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Every one of us decorates each and every room of the house with precision but we usually forget to give Kitchen the same level of importance. Today we will give you some chic kitchen wall art ideas that will transform your kitchen from more than just a place where meals are prepared. Whether your taste is bright, modern, shabby or Chic these ideas will completely transform your kitchen’s personality. You can check Ellementry to grab the perfect wall art items for your kitchen decor at negligible prices.                                     

EAT Signs

As we are decorating the kitchen, we need to keep in mind that the decor also should be related to food, cooking, and eating. EAT signs are amongst the most popular kitchen decor. You can select from a wide range of EAT signs. These can be made on pallet wood, on cutting board, on cheese board; these can be just wooden letters attached to the wall or letters made from cork or metal. Choose the one as per your taste and kitchen decor. This kitchen wall art idea will never fail to impress you and your guests.

Adorning Plate Walls

Decorative plates can’t look more connecting in any room’s decor other than the kitchen. These plates can be of various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. If you want to exhibit your collection of beautiful plates picked up from various trips then the kitchen wall is the best place for it. This kitchen wall art idea will give a modern and stylish look to your kitchen decor.  


Who doesn’t like the sight of some greenery around him/her? Greenery always gives coolness to your eyes. You can also bring some greenery in your kitchen by keeping small pots and containers with pretty cute plants there. You can install a rack made of metal or wooden boxes to accommodate these pots or keep them on kitchen window or randomly anywhere you like. These pots will give you that breath of fresh air while working in the kitchen and will add freshness to your kitchen decor.


If anyone asks you what is the use of utensils, what would you say? Cooking, isn’t it? What if we tell you that you can use your utensils in a stylish way to give that unusual trendy look to your kitchen. If you have that creative streak of using things in a different manner this kitchen wall art idea will be best for you. Any of your utensils that are no longer in use can be mounted on your kitchen wall. They can be old wooden spatulas or wooden cutting boards or some bright colored tea pots, saucers or pans. Arrange them in a manner that they become the focal point in your kitchen decor. You can always get your choice utensils at Ellementry at marginal prices.

Bold Kitchen Sign

Give your kitchen a rustic look by placing a big bold ‘KITCHEN’ sign over your workplace. You should back the letters with a corkboard, hardwood to make them more visible and appealing. You can also add shimmer to these letters to make them more vibrant. This kitchen decor will definitely add that perfect look to your kitchen without too much hustle                             

Recipe Card Board

Do you want to give your kitchen that restaurant feel? If yes then you can easily do that by simply putting a board on your kitchen wall where you can put weekly or daily menus. This will not only help you to plan your menus beforehand but will also give that chic look to your kitchen decor. You can install a wooden board for this purpose. You can add some designs or letters on it to give it a more decorated look. You can always get the cardboard of your choice on Ellementry.                       

Wooden Wine Rack

If you are looking for some space to keep your wine bottles then you can always get it by installing a wooden rack in your kitchen. This wooden rack can be made in a way that it can accommodate your wine bottles and glasses at the same time. It can be given a shine by adding a coat of resin. This piece of art will give your kitchen decor that rustic look you always wanted              


A prominent designer wall clock can give any wall a new life. If you want your kitchen wall to get that new look but don’t want to spend too much time and money on it then a big stylish wall clock can turn out to be the best option. You can choose a wooden wall clock to give that rustic look or a metal shiny one to give that bright look to your kitchen decor. Check out Ellementry for that perfect wall clock.

Pot Hanging Rack

This kitchen decor idea will serve two purposes.First, it will provide you with space to hang your favorite pans that you use regularly plus it will give that fashionable look to your kitchen. 

Chalk Board

Do you want a place in your kitchen where you can write your daily menus or grocery list or other reminders then this kitchen decor idea is best for you.  You can select from a wooden chalkboard or paint the wall with chalkboard paint to give that trendy smart look to your kitchen decor. You can find a wide range of chalkboards at Ellementry at nominal prices.

Produce baskets

Tired of keeping your fruits in that fruit basket? Want a stylish way to stack them. This kitchen decor idea is the ultimate one for you. For this you have to install a wooden board on your kitchen wall and hang a few baskets on it to keep your fruits. You can also put a wooden look wallpaper or paint the wall with a wooden texture if you don’t want to use wood. Put some interesting signs like ‘FRESH PRODUCE’ to complete the look of this decor.

Kitchen Organizer Shelf

Instead of using the usual kitchen organizer shelf you could always go for a custom one. Design your kitchen rack in such a way that not only it provides you the space to accommodate your kitchen stuff but gives a simple yet stylish look to your kitchen. You can make this organizer shelf from wood or metal. You can also add a few hooks in it to keep your aprons or hang some showpieces. This kitchen decor idea is a simple one but works all the time.


Cover your kitchen wall with an eye-catchy tile to transform your kitchen completely. You can use a graphic pattern or a tile mural to give that vibrant look to your kitchen. This kitchen decor can be done without too much effort and plus it's easy to maintain and clean. 

Showcase your art

If you are an artistic person and are always looking for a place to display your art then you can even find it in your kitchen. You can always paint a wall of your kitchen and use it to display your artifacts.

Use those baskets

Do you have old vintage baskets with you that are of no use? No need to throw them. You can always turn these baskets in beautiful showpieces by installing them on your kitchen wall. This simple yet elegant kitchen wall decor idea will be loved by everyone for sure.


No matter what your style is you will always find some or the other way to transform your kitchen to your dream kitchen. You just have to think differently to add that oomph factor to your kitchen. You can always visit Ellementry to get the perfect artifacts for your kitchen decor at minimal prices.

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