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The kitchen to a house is what a soul to a body. With food, health and memories are also made in the kitchen. In the world of continuous development, cooking practices and kitchen utensils have also changed with time. However, a development that brings in modern practices to meet the changing needs by blending them with traditional practices and beliefs is the best type of development. At the same time, certain practices and products are the better and improved versions of traditional ways of doing things. Curd setter is an example of such a version, which is made of clay and has an elegant and durable design to complement a modern kitchen. A terracotta curd setter is a gift of a healthy and natural way of living to today’s lifestyle. 

Curd is an important part of Indian cuisine because of its use in various forms such as raita of various types, curd rice, sweet curd, lemon curd, Dahi tadka, curd drinks, and many other things. Curd is also used as a base in different types of natural face packs for glowing and healthy skin. Therefore, the curd is not only good when consumed but also when applied externally. This makes curd an important ingredient of Indian kitchens making curd setting a regular practice. A terracotta curd setter not only helps in forming a thick and wholesome curd but is also a part of sustainable development, which the development with means developing with nature, not on the cost of nature.

Benefits of using a curd setter over the traditional way

Using a terracotta curd setter not only gives thick curd but has other benefits as well. Let us discuss those benefits as follows:


  • The Organic


Terracotta curd setter is organic, which means it is alkaline and porous. The alkaline quality forms the best ground for good bacteria to breed which are responsible for the process of curd formation. The porous nature provides the right temperature for bacteria to carry out fermentation. Unlike utensils made from other materials, there is no need to wrap the curd setter in a warm piece of cloth. It also absorbs the extra water leaving the perfectly thickened curd that not only looks good but also tastes better. The curd made in the curd setter has the highest concentration of probiotics as compared to curd made in utensils of other material.     


  • Food-safe


The alkaline nature and natural processing make the terracotta curd setter a food-safe utensil. It is also useful in baking and it increases the nutritional value of either curd or the food baked in it. After the curd is ready, it can be stored in the same curd setter for three to five days without going sour, which may be the case in utensils made from other materials.       


  • Design, Style, and Maintenance


The design and style is an important factor in every modern kitchen and the terracotta curd setter is not only organic but also stylish to complement the modern kitchen. Its care and maintenance are also easy as it can be easily cleaned using only mild detergent and water. This way the curd setter is both a healthy and durable part of kitchen and cooking.  


  • Multipurpose


Extensive cooking and hosting go hand-in-hand in Indian kitchens. Things do not stop at just preparing a portion of delicious food but are extended to sharing the food with friends and family. Terracotta curd setter is ideal for everything from making the curd, storing the curd and serving the curd. There is no need to use different utensils while serving the curd from the curd setter, take it straight to the dining table, and enjoy the thick curd.       


  • Part of sustainable development 


The curd setter is made from natural material earth and therefore, this utensil comes from the earth and goes back to it. This means it is the part of sustainable development, where development occurs with nature, not on the cost of nature. Also, the manufacturing of a curd setter does not produce any harmful gases and substances, making an environment-friendly product.

In addition to the above benefits, one of the interesting facts about the terracotta curd setter is that it is handcrafted. From selecting the clay to its cleaning, molding, and painting, everything is done by hand. It is, therefore, a curd setter is not only made with care but also made with love. This combines many aspects of a single thing. There is recognition for handmade poetry, concern about the health and fulfillment of the modern need where a thing that does well must also look good.      

In the world of change and development, humans now need to check their pace and ways of development. It is essential for both humans and the environment. We can always choose a lifestyle, which improves humans’ health and reduces the bad impact of development on the environment. Beginning with the kitchen is one of the best and easiest steps in that direction by which we can leave behind a beautiful environment for the generations to come and lead a healthy life. Terracotta curd setter is one such practice that is gaining popularity in Indian kitchens for its health and other benefits. So, next time when you go shopping for your kitchen, consider buying terracotta curd setter and see yourself if it really is a better option than going the traditional way.         

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