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Something is inviting and warm about the look of a flickering candle on your bedroom’s side table. When you want that much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation at the end of the day, scented candles create that intimacy that sets you in a pleasant mood. Arranging pleasantly with just the right accessories can transform the look of your bedroom.


Scented candles are available in varying designs. The candles will let you harmonize your bedroom décor. However, if your bedroom has a country look décor choose a subtle aroma scent to synchronize with your bedroom environment.


If you have an ethnic-style bedroom, then tropical scented candles are the best ones to complement the atmosphere. Illuminating it with the right decor pieces from Ellementry will completely change the space aura, offering you a relaxing rejuvenating environment after a long day.

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Let’s have a look at some creative ideas on decorating your bedroom with scented candles and side tables:


Grouping of scented candles on the side table


This is very basic, yet has an immediate impact on your mood when you light the candles. Decorate your side table by grouping some of the finest scented aromatic candles using Ellementry’s Akoda candle stand. A prominent display of the variety of candles alone will bring an elegant look to your bedroom. Use candles of varying sizes, colours, styles and shapes to get more variation in the arrangement.



Incorporating natural elements


Every space can benefit from displaying a few natural artefacts. No matter which organic artefact you choose, you’ll be sure to feel calmer and rejuvenated when you have a couple of scented candles burning on the table. Consider decorating your side table with seashells, crystal healing stones, coloured sand, or you can have a flower vase. You can also place a piece of a twisted tree branch on that side table to give that natural rustic look.



Using glass jars


Another simple trick is to turn your scented candles into a decorative element and place them in a clear glass jar with a metal cladding lid available at Ellementry.


You can also use the twigy frosted glass jar or the ribbed glass jar from Ellementry. Browse our glass jar category which offers several different glass jars to be creative with. Glass wax-filled jars are another great option to choose from. This way, you can further decorate it with flowers to enhance the look. Place a single thick candle in the jar that will also illuminate the look; you can also have multiple jar sizes set on the side table.

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Scented Candles In Water-filled Bowls


It is one of the easiest ways to enhance your bedroom atmosphere. All you have to do is float some scented candles in a wide bowl filled with water. To make it more alluring and have that spa kind of look put flowers, slices of citrus, etc. and décor the table with similar natural elements.



Beautify with Wooden Trays


Suppose you are worried about getting your side table cluttered. In that case, you can group everything by placing them all in a beautiful frangipani wooden tray from Ellementry. We also have some great wooden trays in various shapes and sizes like circular, square, and rectangular. The arrangement not only looks neat but very chic, displaying your taste. The side table can hold this arrangement in a teak wood tray with finesse along with your other essential items such as cell phone, remote control, etc. This helps you keep everything in order without disturbing the décor.



Placing Scented Candles - Too Much of a Good Thing

Placing Scented Candles


If you want to brighten your bedroom using scented candles, it is important you know which one to choose. Choosing the right scent will have a huge difference, not to your cosy space but also to enhance your mood. Also, consider how many candles you will require.


Smaller bedrooms should use one small-sized scented candle. Having multiple candles will overwhelm the smell. You can use one thick or two candles in an average-sized bedroom, and the larger bedroom space needs more candles. Try to place the side table at a distance so that the scent smells can flow freely in all directions.


You do not need to spend arms and legs to décor your bedroom space. Just a few scented candles and pick anything you feel like connecting at the end of the day. Consider using the above mentioned simple but designer tricks to make your bedroom more relaxing and comfortable as you wind up for the day. Using scented candle lights for your bedroom in the right manner can make a massive difference to your room.


Scented candles are little gems that can transform your bedroom atmosphere. Candles are magical, transporting our minds in a different place, helping you decompress and relax after a long tiring day. If you are looking to beautify your cosy home with scented candles, we’ve got you. You can use multi-colour candles, scented candles, candles of different shapes and sizes. You need to mix and match and create that relaxing look. Scented candles can enhance the look of your bedroom. It is one of the best ways to add some visual appeal and create romantic drama to your bedroom without breaking your budget.

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