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Kitchen, the only place where the whole family gathers at least once in the whole day. In a kitchen proper organization of the essential items is very important to make space for everyone. There are very few people who understand that the decoration of the kitchen is equally important to that of the other rooms in the house. Decorating kitchen with certain usable kitchen items is more preferable as it will help in organizing as well as decorating it at the same time. 

Hooks and holders are of great need in every room but in the kitchen, they serve multiple purposes. Kitchen decor can be of any type but that can be used for different uses. Wall hooks are used for hanging things and creating some art also. You must check out trendy and classy wall hooks on Ellementry.

Ceramic wall hooks as wall art

Wall hooks are generally used in the kitchen to hang clothes, utensils and other kitchen accessories. But there has been no use of wall hooks as art or kitchen decor. The modified and beautiful version of the traditional wall hook is ceramic wall hooks, that can only be seen in some forts and antique store. Ellementry has a collection of ceramic wooden wall hooks that are unique kitchen decor and kitchen accessories. Colorful ceramic wall hooks can be arranged in beautiful patterns to create some specific shape or art. 

Metal hooks replacing nails 

Nails and nuts are stuck into the walls and most of the time it results in damage to the cement of the wall. A fine version of metal hooks that have distinct shapes attached to them is available in the market. It is a perception that adding hooks on the walls might affect the beauty and calmness of the wall, instead, it can add creativity to it. Metallic wall hooks with different shapes on them can be stuck on the wall to give kitchen wall an antique kitchen decor look. Ellementry presents a variety of metallic hooks with various shapes on them that gives you unique kitchen decor. 

Kitchen clothes have a new place

In the kitchen, there are various types of clothes with multiple purposes they serve. Some are dusting clothes, cleaning clothes, muslin cloth, etc. which need a separate place to avoid mixup. Keeping all these clothes separately and always remembering their position can be a difficult task, and placing them on regular wall hooks cause this mess. One can use different types of kitchen wall hooks and arrange them in a pattern to avoid mess and can create beautiful kitchen decor as well. Using different wall hooks from Ellementry for kitchen decor can help in avoiding the mess. 

Wooden hooks beautifying corners of the kitchen 

Decorating walls is quite a traditional way of decorating a room and this results in injustice with the corners that remain left out. It’s time to decorate a corner in some different way like placing some wooden hooks in an alternate manner on two adjacent walls. The criss-cross pattern will create a beautiful kitchen decor and these can also be used for hanging different items in the kitchen. Wooden hooks are durable and can hold lightweight utensils and vegetables easily. On Ellementry, a wide range of wooden wall hooks are available that creates extraordinary kitchen decor for all kinds of kitchens. 

Rice Lights on wall hooks 

Celebrations need decoration and decoration means light in each corner of the house. Most of the time while decorating a house on any festival and occasion people generally forget to decorate the kitchen. The only reason why kitchen decor is avoided the lack of ideas. Here comes a simple idea that doesn’t ask for a huge investment. Take some rice lights and some beautiful wall hook and struck the hooks in the desired pattern. Now place the rice light on these hooks and lit up the kitchen with shimmering lights. This avoids the pasting and nails sticking on the wall and your house gets its best kitchen decor for the event. Other than lights flower and petal garlands can also be used according to the occasion. 

Hooks for coats during parties

A family gathering or dinner welcomes a large number of guests at the place. Though there is enough space for all of them to settle, still there is little space for hanging jackets and coats. If some extra wall hooks are added into the kitchen then this problem will easily be resolved. The kitchen decor of wall hooks serves the purpose and there is sufficient space for all coats and jackets. 

Kitchen being the highly busy room of the house deserve to be decorated beautifully. For all those who spent most of their time of the day in the kitchen, it is necessary to have some encouraging and mood cheering items in the kitchen. Adding a variety of decors and changing them from time to time will help them in a better way. Wall hooks are just an accessory for those who lack creativity but for those who love some innovation, it is an element of art that creates something new. 

Bring various types of hooks from Ellementry and make some new kitchen decor with them. These are highly affordable and have a long life. There are a variety of hooks like metallic hooks and ceramic wooden hooks which can be used for kitchen uses. These are beautifully designed to serve the purpose of kitchen decor. All types of wall hooks can hold items for long. 

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