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You've moved into a new house, but is that okay if nobody sees it? Throw a housewarming party to boast your new apartment to old friends and new neighbours, but don't fuss over the expense. Moving costs money, so it is okay if you don't feel like to splurge at a party.

Thankfully, you can host an ideal housewarming party on a low budget, because Ellementry has a variety of products for every house, and we ensure that you always find something unique and reasonable.

Not sure where to begin? Just follow the below tips and get started on planning your low budget housewarming party. All you need is the right things, and you can get them at Ellementry!

Evaluate your budget

Before you begin planning about your party, you need to figure out how much money you have to work with. Don't feel any sort of responsibility to spend huge. A perfect housewarming party can be a casual affair. Most important is knowing what amount you're comfortable spending and from there you can jump into other details.

Chose an appropriate date

Wait for a few weeks after you moved. It might be tempting to invite all your friends over the night away, but wait till your place is in the right place. Make sure you have unboxed most of the boxes, and furniture is at the site, so you don't get to worry about everything at the party. So choosing an appropriate date will help you to host a more organized party and will give you some time to recover financially. So, to host a stress-free party, choose wisely.

Filter the guest list

It's your new house party, and you feel like inviting everyone just to showoff, that should not happen. It doesn't have to mean asking a ton of people. Since you are on a low budget, try listing down your closest friends and a few others you can't manage to skip. That will make your bash both more manageable and more cost-effective.

Digital invitations

In this era of the digital world, everyone is okay with email invites. No need to plan fancy letters, emailing them is quick, simple, and free of cost.  If you're still in the mood to do it a little fancy, you can think of designing your invitation with a lot of free sites available on the web. Also, you ask your friends and other guests to RSVP, so that you can know how many people are coming and you can plan the food and drinks.

Limit the decorations

Your home is the star of your housewarming party. Everything else will just act as a cherry on the cake. If you're planning an economical housewarming party, just skip the decorations and focus more on making your home look the prettiest it can, especially with items you already have.

If you still want to add some special touch, buy something that you can be used even after the party, like string lights, pieces of art, and maybe a pretty dessert stand for the kitchen countertop. So, if you’re looking to buy these items, you can buy them from Ellementry. A dessert stand will be the most suitable as you can use it in the long run, plus it will stand out at the party.

Make a large batch of drinks

Alcohol could be costly for a large number of people and its tuff to know exactly what guests will want to have and how much they'll drink. So instead of buying one, make one. Make a massive batch of cocktail, get some exciting recipes from the internet. Moreover, you can get a dispenser, to reduce workload. At Ellementry, you can get the glass dispenser, which will be the ideal choice for your housewarming party, and also you can use it afterwards. It will be a smart investment, though.

Why not plan smart?

In the invitation, you can ask your friends and neighbours to bring a dish cooked by themselves, and telling them a surprise is waiting for the best recipe. This will reduce your workload, and it will include a variety on the table. This is an excellent way to feed a lot of people without having to spend a ton of money.

Use washable plates and utensils

Everyone thinks paper and plastic utensils fit the best for a housewarming party. But why waste money when you have an alternative. Use your tools, glasses, plates etc. This will cost you in time as you need to clean the dishes afterwards, but its better rather than putting a hole in your wallet. In case the number of guests is more than your kitchenware, you can buy utensils from Ellementry since they have a variety of crockery sets that can be cleaned quickly and can be reused.

Focus on the ambience

Hosting a housewarming party isn't easy, but attending a one is. So you need to use the environment and ambience in an attractive manner. Everyone loves the refreshing and straightforward atmosphere, so do with lightening candles and prepare a party playlist, or make your upbeat grouping. In the end, it's all about setting the mood and making the event seem more impressive. Think of more ways to make your ambience right without spending much.

Plan some indulging games

A party is incomplete without fun and entertainment. There are a plethora of housewarming party games which you can play with your friends. Create your own free housewarming party games, like a treasure hunt of items in the house, trivia about your town or city, or a scramble with words related to your new place. You can find game printables on the web or just create your own, and even you can ask your friends for some suggestions.

So if you're planning to host a housewarming party on a budget, do the best with what you're comfortable spending and avoid taking pressure about what your party should look like and include. The guests that attend are coming to support you and check out your new home, they're not expecting anything super fancy and materialistic. Take care to work within the boundaries of your budget, and for that Ellementry is the right platform, you'll end up having less stress leading up to the event, and your guests will adore it.

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