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A table lamp can make a huge difference to your home decor. Table lamps are not restricted to bedrooms only but they can enhance the beauty of any room by just being in the corner. These days table lamps are available in a variety of designs and sizes and you need to see a few things before you buy a perfect one for any room of the house. You can visit Ellementry to find the perfect lamps for your house.

All you need to see before buying one is height, size, style, and the bulb. Always question yourself the following:

What is the right spot to place the table lamp? 

Its always better to see the places in the house for your table lamps. It is definitely not a good idea to buy first and look for the spot later. These days we need table lamps for various places in the house like the living room, bedroom, home office room, and study room. Once you know the spots, you will also be aware that how many you want to buy for your home decor.   

How high should be a table lamp?

Choosing the right height of a table lamp is an important part of decorating a space. You should always follow the eye level rule before buying a table lamp for your house to avoid table lamp light shining in your eyes. For example, if you are sitting on a sofa in your living room, the bottom of the shade should line up with your eye level to avoid light shining directly into your eyes. The same rule applied to wherever you are sitting whether on a chair or a sofa or a bed. So before buying always measure from the surface, you are placing the lamp to the eye level.     

What should be the correct size of the table lamp?

Decide on a size before you buy a table lamp. You may not need the same size for all the rooms in your house.  Measure the size for a lamp you require for a particular spot. 

Which style do you want?

Select the style for each room. We usually do not want the same style, table lamps for all the rooms in your house. Each room has its own demands as per its decoration. For example, semi-opaque shades are suitable for your bedroom which provides a warm glow for reading and allows for more general room lighting. The body of the table lamp also makes a huge difference. So many styles are available. Paying attention to the body of the lamp will make a huge difference in overall home decor. If you are looking for stylish lamps, you can visit our Ellementry website for various options. How about a grey terracotta oval table lamp with shade by your bedside or in your study room? This shade doesn’t just make for good ambient lighting but enhances your home decor. 

Which shape of the shade do you want? 

The shape of a table lamp shade determines the amount of lighting you will get from the table lamp. For example, the shades that have large openings on the top and bottom of the shade will illuminate the maximum of its light source upward and downward. Such table lamps for your house are great as they take care of the overall lighting of the room. Similarly, shade shapes with small or no opening on the top will illuminate more downward which makes it a task lighting that is good for reading. Various shapes of the shades are available such as coolie shade, drum shade, oval shade, eye shape shade, cylinder shade, conical shade, etc. 

  • Coolie shade: It is one of the most common shapes. It is designed to push most of the light downward. 

  • A drum-shaped shade:  This kind of shape allows an equal amount of light to push upwards and downward. It is the good shape for showing off the textile form which it is made. 

  • Oval Shade: It performs in a similar way to drum shade.

  • Eye shaped shade: It is a sophisticated design. It is just like a task light in smaller areas as it shapes allows the light to move upward.  

  • Cylinder shade: It is an elegant shade that projects a more narrow type of light. 


  • Conical shade: This kind of shape is found on small candlesticks like table lamps or a table lamp meant for task lighting. With conical shape, most of the light is pushed downward.

Which colour do you want? 

Colours do play a very important role. Dark-coloured lampshade will definitely not look good with a dark-coloured background. For example, a black coloured lampshade will look gorgeous in front of a cream colour wall. The bulb transmits the colour of the shade. You can experiment with different colours in that. If you want relatively cool light, you can opt for light shades but if you want an atmospheric glow, go for dark colour lamp shades like chocolate-coloured or deep purple. You can also experiment with unexpected combinations. For example, black shade with a lime-green lining. It can give a fresh look to your room.  The colour of the bottom of the table lamp also matters as it should go well with your room colour and other decors of the room.

Did you mix and match the lighting? 

Choose your table lamp for your house, keeping in mind the other lights in your particular room. Your table lamp style should match with other lights in your room. For example,  the style of the main lights in your room should not contrast your table lamps in the same room. 

Did you select the right bulb? 

Purchase the right bulb for your table lamp. If you buying a bulb for your study room or your bedroom where you like to read sometimes, a light bulb of 60 watts or more is recommended. If you want to use an energy-saving LED bulb, look to the lumens output of the LED bulb. You can also a dimmable bulb for extra flexibility. Be careful if you are choosing LEDs. Make sure that the LED bulb is dimmable as some designs are not. 

These were some of the questions to be raised before you choose a table lamp for your home decor. We hope the above information will help you to shop better! Visit Ellementry today to buy for modern and stylish table lamps.

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