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The kitchen is one of the most neglected places when it comes to decorating. This is because most people view kitchens as a more functional space rather than a space in which delicious, nourishing food is being prepared for the family.

 However, this shouldn't be the case as a kitchen is a cherished place where the family gathers to cook and spend time with one another every day.

Decorating is not as daunting as it might seem. The barren walls can be filled up with different types of kitchen wall art. The artistic decor on the walls of the kitchen can be both ornamental as well as functional. 

It doesn't matter if all you have is a small kitchen space to work with, there is always a way to enhance the space and make it more exciting and aesthetically pleasing. 

Here are some kitchen decor ideas for your kitchen walls that are creative and add a bit of personality to space. You can also checkout Ellementry for amazing wall arts for your kitchen walls :


  • Create an herb wall garden 

A vertical garden consisting of potted up herbs is a great way to add a pop of greenery to the room while also bringing some life back into space. Making sure that the wall that the herbs are on receives some direct sunlight will ensure that the herb grows properly and become bushy. These herbs can be sparingly used in the kitchen while cooking or even for garnishing the dishes. 


  • Fruit shaped metal art 

On Ellementry, you can find these unique metal arts that are made using the shape of various fruits. You can also stack some real fruits on the base of these items. They not only look great but add vibrancy in your kitchen. You must check out these on the website of Ellementry. 


  • Frame your vintage silverware 

Old silverware has a rustic traditional look to it that would be a perfect piece of decor for a farmhouse interior design. The hand-me-down silverware from parents or even grandparents that are not part of the daily use of silverware are better framed and hung on the wall than hidden in the drawers in the back. 


  • Wine rack

A Wine aficionado's dream come true if an entire wall gets stacked with their favorite wine. It provides a decorative, as well as useful kitchen decor as the wine stored on the wall, can also be used for cooking purposes. 


  • Wall clock 

Wall clocks are essential in a kitchen as there will be a need to check the time, but there might be something cooking that needs constant attention, in such a case, it is not possible to leave the kitchen to check the time

So it's best to bring in a wall clock in the kitchen, which can also bring in some character if it has some funky fruit or vegetable shape. There are many places such as quirky clocks are available like online in ellementry, and offline at any thrift store or a departmental store that sells decor.   


  • Butcher paper grocery list

A large roll of brown paper attached to the wall can act as contemporary decor and can also be used to write the grocery list or the menu for the day which would make it look like a fancy cafe environment. It can also be customized to the kitchen’s aesthetics.  


  • Farmhouse signs and boards

These eccentric signs add a fun, playful vibe to the dull kitchen space. These signs have a farmhouse style that perfect for those interior design styles. They can be hung up on the walls on hooks or hung from the ceiling. 


  • Decorative wall hooks

There are kitchen supplies that are always randomly lying around, which doesn't add to the kitchen's aesthetic, so its best to hang them up on the walls. Wall hooks that are different from the usual are the perfect kind to use in this case. Items like dish towels, heat protection mats, etc. that have a beautiful design or pattern are ideal choices to hang on these decorative wall hooks as they are not heavy and provides some color. These wall hooks can be found on ellementry who have these hooks in different materials and patterns.


  • Chalk Paint noticeboard

The black block of color provides some distinct vibe to the kitchen, and it can be decorated with chalk; however, you want to, according to your design aesthetic. These boards can be used to write down menu or grocery list or even what pantry essentials are currently available at the moment. 


  • Pot hanging rack

Hanging up some of the decorative pots in the kitchen on a wooden stand or even a metal rack provides an industrial vibe to the kitchen, making it look more aesthetic. Pots and pans with a beautiful copper bottom or wholly made up of stainless steel, copper, or cast iron are perfect for hanging up as they provide a grand look to the kitchen.


  • Open  shelves

Open shelving or floating shelves are perfect pieces in a minimalistic kitchen to display some kitchenware that could function as decor. Items like a wooden cutting board, tea kettle, bowls, plates, wine glasses, etc. can be displayed on the shelves. The shelves would draw your eye across the room away from the ugly parts like the sink, etc.


  •  Gallery wall

A collection of photos on the wall arranged deliberately can be termed as a gallery wall. A gallery wall is perfect for personalizing the decor in the kitchen by hanging up a picture of the family, along with some meaningful art pieces.


  • Hanging wooden cutting boards

Each wood piece is different, thus making it the perfect way to style a blank wall in the kitchen. They can be later used as cutting boards, serving trays, etc. They can be found in various designs, even ones with resin poured art on the handles.  They provide a beautiful rustic vibe and also bring in nature.


  • Wire board kitchen wall arts

Wire boards in the shapes of apples or pears provide a funky decor element to space, and it can be used to display some recipe cards on it in a creative way. These fruit-shaped metal kitchen wall arts can be found online on Ellementry in gold and copper colors.


  • Display decorative plates

Vintage plates with unique designs provide a significant decor element to the wall when arranged flat on the wall, showcasing the models on the plates. This array would be unique to each person’s finds and vintage plating in their arsenal. 


  • The magnetic knife display strip

Add a magnetic stripe on the wall that is solid and place all the different types of metal knives or even baking tools on the piece to display them. This is a unique way to show the items that one would not think is usually displayed. 


  • Calendar

A minimalistic wall calendar is a perfect way to fill up wall space in the kitchen that can be used for meal prep and also writing down the expiry dates for foods so that they are prioritized first.


  • Fridge magnets 

Fridge magnets are a great way to add art to the fridge without damaging the exterior. The stuff displayed on the refrigerator can be personalized by placing your children’s artwork or art made by some local artists. 


  • Hanging produce rack

A metal wire rack can be hung on the walls and the fruits purchased can be displayed on the shelves. Monochrome fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, even lemons provide a bright pop of color when presented on the racks.  

These were the few ideas for you to design and decor your kitchen walls. These ideas are artistic and can make anyone fall in love with your walls. You must checkout Ellementry for our unique kitchen wall art items and essentials.

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