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Human beings are social animals. They love to spend time in a good company over food and drinks. The zillions of festivities prove that cooking and serving is an integral part of our lives. When we have a chance to visit someone, apart from the lip-smacking food, it is also the serving set that garners attention. Yes, here we are talking about the most exotic possession of our homes, that is safely placed in the shelves of the dining room. Strictly brought to serve the guests these serving sets are capable of enhancing the visual appeal of food.

Here is all you need to create a serving set that elevates the aesthetic value of your home:

Tea time beauties

Indian homes mostly have a visitor during the evening tea time. You may need teacups, platters and a few bowls to serve them freshly made pakoras, chutney and chips. Some households also prefer to add teapots, milk pots and sugar bowls to entertain the visitors.

Here is what you will need to pamper yourself and guests at tea time




Nut bowls

Chutney bowls


Milk pot

Sugar bowls or pots


The market has a lot of options when it comes to your tea time serving partners, but it is only at Ellementry that you get exotic designs in eco-friendly materials. We have an array of tea time beauties made in ceramic and metal. These are beautifully hand-painted by the local artisans and are engineered to be both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Partners at the dining table

Every household has a serving set that comes out only when there are guests on the table. The diligently prepared food served on the stylish plates seems exceptionally appetizing. However, modern décor has changed the look of our cutlery. It is no longer the same design imprinted on each utensil of a particular set. The contemporary approach to beautify the dinner table is through a thoughtful mix and match procedure.

Buying a serving set is easy but creating gorgeousness on the table is not everybody’s cup of tea. We help you to assemble a serving set that is exceptionally beautiful and will make your guests swoon over them. First, have a look at the contents of a serving set

A serving set should have everything necessary to serve food on the table. Here are the items


We Indians are proud of our curries. Each state has a particular set of spices that is evident in their curries. Apart from that, Indian food is never complete without a delicious pickle. Rice and salads also need a bowl to stand tall on the dinner table. How can we forget the delightful kheer that gives the kind of contentment that none another can? With all of these, we know that bowls of all sizes can never be enough when we love to feed and eat.

Here I sum up the kind of pots needed on the table.

Small and big curry bowl

Rice bowl

Salad bowl

Pickle bowl

Dessert bowl

Fruit bowl

You may need a lot of these bowls to welcome your guests. So, stock up all the varieties and be ready to impress.

Here are our favourite picks-

  • Wooden nut bowl- Tiny bowl made of wood will be the right choice to get cosy in a corner and savour some delicious nuts.

  • Ceramic bowl- Handcrafted ceramic bowls in unique designs will be suitable for a dessert or try bigger ones to adorn the table.

  • Combination of wood and other materials- Wood, when merged with papier-mache creates an eco-friendly product. It is also the result of a local art hence employing the poor. These plush materials, when painted and used as a fruit bowl, will sit like a crown on your dining table and make people guessing.


Now and then a spoon goes missing from the house, and we buy another set. Mothers love to add their beautiful designs to their collection, and the toddlers always want them to play. You need a spoon for every other thing in the kitchen. Be it stirring, serving, eating or placing in the spice containers. But the ones we have always found at home are made of steel that is plain boring in the modern household.

First, let us figure out the categories of spoons needed in a household.

  • Teaspoons – for serving pickles, chutneys etc.

  • Large serving spoons- for rice, curries, curd, ice cream or kheer

  • Tongs- for the yummy fried food

  • Spaghetti spoon- for the unmanageable noodles that refuse to climb in the regular spoon.

  • Fork- for serving and eating

  • Dessert spoons

  • Soup spoons

Every spoon has a purpose. A dessert spoon cannot be used in place of a soup spoon, so it will be wise to buy many of these so that you are never short of cutlery while hosting.

Here are a few options:-

  • Brass dessert spoon- The golden colour of brass brings an exotic vibe to your space. They are food safe and handcrafted when brought from us.
  • Wooden spoons- They are comparatively cheaper and are already a part of the middle-class houses. Wooden spoons last for a long time and can save you from burns as they do not get hot quickly.

  • Metal spoons- Highly sustainable and not prone to breakage are the biggest pros of choosing metal spoons. Also, they are easy to simple and maintain for a long time.


The 90’s kids know then as ‘tray’. Yes, the ones used to serve the teacups. Today their role is not only confined to holding the cups. They make our starters appealing, and we want to devour them at first sight. The aloo tikkis with chutney look nothing less than ambrosia. When venturing to buy the right platters for your table, remember that steel is a passé.

Today it is either ceramic or wood platter that brings an aesthetic appeal to space without harming the surroundings in any way.

  • Ceramic platters- Painted in mesmerizing designs, they are a sight to behold. The local artists handcraft these unique artworks.

  • Wood platters- Build to last lifetime wood platters bring nature into your house. The rugged aesthetics of these can impress any guest in a jiffy.

The condiments vessel

Your food will never have the right amount of salt and pepper. It is never your fault because we humans have a peculiar platter when it comes to food. Dress your table with salt and pepper compartments for the guest to be content with the taste. Ceramic and wooden pots are available in exciting colours to beautify the spot and flatter your visitors.

Include ceramic, wood, glass, metal and brass in your posh serving sets and invite everyone who brings a smile to your face. These are the moments that will always be cherished. Adding sustainable and eco-friendly products will be the cherry on the cake and an absolute conversation starter. After All, the best conversations happen when both stomach and soul are contented.

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