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Kitchen essentials must fulfil all the needs of any party or dinner nights. A dining area needs all the decoratives and dining table items to make any party or dinner perfect. Clean napkins are one of the most essential table accessories. Napkins for the dining table are very important as they help in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene on the table. In general, there are napkins for the dining table in every house that are available but the question is how frequently they are cleaned. Clean napkins signify that the housemaker is concerned about the hygiene of the table as well as hygiene of the members of the family. 

Placing clean and beautiful napkins on the dining table is an important table etiquette. Various types of napkins are used for the dining table decoration and making it complete for dinner. A wide range of napkins is available in the market which is made up of various kinds of fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, etc. These days, paper napkins are also available but they might take away the charm and elegance of the table decorated for some special occasion. So, it is important to maintain the charm and beauty of the table by buying napkins that can enhance the decor of the dining table. You can check out some of the best napkins for your dining table on Ellementry.

Here are some special tips that help clean napkins after each meal. Some points also need to be kept in mind to decide whether the napkin for the dining table needs cleaning or not. 

  • Napkin for a dining table as decorative

Sometimes when the napkin is folded and placed on the dining table just as decor, after such occasions, there is no need to clean napkins. The napkins placed on the table can be just taken off and don’t need a wash. 

  • Material and colour of the napkin

A light colour napkin for the dining table is best that goes with a dark-coloured tablecloth. A napkin with light colour after any kind of dinner needs to be washed off carefully. Not only the colour but also the material of napkin that makes it important to decide how to clean the napkin. A silk and linen napkin needs warm and light soft detergent cleaning while a cotton napkin can be cleaned with some strong detergent. Cotton napkins are available at Ellementry for your next party or dinner. 

  • Guests for the dinner

Dinner with the family is different from that of with friends and relatives. For dinner with friends napkins for the dining table must be of quality cloth-like linen and silk and can also be fancied with some laces. If there are kids for dinner then you are surely gonna get some extremely dirty napkins. The napkins for the dining table get stained badly and need strong cleaning. 

  • A messy meal

A meal like barbeque allures you to make your hand dirty. Such food tastes better when no forks and knives are used and fingers are dipped into sauces. For such a messy meal napkins for the dining table are needed much. A strong washing is needed for cleaning napkins after a messy meal. 

  • Smelling and stains on the napkin

After some meals, when you have no time for cleaning the napkins for the dining table then they get tough stains. If stains stay longer then they might start smelling and you might think of throwing them. Such napkins to be cleaned with some special detergents and chemicals so that stains and smell both can be removed.

Best ways to clean napkins

The fabric of napkins can be cleaned in many ways depending on the type of stain and intensity of the stain. Some of the common stains that are found on the napkins for the dining table include- 

  • Wine stains

Dinner is not a perfect dinner if wine is not served. But wine spills are the most terrible stains on the napkins to be removed. Napkins for the dining table with wine stain can easily be cleaned with ice-cold water. To remove stains of wine, dab a towel with ice-cold water and put it beneath the stain on a napkin, sprinkle a little amount of table salt on the stain and rub it with your finger. This will gently remove stain from any kind of fabric of napkin and you get a clean napkin for next use. 

  • Oil stains

A fine meal cooked in oil tastes better and also results in tough stains on the napkins. Oil stains are the toughest stains to be removed from the napkins. Dishwasher detergent is the best solution for removing such tough stains from the napkins. Fill a tub with hot water and add some dishwasher detergent to it and soak the napkins for the dining table into it. Then rinse it with clean water to get clean napkins. 

Brighten up clean napkins

Clean napkins of light colour look better if they have a special brightness. Napkins for the dining table can be brightened up with the help of non-chlorine bleach after detergent wash. This adds some brightness to the cloth and gives a shine of the new fabric. Cotton napkins can be added to your kitchen from Ellementry which can easily be brightened up at every wash. 

Starched napkins for dining table

Clean napkins if washed with starch, gives a used napkin a freshness of new. After washing the napkins in detergent, soak them in starch water to give them a stiffness of the fresh fabric. This makes your napkins stiff and easy to fold as per the decor of the table for the next use. 

Store for next use

Napkins for the dining table are made of fabric so that they can be used more than once. To maintain the hygiene napkins are washed and dried properly. But to maintain the quality of a clean napkin it must be starched and ironed and stored in a cupboard or drawer. To give the napkins a fresh smell it can also be soaked in some fragrancing liquids in the last wash. 

Napkins for the dining table can be cleaned in the ways defined in the article. Clean napkins after every use and store them for the next meal. Buy some of the most beautiful table napkins from Ellementry today.

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