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Lesya Terracota Table Lamp
grey metal pendant lamp- flat
grey metal pendant lamp- narrow
gold metal pendant lamp- narrow
Famme Mango Wood Table Lamp


Lamps are an integral part of home interiors, and the soft glow of a table lamp is very welcoming. If you are looking for a table lamp online, it is better to buy a beautiful and useful lamp. However, design and type may vary depending on the room and size. Buy a table lamp online that creates a little pocket of cosiness. Imagine a wingchair at the corner with a side table — the perfect spot to have your me-time with a book. A beautiful table lamp lit creates cosiness and makes it your corner. Buy bedside table lamp online for both side of the bed so that you don’t get into an argument about who will turn off the lights. Pendant lamp online comes in many forms and different decorative styles which can achieve similar practical effects. Pendant lamps are more for the functional type of lighting, but when you buy a pendant lamp from our website, you will realise that our lamps are a perfect mix of form and function. Explore the variety of metal lamp online on our site. And what better welcome than the soft glow of a shaded lamp.

Sustainable practices are at the core of whatever we do at Ellementry; we believe every decision, however imperfect, towards protecting our environment matters. From our raw materials, cyclic production unit to our products, we borrow inspiration from the environment and give back to it, in our way.
Our lamps have been handcrafted using Ecomix & terracotta, both sustainable materials crafted using waste, rendering them into wonderful novel forms. So, lets all of us embrace this beautifully handcrafted piece of functional art and buy one of these sustainable table lamps for our homes.

Benefits of table lamp from ellementry:

  • Instant makeover- Table lamps from ellementry can enhance the beauty of any room by just being in the corner and they are not just restricted to bedrooms only but can very well look beautiful in the living area.
  • Handcrafted and sustainable -  Be it our grey terracotta oval table lamp with shade by your bedside or pebble pot lamp with shade- ecomix in your study room? These lamps don’t just make for good ambient lighting but enhance your home décor with beautifully handcrafted designs.
  • A variety of shades- Shades of the lamp plays a important part. In ellementry lamps you will find shades that have large openings on the top and bottom of the shade will illuminate the maximum of its light source upward and downward. Such table lamps for your house are great as they take care of the overall lighting of the room. A drum shape shade allows an equal amount of light to push upwards and downward. It is the good shape for showing off the textile form which it is made.
  • Different material & design- Ellementry believes in sustainability, therefore you will find table lamps made here out of terracotta , ecomix and mango wood. All these materials have their own texture and quality therefore you will get to see different shapes and designs of these lamps. All these lamps are handcrafted by skilled artisans.

When you want a quiet corner to retreat to when the day is done, illuminate that corner with an ellementry lamp. Crafted with love, our lampshade needs several manhours of precision work to get everything just right.

Pendant Lamps           

When you start feeling your home dark and dated and to improve the ambience, go for lamps. Yes, light can change the ambience without spending much. A variety of lamps in the market can make your home look beautiful, comfortable, and functional. You should pay keen attention to the effects of different shades and hues before buying hanging lights for living rooms, lamps, and lighting choices. The single hanging light should also reflect the overall concept of your home decor. The theme of your home will also influence the type of lighting that you use. Ellementry metal pendant lamps  can be strategically used to brighten or tone down different rooms in the house. Instead of just one lighting source, try to have several light sources, like hanging lights for dining rooms, table lamps and pendant lamps throughout the home to increase the elegant feeling. Go for eco-friendly handcrafted lamps like the wooden & metal pendant lamp to add a raw charm to your decor.

Areas where you can use pendant lamps

  • Kitchen- There are four basic forms of lighting and all of them can be mixed and applied to your kitchen. From accent to ambient to task lights, your kitchen must have the designated pattern of light to maximise the light. You can find various patterns of pendant lamps for your house at Ellementry. Lights placed between the ceiling and cabinets are used to highlight the kitchen decor and architecture. Long hanging pendant lamps are perfect for a kitchen with a high ceiling and to highlight the kitchen island.
  • Over the dining table- The dining table is the place where the family gathers every day. A series of small pendant lights can be used on a long dining table while for small or round dining tables, a large flat pendant light can work better. A general rule of hanging the pendant lamp is to hang the fixture 3 feet (36 inches) above your dining table or 6 feet (72 inches) off the floor.
  • Pendant lamps for the hallway- Give a unique look to the entrance of your hallway. The entrance of your house poses the first impression on the guests and welcomes harmony through that. Hanging a flat pendant lamp will spread light through the hallway.

FAQ On Lamps & Lighting Products

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