  1. Glass bowls: Glass bowls are incomparable for decorative purposes. They can instantly make any dinner setting look ornate and fancy. Since they are a little fragile, they can be used as a fruit and nut display. Depending upon the size and shape, glass bowls can also be used to serve bite-sized food. Sturdy glass bowls are also good for cooking dishes as they don’t soak up the flavour of any ingredient. 

  1. Ceramic bowls: The practicality aspect that glass bowls lack is fulfilled by ceramic bowls. They are food-safe and can be used to cook too. But that’s not all, ceramic bowls are also eye-catching. Their texture and design make them appealing to serve and gives a homely feel, and can be used for any formal dinner party. Ceramic bowls are a great match for foods such as soups and pasta, where it is important that all ingredients are mixed well to complement each other. 

  1. Wooden bowls: Wooden bowls will be a boon for an outdoor party. They give a natural and rustic feel and are best used to serve salads. Wooden bowls can add an extraordinarily earthy flavour to the veggies that will leave your guests wanting for more. They also soak up flavours; so the next time you use it, you can get a slight flavour addiction. 

  1. Terracotta bowls: If you like a fusion of traditional and modern, terracotta bowls are the way to go. Terracotta bowls are great for dishes that require slow-cooking such as curry. Family dinners can easily be decorated with colourful terracotta bowls serving ethnic, time-honoured dishes. It is also organic and lead-free, and you can do your bit for the environment by simply switching to terracotta bowls. 

Peep into the pattern

Another way you can tweak the presentation of your dish is by paying attention to the pattern of the bowl. If you are having a casual dining setting with just snacks and light food, it is better to use bowls that have prints such as flowery or polka dots. Using colourful bowls will make the atmosphere feel lively and peppy, and your guests will feel the same. On the other hand, if you want a more sophisticated look with a heavy dinner, choose bowls with formal designs, or plain bowls. They can be of darker and earthy colours such as brown or cherry. 

If you want to go one step ahead, you can also try to match/complement your bowl colour with the colour of the food. This may seem a bit overboard, but once you master this secret, your guests will be surprised as to why the food looks so amazing and different. 

Choosing tableware is an art in itself, and no culinary experience is complete without the right type. Lucky for you, Ellementry’s exquisite collection - handmade with love and sustainability - will be here to assist you in that

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