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What makes a house a home? The question is simple and but the answer is a bit complex. Each individual has his definition of home. But, collectively, a home is a place that embodies what we are and how we live. You will be surprised to know that each corner of your home evolves when you focus on what makes us happy.


It is onto you to create a place that, along with fulfilling your needs, but also reflect your true character. It is only then you will be able to enrich your life in your home. Give your life and home a makeover of beauty and sustainability with Ellementry.


Décor contributes immensely to the reflection of your home. Try to remember that moment when you walk into someone’s home, you instantly feel welcome. Have you ever considered thinking, why do feel like that? Their decor seems authentic and is a true reflection of the family who lives in it.


Elevating Space with Home Decor


There are many ways to enhance the look of the home. But, how do you make your space look at its best and reflecting your sense of style?


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With little planning and following easy and pocket-friendly steps, your home will look just like new.


Make a plan

Begin with formulating a strategy. Try to write your vision on a piece of paper to the best of your ability. Ensure that your idea is different from everyone else’s. Make your home look unique and beautiful in every way possible.


Right Colours for the wall

The colour of the home’s interior must be carefully decided. The hues in the house impact your mood. The psychology of colour is not unknown. Cool and warm colours keep you light-headed all day long while bright increases the level of stress.


Go for green

Adding green to the home’s ambience is the most effective way to brighten up the place. Bring home some antique and intricately designed planters. Keep them on your balcony or in your living room. It is the simplicity that adds lively spirit to the overall decor.


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Sustainability is beautiful

Time has come that you take immediate steps towards the planet. There is a popular opinion among people that eco-friendly products are expensive. You are mistaken. Several brands like Ellementry in the market have taken the initiative to offer nature-friendly products to their customers. Bring home some of the decor items for home and light it up with elegance and sustainability.


If you are thinking about where to get such products from, here are some antique-looking products lined for you to elevate your home interiors:


Midnight terracotta vase

The pot is perfect to put on the cabinet at the entrance or in the living room. The vase is made using natural materials. It will uplift the overall décor as you can’t keep dry flowers in it.


Midnight Terracotta Vase


In time notice board with clock and shelf: Just right for the décor of a young generation flat, the in-time notice board with clock and shelf will complement the young and wild vibe effortlessly. You can put it on your kitchen’s wall or in your common area.


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Write down all your important things to do on the board and hang the keys on the holder below. You can also stick your notes on it as the board comes with four magnets to attach your to-do notes or monthly bills.


Teravak embossed planter

Right to keep in the middle of your coffee table, this planter is perfect for all kinds of ambience. A small sapling in this planter will create an environment of happiness, positivity and prosperity. It is a great gifting idea for friends and family. You can keep the plant in your kitchen’s window. It will keep your mood happy and light all the time.


Minikin accents set of 2

Who doesn’t like elephants? They are the symbol of strength, stamina and patience. These Minikin accents are perfect to keep on the coffee table. Since most of you are working from home nowadays, you can also place them on your workstation. This wooden décor elephant decor piece has brass ears that make it more aesthetically appealing.


You can also add modern and eco-friendly kitchenware to decorate your kitchen. Have a look at more only on


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