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Like us, you too must have heard your mom saying, “don’t go empty hands in a housewarming party”. Have you wondered why? Well, a present or a special gift in a housewarming party is not a way to show-off, it just adds an extra layer of good wishes for your housewarming friend or relative. So, pal, don’t just be a guest for a night, leave your presence for years by gifting something precious in nature.

Do you also agree, deciding a birthday gift for a kid is far easier than deciding a housewarming gift? There are innumerable options available which in turn, creates chaos inside the mind. But Ellementry is here to take away all your pain of deciding. But before jumping on any conclusion, you must also keep in mind the personality of the party organiser. Not everyone is friendly to all sorts of gifts. So, if you are thinking to decide housewarming gifts as per personality, you are at the right spot. Just read the pointers below and you will end up making the process easy for you.

Housewarming gifts as per the personality

It is very important to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of a person when gifting them something especially on the occasion of housewarming. So, let’s not wait and choose housewarming gifts as per personality-

“Cooking-fever” personality-

Every house includes a person who uses all their free time to cook some finger-licking dishes. So, is your friend/relative also a cooking lover? Well, if they are so and throwing a housewarming party, your woes are already solved. Just choose the best cooking product from Ellementry and be their partner in their cooking zone. There are a number of cooking products on Ellementry-

The in vogue set of 2 platters can be used to serve a variety of dishes and especially desserts.

The in team wooden cheese breadboard is a fine teak wood article. A cooking lover can never do without this product. And if you think they may not be having a cheese board, you must give one.

The mano metal eggshell muffin tray is easy to use and maintain muffin stencil. Gift it to your baking lover friend in his housewarming party.

Why not give encouragement to the cooking zeal of your friend with mango wood brown 2 tier cake stand?

Die-hard décor lover-

Those who do not even notice the retirement of an old decorative piece, might not understand the importance of décor items. Only a décor lover can truly feel the peculiar position, décor items hold in a house. So, if your friend is a die-hard décor lover, gift them something that they can place or hang in their favourite spot in the house. Every time they look at this décor article, you too will be remembered with compassionate eyes. Let Ellementry bear this pain and present you with various décor items-

The jharoka lantern is an ideal decorative piece. Hang or place it anywhere indoors with a candle inside and soothe the surrounding.

if your friend loves walls art then rustic gold metal wall art large is a perfect choice. It is easy to clean as well.

The vama vase eco mix is an aesthetic piece of the handmade vase. Attach a living or artificial plant and gift it to your décor lover friends.

A pro homemaker-

Well, if you are the 90s born, a homemaker will always remind you of your mum. Amidst all the dirt and chaos one used to spread, our mum used to settle things like a pro. And so, our mum is never less than shaktimaan to us! But now, a homemaker is not limited to any particular gender. Anyone can be a pro homemaker. And the best part is, gifting items for a homemaker doesn’t seek any connection with any gender. If you are up to decide one, choose one or more from a wide range of homemaking products from Ellementry-

The ember condiment bowl set of 2 with wooden base pink grey is a perfect gift for a homemaker. You can keep dry fruits or such items in these bowls.

The wood peg table is both a decorative as well as a useful item. lift the lid and there is storage space. Your friend can place it anywhere in the house and use it every now and then.

The gunmetal pendant lamp round emanates perfect soothing light for reading and night hours.

The tech geek-

Who says that a housewarming party organiser can only either be a homemaker or a cooking lover? There comes this special category of people who loves technology more than anything on this planet (including humans sometimes). So, for them, you can gift something that has a taste of both techs as well as housewarming vibes. Are you wondering what can be such a gift?

  • Music system- what can be a better start of a day than listening to your favourite genre of music? If your friend is a tech-geek, then a music system is the finest gift for their housewarming. He may or may not have this product but having a new one will definitely lighten up his mood.
  • Kitchen items- There are a lot of technological advances for the kitchen as well. You can gift your friend kitchen tech products as well like a mixing grinder, toast maker etc. It will not only soothe their desire for tech but also make their living easier.

Not just these, the list goes on and on including portable speakers, tech décor items, etc. So, grab the one as per your budget and desire.

The organiser-

There is yet another category of people in every house, the organisers. These are the people who do not like cooking, who may not start stepping on the floor when the music turns on in a party but they surely love to see every item on the place and well organised. They may not crave for any aforementioned products but they just prefer always seeing the house in conventional form. So, if your friend or relative falls in this category, try gifting them accessories items for their housewarming party. Such items are easily available on Ellementry-

Help your friend organise kitchen jars and essentials on the white wood shelf large hard wooden rack. There is various such shelf available on Ellementry.

The marble centre stage cloche condiment set of 2 makes a sober housewarming gift. One can keep safe edibles on the marble cover with glass lid. The two condiments can hold nuts.

The indigo condiment set oil vinegar salt pepper napkin holder will make an organiser extremely happy. Under one set, one can arrange four items and napkins as well.

If you wish to bring a wide smile on your friend’s face, gift this tribal mango wood platter. It is round in shape and looks extremely appealing.

Party freak-

Party is a way to relax and refresh your mind. Anyone can throw a party but taking care of the edges and corners of a party is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, if your friend is a party freak, why not gift her something relevant? There are innumerable party gifts out in the market. But to choose the best quality products, you must not miss out checking these on Ellementry-

The glossy silver metal wine cooler is a quintessential gift for a party lover.

Authentic tea/coffee lover-

In this era, there is rarely any person who dislikes tea or coffee. And if your friend is an authentic tea lover, gift something relevant to her taste.

The tea amore gift box set has two brass teabag rests, a spoon and four boxes inside. It is the most ideal gift for a tea lover.

The solo tea set with one bowl and cup makes a great gift. The platter holds them intact and gives an aesthetic look.

The grey metal tea set includes a cup, a serving pot and a sugar pot making it a complete tea gift.

We have tried to incorporate various categories of people to ease your task of choosing housewarming gifts as per personality. If you find your friend or relative under any of these categories, do not hesitate to buy one of your choices. They will surely adore it. We hope you are able to decide on one here.

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