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In the recent trends of style and comfort, we all wish to have a perfect house, with each room picture-perfect, even the kitchen.  Don’t we? But, often, we are left wondering as to what might make it one of its kind. This is where Ellementry finds its way into your lives with its extremely attractive range of ideas for your dream kitchen. Here browse through the step-by-step procedure of planning a new kitchen, right from scratch:


The first step to begin with kitchen planning is researching various elements by taking into account the personal taste and lifestyle of homeowners and other members. It is important to figure out whether one aims to opt for a contemporary kitchen or a traditional kitchen look.

It would be a great idea to turn to a few online platforms like Ellementry to seek inspiration and ideas that does match with your vision related to the kitchen planning. Selecting an apt colour palate, too, is equally important to ensure that your kitchen design reflects your taste. For those who prefer the minimalistic feel, settling for a contemporary kitchen embracing clean yet elegant elements would be a prudent decision. Here, while kitchen planning, it is important to remember that contemporary does not mean making a limited choice in the form of black or white. Also, it is important to consider lifestyle while planning a new kitchen. In case if there are kids in the house, then considering glossy doors that may highlight fingerprints would not be ideal. On the other hand, considering timber wood will prove to be a prudent decision. 


Mulling over new kitchen space is yet another crucial aspect that demands to possess proper clarity. Kitchen planners who are fond of socializing may consider incorporating a seating area in the kitchen or the adjoining space. In case, if there is already an additional dining space in the form of the dining area, the seating area is not required. 


Once you feel that you have conducted exhaustive research about major aspects of the kitchen planning, it is time to chalk out an ideal budget. While planning a new kitchen, budget criteria too can be segregated into diversified segments. Firstly, it is important to decide on the overall budget, and that can be decided to keep in mind the specifications and size of the kitchen. If there are not many budget constraints, it will be a prudent decision to invest in the internationally renowned kitchenware. Also, one may consider investing in a few bespoke kitchenware collections meant to speak volumes of the unique personal taste of the homeowner. While chalking out the budget, it is recommended to keep some margin over the decided budget, maybe 10 to 20% margin. For help, you can search the website of Ellementry with multiple ranges available in all price ranges.


These days, with the help of computer-generated design images, it is possible to gain an inkling about the outcome related to kitchen planning. Indeed, this is a step where creativity knows no boundaries. There are two ways to proceed with the design of a new kitchen, including either DIY or hiring an expert who is equipped with all the precise knowledge and resources like advanced software. It is recommended to take quotes from different experts or kitchen designers to be assured that you are not being overcharged. Also, see to it that the expert can grasp your design visual images when translated into words and relevant references. 


Timeline and Ordering

Once the major aspects related to the New kitchen have been finalized, it is time to decide on the timeline of major kitchen planning events related to your specific project. If there is also a building work involved, gaining clarity from the builder and also kitchen supplier about the completion will be a great idea to avoid any inconvenience. 

Building Work

No matter you are merely renovating your kitchen or building an extension, it is recommended to make provision for the additional space to store kitchen related materials while simultaneously setting up a temporary functional kitchen. A typical timeline for the completion of the building phase will include many different stages involving Demolition, Structural changes, Primary fixes, Decoration Phase, and Flooring Installation.

Kitchen Installation

You have come a long way, and it is time to get cabinets, kitchen tabletop, and other elements installed besides ensuring that the entire plumbing work gets finished. At this stage, it is recommended to leave some additional scope in terms of time to accommodate final finishing touches. Once the installation is completed, it is time to arrange your existing kitchenware in your new kitchen. 

Buying New Kitchenware 

To enhance the charm of your new kitchen space, you may consider imparting a distinctive feel to your kitchen by investing in a few unique designer kitchenware. The option may include wooden bowls, ribbed glass storage jar, white marble condiment set, terracotta curd setter, silver stainless steel cutlery set, teak salad servers, and many more. Now comes a million-dollar question when it comes to kitchen planning. The question is how to select the most superior quality kitchenware. Selecting kitchenware is no more a casual decision. When it comes to the quality of kitchenware and hygiene aspects of cooked meals, it is the cooking appliances that matter most. For cooks possessing traditionalists mindset, laying a strong emphasis on the aspect of cooking safety is most important. Also, it would be a great idea to opt for sleeker kitchenware to score well on the aspect of aesthetic appeal. 


Investing in quality kitchenware is no more an option. Indeed, it has come to become a necessity in the wake of increasing pollution and increased use of preservative chemicals to enhance the longevity of the perishable edible items. In this scenario, why not to adopt a proactive attitude while carefully selecting a kitchenware brand that seeks inspiration from nature and make the most of cutting-edge technology to deliver the goodness of earth to you. Moreover, why not leave a lasting impression through showcasing a glimpse of your creative imagination reflected by a fabulous revamped kitchen combined with a bespoke kitchenware collection? An ideal KItchenware collection is the one that is not meant to score well merely on the aspect of aesthetic appeal but is meant to score well on the aspect of hygiene as well.

The Final Word

It is still all right to somewhat comprise on the aspect of the New kitchen design, kitchen lighting, and similar elements. However, it is not at all acceptable to compromise on the aspect of kitchenware as it is bound to trigger negative repercussions in the long run. If it is time to eat right, it is also time to ensure selecting apt kitchenware, ensuring that you are not only eating right but hygienic as well. To ensure that you are making wise decisions with your kitchenware, visit to choose and select the best available in the market.

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