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Do-it-yourself Kitchen wall art is one of the creative ways of creating a masterpiece for your kitchen decor. The simple hands-on experience never lets you down and make you aware of your hidden creativity. So get set and go!  You can also check out to get some inspiration for your wall art items. 


  • Paint your kitchen wall: In kitchens, we do have an empty wall that demands decoration. Why not create DIY kitchen wall art directly on the wall? For this kind of kitchen wall decor, all you need is some paints, painting brush, and your fine art skills. An embossed painting of a yellow flower vase and some red flowers with it will definitely give a tinge of spark to your kitchen wall decor. If you think you are not good enough at creating images, then you can try making some easy shapes or prints using stencils. For example, you can use spray paints and create flowers or shapes with a stencil. Choose your colours wisely and bright colours will definitely look good on a dull-coloured wall. 


  • Kitchen wallpapers: Using wallpapers is the easiest way to for kitchen wall decor. You just need two things: beautiful wallpapers and glue to stick them. But it’s all about the placement. Covering the whole kitchen with wallpapers is not a good idea, we believe. Using wallpaper on a wall or maybe on a small area below your chimney is a great idea to create wall art. Many types of beautiful prints can be used such as kettle print, fruits print, spoons print, etc. Some basic prints can also be used such as polka dots, stripes, different shapes, etc. Floral prints are in vogue these days and look beautiful.   


  • Print and frame: how about a good read in your kitchen? We all love inspiring, funny quotes around us. Choose a stylish font and a funky color. Write something on it like ‘this kitchen is for dancing’, ‘bake with love’, ‘love is like a bottle of gin’, etc. Add some beautiful images to it like the image of a baker if you have written something related to baking. The last step is to print it and put it in a regular photo frame. Beautiful DIY kitchen wall art is ready for your kitchen wall decor. Hang it or gift it to someone. It is a good gifting option too. 


  • Silverware artwork: Silverware in the house can do wonders when it comes to wall art. Pick up some of your silverware and paint it white or any other color of your choice. Stick it to a frame and paint the borders of the frame too. It will turn out to be a British period kitchen wall art piece. It will look so pretty that people will ask you where you have purchased it. 


  • Paint a cutting board: Use your kitchen cutting board to create a DIY kitchen wall art for your beautiful kitchen wall decor. A wooden plank can also be used instead of cutting board. Paint and write something on it. Words like ‘gather’, ‘together’, ‘food’ and ‘eat’ looks good for kitchen wall decor. Hang it on a white wall. It will look amazing and you gonna love it.  


  • Create a notice board: Notice boards were earlier restricted to offices and schools but no more. We do like them in kitchens to stick recipes, reminders, list of groceries, etc let’s create one as DIY kitchen wall art. All you need is cardboard, sponge, printed piece of cloth and some glue. Place the sponge on the cardboard. Stick it to the cardboard. It should be of the same size as the cardboard. Cover this with a nice printed cloth. Look for some bright colors and fruity prints as it will brighten up your kitchen. DIY kitchen wall art is ready! It’s a beautiful piece for kitchen wall decor and you can also stick your photographs on it. You can also checkout kitchen notice boards on the website of Ellementry. 


  • Wooden tray kitchen wall art: These days we have a very beautiful wooden tray, unlike old plastic trays. This kind of tray looks like a masterpiece. You can check out some on Ellementry website. Old trays can also be used. All you need is to paint them. Make some floral patterns and hang it on the wall with the help of a hook. This will act as wall art and you can use it as a tray when you like.    


  • Hook stand: We need hooks in the kitchen to hang carry bags, aprons, etc. A hook stand will definitely solve the purpose and will be a beautiful wall art too. For this kind of kitchen wall decor, you need a wooden plank and some artistic and fancy hooks. Ellementry website will help you buy some extraordinary and unique ones. Have a look. Paint your plank with bright color and stick these hooks to it. It’s always better to buy colorful hooks as they look more pretty. Various combinations can be created like white hooks and blue plank or yellow hooks and red plank. Metal hooks can also be used. But when it comes to DIY kitchen wall art, a wooden hook stick with a colorful base always looks better.    


  • Decorative shelves: As we all need shelves in the kitchen over and above the existing shelves we have. Why not create a shelf which will not only solve the storage purpose but will also act as a kitchen wall decor. Three same size wooden planks are required for DIY kitchen wall art. Attach all the three to each other in such a way that makes a triangle. Hang it on the wall and some beautiful bowls or bottles to enhance its look. 

  1. Alphabetical letters: Fetch some alphabetical letters stickers from your nearby stationery and get ready to create the easiest  DIY kitchen wall art. Stick these alphabetical letters on cardboard. You can create words like ‘Happy’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Bar’, etc. your kitchen wall art for your kitchen decor is ready. 

There were few ideas for you to invest time in if you are looking for DIY kitchen wall art. These not only ensure that your kitchen looks fresh but also keeps you creative and busy. You must check out kitchen wall art products on Ellementry if you want to take some inspiration from market products.

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