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A kitchen is a place where homemakers spend most of their time cooking three meals of the day and needless to mention the snacks for tea time. Our kitchen and dining area are the ones that require an exclusive decoration to make it look lively and welcoming. Hence, we bring to you kitchen decor ideas, especially for the kitchen wall decor. You can try your hands on simple DIYs or buy small things that can add grace to your kitchen decor.  

Create a Wall Painting: If you can paint well or good at creating some strokes of your choice then this can be an interesting kitchen wall decor for you. It has no boundaries and no restrictions. Just pick up your painting brush and give your ideas a reality. Even if you are not good at painting, you can use some tools such as alphabet stencils or floral stencils to create a design or a quote of your choice on the wall. Painting pink and blue flowers with some green leaves on a light color wall will add a tinge of freshness in your kitchen. Another creative idea for kitchen wall decor can be painting some vegetables or a fruit basket on your wall.

Wall Decor Stand: If you have a spacious kitchen and a huge empty wall, you can opt for a wall stand where you can place anything of your choice. It is one of the best things for kitchen wall decor as it not only enhances the beauty of the wall but also acts as a storage place for some unique and antique utensils. You can stack up some books on one shelf, can add a vase on another or some antique pots or a jug like shown in the image. These stands are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. You can buy one that goes well with your wallpaper and other kitchen decors. 

Mug Holders:  Mug holders are usually simple but you can add charm to them by adding some beautiful mugs. You can also hang other utensils such as cutlery but the printed designer mugs always look more beautiful than cutlery. For a wide variety of mugs, you can check out our website You can also match mug designs with your tabletop. For example, our carbon ceramic mug goes very well with marble tabletops or any other black and white tabletop of the kitchen. Such kind of arrangement with your mug holder on the kitchen wall will turn out to be one of the best kitchen wall decors.  

Wall Decor Signs: There is a wide variety of signs available in the market which can add spark to your kitchen wall decor. They are usually made up of metal, wood or LED ones. These signs usually read EAT, LAUGH, KITCHEN, BAKE, etc. They look beautiful in and around the kitchen and dining area. 

DIY Kitchen Wall Decor: This is a simple and innovative way for kitchen decor. Take a piece of cloth as big as a hand towel. Fold it on one side and stick both sides creating a kangaroo pouch or a pocket. Now add some of your beautiful cutlery to it. You can choose the color combinations of your choice. You can hang it on the wall with the help of wall pins or you can simply stick it on the wall. 

Attractive Sayings on the Wall: Print an image or a quote of your choice and frame it. A variety of wide such framed images are available in the market but you can create one of your choices. Usually, people prefer kitchen-related quotes such as ‘Cook with love’, ‘Bake well’, ‘Eat healthily and stay fit’, ‘Count memories, not calories’, etc. Such quotes are mood changers. A good read always uplifts your mood. 

Notice Board: An old-style black notice board or a whiteboard works well for kitchen decor. You can check out some of the nice ones on our Ellementry website. Just hang them and add your message to it. You can also add a menu to it or the list of things you need to buy or any kind of reminders you wish to post. You can also stick notes to it. 

Wall Art: Choose the right wall art for your kitchen and just add to the wall. We at Ellementry offer very unique wall art for your kitchen. It is not just a wall art but can also store small things for you. Look at this fruit-shaped wall art below. It’s unlike the other wall art available in the market. For more such designs please visit our website and choose the one that suits the best for your kitchen. 

Indoor Plants: Plants never go wrong when it comes to any kind of home decor. It can lighten up your home with just the right way of placement. Some fresh green leaves in the kitchen will definitely add some fresh oxygen to the place. You can choose any indoor plant that requires minimum sunlight and hang them on the kitchen wall in different ways. Take three pieces of a wooden plank. One of a bigger size and two others of the small and same size. Fix the small ones vertically to the biggest plank in such a way that they work as shelves. Now place a few plants on it and hang the big plank. It will look like a small hanging garden in your kitchen. This is one of the interesting ways to arrange plants for kitchen wall decor. You can also go for hanging baskets as shown in the image below. 

Wall clock: Clock is the most important thing in the kitchen as nobody likes to eat burnt food or an over baked cake. After all-time plays a very important role in cooking. What can be better kitchen wall decor than a clock which goes with the kitchen theme? Well, these days it’s easy to find a clock that goes well with your living room but not that easy to find the one that goes well with your kitchen decor. But at Ellementry we are there to solve your problem. Check out our pear wooden wall clock.

These were some of the fun-filled ideas for your kitchen wall decor. Keep your kitchen lively with some of our best products and ideas and make your kitchen a happy place! Visit Ellementry to check out essential items for your kitchen decor.

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